1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology Volume 3 - Ballistics Calculations to Box-Jenkins Approach to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

    "This comprehensive reference work provides immediate, fingertip access to state-of-the-art technology in nearly 700 self-contained articles written by over 900 international authorities. Each article in the Encyclopedia features current developments and trends in computers, software, vendors, and applications...extensive bibliographies of leading figures in the field, such as Samuel Alexander, John von Neumann, and Norbert Wiener...and in-depth analysis of future directions."

    "Ballistics Calculations, John H. Giese Band Limited Functions, R. W. Hamming Banking, Joseph E. Michini Bargaining Theory, Guillermo Owen Barrier Methods for Nonlinear Programming, Anthony V. Fiacco ""BASIC"" Computer Language, Thomas W. Hall, Jr. Basic Feasible Solutions, Gerald E. Bennington Bayesian Statistics, Melvin R. Novick Beam Equations, Gerald M. Smith Behavior and Computers, Anthony Debons Belgium, Computers in, D. Ribbens and P. de Marneffe Bell Laboratories, Bell Laboratories Staff Bellman's Principle of Optimality, Michael J. Magazine Benchmark, Stanley J. Walljasper Benders' Partitioning Method, Robert Richarson Bendix Computers CDC, Manuel Langtry Bernoulli Process, Raymond H. Burros Bernoulli's Method, A. S. Householder Beta System, A.P. Ershov Biharmonic Equations, Solution Methods, V. Vemuri Binary Search, Peter Dorato Binomial Distribution, Raymond H. Burros Biomedical Sciences, Patricia M. Britt Birth and Death Processes, Joseph A. Panico Bivariate: The Probability Distribution of the Logarithm of the Sum of Two Log-Normally Distributed Random Variables, Chris P. Tsokos Blending Problem, Ben T. Bernacchi and T. J. Usher Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., Phil Bertoni and Paul A. Castleman Bolzano Search, Ralph G. Stanton and W. D. Hoskins Borel Field (Borel Set), B. B. Bhattacharyya Box-Jenkins Approach to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, David W. Bacon "


    Jack Belzer (Author) , Albert G. Holzman (Author) , Allen Kent (Author)