1st Edition

Encounters with World Affairs An Introduction to International Relations

By Emilian Kavalski Copyright 2015
    452 Pages
    by Routledge

    452 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is designed to familiarise students with leading International Relations (IR) theories and their explanation of political events, phenomena, and processes which cross the territorial boundaries of the state. Thus, students will be exposed to the interplay between power, interest, ideas, identity, and resistance, in explaining continuity and change in international relations. Developed to provide students with the analytical tools and intellectual frameworks needed to understand the behaviour of different international actors in contemporary global affairs. This textbook responds to the challenges of a dynamic job market by assisting students to gain both thorough theoretical knowledge and training them to apply this knowledge to real world problems. In short, this textbook delivers: A comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the examination of national, regional and global trends in politics, economics and socio-cultural developments allowing students to understand: ¢ the practice and theory of contemporary international relations ¢ the politics, culture, history, and economies of different regions around the world ¢ the role played by international interactions, culture, and government in local, national, and global settings. Equipping students with the proficiency: ¢ to understand and interpret the dynamics, patterns, and issues of global affairs ¢ to know how to get more information about particular questions ¢ to evaluate that information independently and effectively. To these ends, the textbook provides a number of features that will appeal to students and avoids overwhelming students with chapters on topics which (in practice) are rarely on courses, while nonetheless providing a comprehensive overview of the field. Introduces students to the main debates, topics, and terms in the field and allows them to decide which they would like to focus on in their further studies.



    Observing and encountering global life – Emilian Kavalski

    Part I: Perspectives and frameworks

    Chapter 1

    The history of global politics – Kevin Marsh

    Chapter 2

    Theories of world affairs – Mark Chou and Avery Dorothy Howard Poole

    Chapter 3

    Ethics and morality in international relations – Lavina Lee

    Chapter 4

    The levels of analysis of the international system – Taku Tamaki

    Part II: Actors

    Chapter 5

    The state on the world stage – Theresa Callan

    Chapter 6

    Individuals in international politics – David Walton

    Chapter 7

    Transnational actors in world politics – Brian King

    Chapter 8

    Nature as an Actor in International politics – Stephen Hobden

    Part III: Topics and issues

    Chapter 9

    The international economy of world politics – Greg Anderson

    Chapter 10

    Conflict and in/security in global life – Sandra Popiden

    Chapter 11

    Global inequality – Eunyoung Ha and Julia Hyeyong Kim

    Chapter 12

    Shifts in world power – Lui Hebron

    Chapter 13

    Identity politics on the world stage – David Siroky and David Muchlinski

    Chapter 14

    Imposing Internal Order on States – Chris Wilson

    Chapter 15

    Borders, Immigration and State Transformation – Alex Balch

    Chapter 16

    The Media and International Relations – Anne Ally

    Chapter 17

    Global governance – Sandra Popiden

    Chapter 18

    Religion and international relations – Nilay Saiya


    What next for the study and practice of world affairs? – Emilian Kavalski


    Dr. Emilian Kavalski is Associate Professor of Global Studies at the Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University.

    ’Finally a comprehensive and serious approach to International Relations that pays necessary homage to its theories and frameworks as a discipline while striving to acquaint readers to the topicality, relevance, and impact of what an IR scholar actually empirically studies and why it MATTERS in the real world. This is a welcome novel engagement of the discipline that should attract many new young minds to our field.’ Matthew Crosston, Bellevue University, USA ’International Relations is a young discipline. This textbook is an innovative attempt at exploring this young discipline in all its complexities and contradictions. A very useful book to inform the beginners and to engage the scholars. Rigorous as well as accessible!’ Harsh V. Pant, King's College London, UK ’In this excellent and innovative volume Kavalski has assembled scholars working at the forefront of contemporary international relations. All of the chapters provide surprising insights and unique perspectives on the contemporary practice and theory of international relations. It is refreshing to find a textbook that challenges long held assumptions in this way. A must read for all introductory courses on global politics.’ Colin Wight, University of Sydney, Australia