1st Edition

Encyclopedia Of Reproductive Technologies

By Annette Burfoot Copyright 1999
    by Routledge

    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    This encyclopedic survey provides clear descriptions of the key reproductive technologies of assisted conception from in vitro fertilization to cloning. It emphasizes recently developed reproductive techniques and introduces them to those unfamiliar with the technologies.

    Part One: Contents Theories of Reproduction—Ancient to Contemporary, Annette Burfoot 1. Historical Perspectives of Human Reproduction 2. Infant Feeding 3. Sex Preference 4. Genetic Engineering 5. Genetic Diagnosis 6. New Definitions of Family 7. Response of the Catholic Church to New Reproductive Technologies 8. Reprotech: A Feminist Critique of the Language of Reproductive Technologies 9. New Reproductive Technologies-Women and Science 10. New Reproductive Technologies as Dystopia Part Two: Early Reproductive Technologies 11. Birth Technology 12. Birth Technologies: Critical Perspectives 13. Breastfeeding 14. Infant-Feeding Technologies 15. Contraception Technologies 16. Contraception-Ethics 17. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) 18. Menstrual Disorder Technologies 19. Female Circumcision/Female Genital Mutilation 20. Abortion Technologies 21. Abortion-Ethics 22. Adoption and Restrictions on Abortion-Ethics 23. Prenatal Harm 24. Informed Consent and Women in Labor 25. Reproductive Health in the Workplace 26. Contemporary Midwifery Part Three: Early Infertility Treatments 27. Artificial Insemination 28. Artificial Insemination Policy 29. Psychosocial Implications of Donor Insemination 30. Lesbian Access to Donor Insemination 31. Male Infertility 32. Ovulation Induction 33. Risk Perception and Health Screening 34. Prenatal Diagnosis Technologies 35. Prenatal Diagnosis-Critical Perspectives 36. Sex Selection Part Four: Advanced Infertility Techniques 37. In Vitro Fertilization-Overview 38. In Vitro Fertilization-Historical Development 39. Ovarian Suppression by GnRH Agonists 40. Human Pituitary Hormones and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 41. In Vitro Fertilization-Culture Media 42. In Vitro Maturation and Ova Freezing 43. In Vitro Fertilization and Male-Factor Infertility 44. Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT) 45. In Vitro Fertilization-Risks 46. Counseling 47. Selection and Assessment for Treatment 48. Egg Donation 49. Surrogacy 50. "Baby M" Surrogacy Case 51. World Health Organization Report on the Place of In Vitro Fertilization in Infertility Care 52. Advanced Infertility Technologies and Occupational Environments 53. Informed Consent and Advanced Infertility Technologies 54. Legislation—United Kingdom 55. Legislation—The Netherlands 56. Legislation—France 57. Legislation—Australia and New Zealand 58. Legislation—Canada 59. Legislation—The United States 60. Legislation—Germany Part Five: Reproductive and Genetic Science 61. Fetal Tissue Research and Applications 62. Embryo Research 63. Embryo Research—Legal Issues 64. Cloning Technologies 65. Cloning—Ethics 66. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis 67. Genetics—Discrimination 68. Genetic Counseling 69. Ectogenesis 70. Genetic Screening and German-Based Eugenics—Old and New


    Annette Burfoot is associate professor in the Department of Sociology, Queen's University, Canada. Her areas of research and teaching include women and reproductive technologies, popular culture of the body, and the sociology of science and technology. In addition to The Encyclopedia of Reproductive Technologies (1999) she has published on national policy initiatives in reproduction, the popular representation of women in science fiction film, and the social impacts of genetic engineering.