2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, Second Edition (Set)

    1500 Pages 500 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    With breadth and depth of coverage, the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, Second Edition has a multi-disciplinary scope, drawing together comprehensive coverage of the inter-related aspects of computer science and technology.

    The topics covered in this encyclopedia include:

    • General and reference
    • Hardware
    • Computer systems organization
    • Networks
    • Software and its engineering
    • Theory of computation
    • Mathematics of computing
    • Information systems
    • Security and privacy
    • Human-centered computing
    • Computing methodologies
    • Applied computing
    • Professional issues
    • Leading figures in the history of computer science

    The encyclopedia is structured according to the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS), first published in 1988 but subsequently revised in 2012. This classification system is the most comprehensive and is considered the de facto ontological framework for the computing field.

    The encyclopedia brings together the information and historical context that students, practicing professionals, researchers, and academicians need to have a strong and solid foundation in all aspects of computer science and technology.

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    Hardware. Computer Systems Organization. Networks. Software and Its Engineering. Theory of Computation. Mathematics of Computing. Information Systems. Security and Privacy. Human-Centered Computing. Computing Methodologies. Applied Computing. Social and Professional Topics. Proper Nouns: People, Technologies, and Companies.


    Dr. Phillip A. Laplante is a professor of software engineering at Pennsylvania State University’s Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies.