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Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology - Four Volume Set (Print)

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Sohail Anwar

ISBN 9781466506732
Published December 1, 2014 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Using limited energy resources in sustainable ways, energy engineers and technologists have made our lives comfortable and affordable. However, due to an expanding world population, global energy resources are being increasingly strained. Considering this scenario, effective energy management, energy efficiency, and a significant use of renewable energy sources are key strategies for meeting global energy requirements. Energy managers, researchers, scholars, and policy makers need to know all aspects of energy engineering and technology to deal with current energy issues.

The Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, Second Edition – Four-Volume Set provides cutting-edge scientific and engineering knowledge of the planning, development, operation, and economics of energy systems. Written by leading experts in their specialties and reviewed by subject-matter authorities, each topical entry in this quintessential reference:

  • Describes the concepts, technologies, and theories involved, explaining their importance
  • Reviews the evidence and scientific basis for the theories, including the latest research
  • Supplies real-world examples and/or case studies to ensure a practical understanding
  • Offers a helpful summary, noting future trends and potential applications
  • Contains references and recommendations for further reading

An invaluable resource for professionals in academia, business, industry, and government, as well as undergraduate and graduate students in different academic disciplines, the Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, Second Edition – Four-Volume Set presents a wealth of information on energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and technologies, the financial analysis of energy systems, energy economics, environmental regulations, sustainable development, green building, the use of nanotechnology to develop energy systems, energy storage, fuel cells, and more.

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Table of Contents

Volume I

Accounting: Facility Energy Use; Douglas E. Tripp

Agricultural and Forestry Product Drying Operations; Guangnan Chen

Air Conditioning Systems: Calculating Desiccant Wheels' Design Parameters; Zohrab Melikyan and Ali Abd Elhaleem Ali Fouda

Air Conditioning Systems: Design and Energy Efficiency; Lisa Guan and Guangnan Chen

Aircraft Energy Use; K. E. Ohrn

Alternative Energy Technologies: Price Effects; Michael M. Ohadi, Jianwei Qi, and Harish Ganapathy

Auditing: Facility Energy Use; Warren M. Heffington

Auditing: Improved Accuracy; Barney L. Capehart and Lynne C. Capehart

Auditing: User-Friendly Reports; Lynne C. Capehart

Biofuel Coproduct Densification: Techno-Economic Assessment; Kurt A. Rosentrater and Elif Kongar

Biofuels: Algae as; Gavin A. Buxton, Paul Badger, Bill Dress, and Arif Sirinterlikci

Biofuels: Feedstocks as; Wayne H. Smith and Donald L. Rockwood

Biomass; Alberto Traverso

Biomass-Based Hydrogen Production; Abdussalam Abuadala and Ibrahim Dincer

Boilers and Boiler Control Systems; Eric Peterschmidt and Michael Taylor

Building Automation Systems (BAS): Direct Digital Control; Paul J. Allen and Rich Remke

Buildings: Biomimetic Energy Generation Systems; Maibritt Pedersen Zari

Clean Energy Economy Solutions; Tabitha A. Crawford and Richard R. Lucy

Coal Supply in the U.S.; Jill S. Tietjen

Coal Supply in the U.S.: Surface Mining; Jill S. Tietjen

Coal: Transportation by Rail; Michael Leahy and William D. Watson

Coal-to-Liquid Fuels; Graham Parker

Cogeneration Opportunities in India; B. K. Choudhury

Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Integration with Industrial Processes; James A. Clark

Commercial Buildings: Demand Response; David S. Watson, Sila Kiliccote, Naoya Motegi, and Mary Ann Piette

Commissioning: Existing Buildings; David E. Claridge, Mingsheng Liu, and W. D. Turner

Commissioning: New Buildings; Janey Kaster

Commissioning: Retrocommissioning; Stephany L. Cull

Compressed Air Control Systems; Bill Allemon, Rick Avery, and Sam Prudhomme

Compressed Air Energy Storage; Michael J. King and Michael J. McGill

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES): Management; David E. Perkins

Compressed Air Leak Detection and Repair; Robert E. Wilson

Compressed Air Storage and Distribution; Thomas F. Taranto

Compressed Air Systems; Diane Schaub

Conversion: Coal, Animal Waste, and Biomass Fuel Principles; Kalyan Annamalai, Soyuz Priyadarsan, Senthil Arumugam, and John M. Sweeten

Cooking: Solar Cooker with Phase Change Material; Karamjeet Saini, Gagandeep Harvinder Singh, and Avadhesh Yadav

Cooking: Wood Cook Stoves; Ritesh Kumar and Shailendra K. Shukla

Cooling Systems: Evaporative; David Bisbee

Cooling Towers; Ruth Riad Mossad

Cost--Benefit Analysis; Fatouh Al-Ragom

Desiccant Dehumidification: Case Study; Michael K. West and Glenn C. Haynes

Distributed Generation; Paul M. Sotkiewicz and Ing. Jesús Mario Vignolo

District-Wide Cooling Systems; Susanna S. Hanson

District-Wide Energy Systems; Ibrahim Dincer and Arif Hepbasli

Drilling Rigs: Offshore and Land-Based Fire Protection; David O. Anderson and Angelo Pinheiro

Drilling Rigs: Oil and Gas Rig Ergonomic Program Design; David O. Anderson and Angelo Pinheiro

Earth to Air Heat Exchangers (EAHE): Energy and Exergy Efficiencies; Leyla Ozgener and Onder Ozgener

Education and Training: A Case Study; Kenneth E. Dudeck and Wieslaw Grebski

Education: Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Engineering Program; Ahmed Elgafy

Effective Energy Use: Rewards and Excitement; Sandra B. McCardell

Efficiency Assessment of Energy Systems; Mehmet Kanoglu, Yunus A. Çengel, and Ibrahim Dincer

Efficiency Assessment of Energy Systems: Applications; Mehmet Kanoglu, Yunus A. Çengel, and Ibrahim Dincer

Electric Motors; H. A. Ingley III

Electric Supply System: Generation; Jill S. Tietjen

Electricity Enterprise: U.S., Past and Present; Kurt E. Yeager

Electricity Enterprise: U.S., Prospects; Kurt E. Yeager

Electronic Control Systems: Basic; Eric Peterschmidt and Michael Taylor

Electronics, Next Generation: Cooling of; Amir H. Shooshtari, Raphael Mandel, and Michael M. Ohadi

Energy Accounting; Mark T. Brown and Sergio Ulgiati

Volume II

Emissions Trading; Paul M. Sotkiewicz

Energy Conservation; Ibrahim Dincer and Adnan Midilli

Energy Conservation: Capital, Operations, Recognition, and Environmental Benefits; Eric A. Woodroof, Wayne C. Turner, Warren Heffington, and Barney L. Capehart

Energy Conservation: Lean Manufacturing; Bohdan W. Oppenheim

Energy Conservation: Secret Benefits; Eric A. Woodroof, Wayne C. Turner, and Steven D. Heinz

Energy Dispersion Analysis Tool; Athula Kulatunga, Edward R. Winter, and John Piller

Energy Efficiency: Air Emissions Reductions; Bruce K. Colburn

Energy Efficiency: Developing Countries; Nofirman Firdaus

Energy Efficiency: Low Cost Improvements; James Call

Energy Exchangers: Run-Around Membrane; Gaoming Ge, Melanie Fauchoux, Robert W. Besant, and Carey J. Simonson

Energy Storage; Rudolf Marloth

Energy: Global and Historical Background; Milivoje M. Kostic

Enterprise Energy Management Systems; Gregory Cmar, Bill Gnerre, and Kevin Fuller

Environmental Policy; Sanford V. Berg and Ted Kury

Exergy Analysis: Green Cities and Compound Metrics; Siir Kilkis

Exergy: Analysis; Marc A. Rosen

Exergy: Environmental Impact Assessment Applications; Marc A. Rosen

Facility Air Leakage; Wendell A. Porter

Facility Energy Efficiency and Controls: Automobile Technology Applications; Barney L. Capehart and Lynne C. Capehart

Facility Energy Use: Benchmarking; John Van Gorp

Facility Power Distribution Systems; Paul L. Villeneuve

Fuel Cells: Intermediate and High Temperature; Xianguo Li and Gholamreza Karimi

Fuel Cells: Low Temperature; Xianguo Li

Geothermal Energy Resources; Ibrahim Dincer, Arif Hepbasli, and Leyla Ozgener

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems; Greg Tinkler

Geothermal Ice Storage System for Air Conditioning; Zohrab Melikyan

Global Warming: Impact on Building Design and Performance; Lisa Guan

Green Energy; Ibrahim Dincer and Adnan Midilli

Green Technologies: Climate Instability Planning and Design; Isaac A. Meir

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Gasoline, Hybrid-Electric, and Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles; Robert E. Uhrig

Heat and Energy Wheels; Carey J. Simonson

Heat and Moisture Transfer Panels; Carey J. Simonson

Heat Exchangers and Heat Pipes; Greg F. Naterer

Heat Pipe Application; Somchai Jiajitsawat and Sorawit Sonsaree

Heat Pumps; Lu Aye

Heat Transfer; Yunus A. Çengel

HVAC Equipment, Unitary: Fault Detection and Diagnosis; Huojun Yang, Tian Zhang, Haorong Li, Denchai Woradechjumroen, and Xiaoyu Liu

HVAC Replacement: Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches; Sandra Ware

HVAC System Design: Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm; Magdalena Stanescu

HVAC Systems, Mobile: Fundamentals, Design, and Innovations; Alex V. Moultanovsky

HVAC Systems, Mobile: Innovations; Alex V. Moultanovsky

HVAC Systems, Mobile: Physics and Configuration; Alex V. Moultanovsky

HVAC Systems: Humid Climates; David MacPhaul

Hybrid Bus Technology: Economic Modeling; Michael Emes and David Ashmore

Hybrid Systems: Fuel Cell--Gas Turbine; Alberto Traverso and Loredana Magistri

Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: Plug-In Configuration; Robert E. Uhrig and Vernon P. Roan

Hydroelectric Power Systems, Small; Radian Belu

Hydroelectricity: Pumped Storage; Jill S. Tietjen

Hydrogen Economy Implementation with Synthfuels; Robert E. Uhrig, Ken Schultz, and S. Locke Bogart

Industrial Billing; Michael Costarell

Industrial Energy Conservation; Harvey E. Diamond

Industrial Energy Management; Cristián Cárdenas-Lailhacar

Industrial Energy Performance Indicators; Harvey E. Diamond and Robert G. Botelho

Insulation: Facilities; Wendell A. Porter

Integrated Energy Systems: Reliability and Lowest BTU Cost; Leslie A. Solmes

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC): Coal- and Biomass-Based; Ashok D. Rao

Investment Analysis Techniques; James W. Dean

Job Creation through Energy Savings and Cultural Change; Martha Amram and Tabitha A. Crawford

LEED-CI and LEED-CS: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Commercial Interiors and Core and Shell; Nick Stecky

Life Cycle Costing: Electric Power Projects; Ujjwal Bhattacharjee

Lifecycle Energy and Carbon Footprint: Agricultural and Food Products; Guangnan Chen, Tek Narayan Maraseni, and Zhou Yang

Lighting Controls; Craig DiLouie

Lighting Design and Retrofits; Larry Leetzow

Lighting: Daylighting; William McCluney

Lighting: High Intensity Discharge (HID) Electronic; Ken E. Patterson II

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG); Charles P. Ivey

Living Standards and Culture: Energy Impact; Marc A. Rosen

Management Programs: Demand-Side; Clark W. Gellings

Management Systems for Energy; Michael L. Brown

Volume III

Master Planning; Fredric S. Goldner

Microgrid Concepts and Architecture; Radian Belu

Microgrid Control and Protection; Radian Belu

Modular Smart Power System; Massoud Maxwell Rabiee

Motor Efficiency Estimation: Tridimensional Analysis; Cristián Cárdenas-Lailhacar and Vitelio E. Silva

Nanomaterials: Solar Energy Storage System–Based; Patrick Mihalik, Matthew George, Ahmed Elgafy, and Fidel M. Salinas

Nanotechnology: Impact on Energy; Fidel M. Salinas, Denise M. Smith, and Shekar Viswanathan

National Energy Act of 1978; Robert R. Nordhaus

Natural Energy versus Additional Energy; Marc A. Rosen

Net Metering; Steven Ferrey

Nuclear Energy: Economics; James G. Hewlett

Nuclear Energy: Fuel Cycles; James S. Tulenko

Nuclear Energy: Power Plants; Michael Burke Wood

Nuclear Energy: Technology; Michael Burke Wood

Nuclear Power Plants, U.S.: Containment Structures; Kenneth J. Kogut

Ocean Energy Systems: Economy Evaluation; Subhashish Banerjee, Les Duckers, Richard Blanchard, and B. K. Choudhury

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): By-Product Availability; Subhashish Banerjee, Les Duckers, Richard Blanchard, and B. K. Choudhury

Performance Contracting; Shirley J. Hansen

Photovoltaic and Photovoltaic Thermal Systems; Anand S. Joshi and Ibrahim Dincer

Photovoltaic Systems; Michael Ropp

Photovoltaic Technologies: History, Advances, and Characterization; Mohamed El-Shimy and Taha Abdo

Power System: Advanced Technology Application; Mujahidul Islam, Manuel Alcazer-Ortega, and Alexander Domijan, Jr.

Productivity and Energy Savings; Laura L. Locke, Diane Schaub, and Carolina Padilla

Project Feasibility: Ten-Step Process; Larry Good

Project Management; Lorrie B. Tietze and Sandra McCardell

Propane: Internal Combustion Engines; Nicholas Roedl and Ahmed Elgafy

Public Policy for Improving Energy Sector Performance; Sanford V. Berg

Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978; Richard F. Hirsh

Pumps and Fans; L. J. Grobler and T. G. Vorster

Radiant Barriers; Ingrid Melody, Philip Fairey, and David Beal

Reciprocating Engines: Diesel and Gas; Rolf D. Reitz and Kevin Hoag

Regulation: Price Cap and Revenue Cap; Mark A. Jamison

Regulation: Rate of Return; Mark A. Jamison

Renewable and Decentralized Energy Options: State Promotion in the U.S.; Steven Ferrey

Renewable Distributed Energy Generation: Major Barriers; Tugrul Daim and Anthony Levenda

Renewable Energy; John O. Blackburn

Renewable Energy Education: Energy Training Unit Implementation; Faruk Yildiz

Renewable Energy Industry: Business Aspects; Alireza Aslani, Marja Naaranoja, and Ali Mohaghar

Renewable Energy Resources: Cogeneration and Trigeneration; Birol I. Kilkis

Renewable Energy: Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technology; Alberto Traverso and Stefano Barberis

Renewable Energy: Energy Storage Systems; Radian Belu

Renewable Energy: Sea Wave Energy Devices; Alberto Traverso and Lorenzo Di Fresco

Residential Buildings: Heating Loads; Zohrab Melikyan and Siranush Egnatosyan

Savings and Optimization: Case Studies; Robert W. Peters and Jeffery P. Perl

Sewers: Heat Recovery; Lu Aye

Six Sigma Methods: Measurement and Verification; Carla Fair-Wright and Michael R. Dorrington

Smart Grid Communication; Radian Belu

Smart Grid: Perfecting the Quality of Electricity Service; Kurt E. Yeager

Volume IV

Solar Distillation: Phase Change Material Storage System; Shailendra K. Shukla

Solar Energy: Building Operations Use; Lisa Guan and Guangnan Chen

Solar Irradiation Cartography, Eastern Moroccan; Ahmed Alami Merrouni, Ahmed Mezrhab, and Abdelhamid Mezrhab

Solar Light-Based Hydrogen Production Systems; Calin Zamfirescu, Greg F. Naterer, and Ibrahim Dincer

Solar Lighting Feasibility; Larry Leetzow

Solar Thermal Technologies; Muhammad Asif and Tariq Muneer

Solar Water Heaters: Cylindrical Shell and Tube Type; Zohrab Melikyan and Vahan Nranyan

Solar Water Heating: Domestic and Industrial Applications; Muhammad Asif and Tariq Muneer

Space Heating; James P. Riordan

Steam and Hot Water System Optimization: Case Study; Nevena H. Iordanova and Rick Cumbo

Steam Flow Measurement in Cold Climates; Mark Menezes

Steam Turbines; Michael Burke Wood

Supermarkets: Refrigerated Food Cabinets; Ruth Riad Mossad

Sustainability Policies: Sunbelt Cities; Stephen A. Roosa

Sustainable Buildings: Green Mechanical Systems; Birol I. Kilkis

Sustainable Development; Mark A. Peterson

Sustainable Energy Applications: 9-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Machine; Omonowo David Momoh

SWEATT (Solid Waste to Energy by Advanced Thermal Technologies); Alex E.S. Green and Andrew R. Zimmerman

Thermal Energy Storage; Brian Silvetti

Thermodynamics; Ronald L. Klaus

Thermoelectric Technologies for Cooling, Heating, and Power Generating; Somchai Jiajitsawat and Tamara Boullon

Tracking Systems: Maximum Power Point and Sun; Radian Belu

Transportation Systems, Hydrogen-Fueled; Robert E. Uhrig

Transportation: Location Efficiency; Todd A. Litman

Tribal Land: Alternative Energy Project Process; Marvis Aragon and Sandra B. McCardell

Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD); Tom Webster and Fred Bauman

Utilities and Energy Suppliers: Bill Analysis; Neil Petchers

Utilities and Energy Suppliers: Business Partnership Management; S. Kay Tuttle

Utilities and Energy Suppliers: Planning and Portfolio Management; Devra Bachrach Wang

Utilities and Energy Suppliers: Rate Structures; Neil Petchers

Variable Air Volume Systems: Carbon Dioxide Concentration Prediction and Analysis; S. Scott Selman and David Dyer

Ventilation, Personalized: Energy Efficient Devices; Nesreen Ghaddar and Kamel Ghali

Vernacular Architecture: Hot Arid Climate Control; Ammar Bouchair

Walls and Windows; Therese Stovall

Waste Fuels; Robert J. Tidona

Waste Heat Recovery Applications: Absorption Heat Pumps; Keith E. Herold

Water and Wastewater Plants: Energy Use; Alfred J. Lutz

Water and Wastewater Utilities; Rudolf Marloth

Water Desalination: Solar-Assisted Membrane Distillation; Ali Kargari and Mohammad Mahdi A. Shirazi

Water-Augmented Gas Turbine Power Cycles; Ronald L. Klaus

Water-Using Equipment: Commercial and Industrial; Kate McMordie Stoughton and Amy Solana

Water-Using Equipment: Domestic; Amy Solana and Kate McMordie Stoughton

Wind Energy Conversion and Analysis; Radian Belu

Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Grid–Connected; Mohamed El-Shimy and Nisma Ghaly

Wind Energy Conversion Systems: Reliability Perspective; Mohamed El-Shimy

Wind Power; K. E. Ohrn

Wind Power Generation: Storage Technology Portfolio; Tugrul Daim and Yulianto Suharto

Wind Turbines: Dynamic Modeling and Control; Radian Belu

Wind Turbines: Uncertainty Analysis Approaches; Temitope Raphael Ayodele

Wind Turbines: Vertical Axis Configuration Analysis; Kevin Pope and Greg F. Naterer

Window Energy; William Ross McCluney

Window Films: Solar-Control and Insulating; Steve DeBusk

Windows: Shading Devices; Svetlana J. Olbina

Wireless Applications: Energy Information and Control; Jim Lewis

Wireless Applications: Mobile Thermostat Climate Control and Energy Conservation; Alexander L. Burd and Galina S. Burd

Wireless Sensor Networks: Energy Harvesting Methods; Radian Belu

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Dr. Sohail Anwar is an associate professor of engineering at the Altoona College of The Pennsylvania State University. He is also a professional associate of the Management Development Programs and Services at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Dr. Anwar is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of ASEE and PAS. He has served as a member of the IEEE Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities (CTAA), as commissioner of the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, and as co-editor, editor, and editor-in-chief of numerous scientific publications.


"… provides an incredible wealth of information on not only the basic science and engineering arenas, but also the planning, operational, R&D, business, and economic aspects of contemporary energy engineering and energy technology. … While giving the reader compelling scientific evidence as well as timely research to support theories and conceptual frameworks, this work also provides practical knowledge, based on the included case studies and real-world scenarios. … the contributors reference a wealth of literature and provide suggested additional readings to accompany each article. … a must-have for advanced students and scholars in academia who participate in energy-related research studies, as well as professionals in energy fields, including government officials and those whose businesses or industrial operations are affected or dependent on these technologies. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates and above; professionals/practitioners."
—T. M. Marini, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, for CHOICE

"... an informative reference work that will appeal to energy researchers, engineers, policy makers, and graduate and undergraduate students interested in the field. The Encyclopedia can assist students working on an energy research paper or project, provide active researchers with a quick review of a specific topic, process, or technology, and provide policy makers with an overview of the economic implications of various energy solutions. This compendium of information on energy resources explores all aspects of energy engineering and technology from the theoretical to current applications and possible solutions to issues. Contributors to this edition represent many regions of the world and are active in academia, business, industry, and environmental groups. This second edition of the Encyclopedia (four volumes) is forty percent larger than first edition (three volumes, 2007) resulting from the expansion of several sections and the addition of new articles. Mirroring energy research interests in recent years, the section on Renewable Energy has the largest number of new articles and is three times larger than its first edition counterpart. Other sections with significant increases in content are: Energy, Energy Sources and Energy Use, and Principles of Energy Analysis and Systems/Economic Analysis of Energy Systems. The Encyclopedia is arranged alphabetically by article title, and each volume features both alphabetical and topical tables of contents covering all four volumes. The topical table of contents is very helpful as a discovery tool as it brings together related articles from all volumes, allowing the reader to explore the subject in depth. Each volume also contains a detailed index for the entire encyclopedia. Most articles are five to seven pages long, but article length varies. Of the articles reviewed, the shortest was just over four pages, while the longest was twenty-seven pages. The Encyclopedia is illustrated and articles include black-and-white photographs, diagrams, and graphics. Some articles also provide nomenclature charts containing explanations of units and abbreviations or acronyms used by the authors. The energy topics covered in the Encyclopedia range from well-established energy technologies and sources (e.g. coal-to-liquid conversion) to developing technologies (large-scale solar and wind projects) to theoretical energy solutions (e.g. ocean thermal energy conversion). In addition, there are articles that discuss renewable energy education as well as the management, accounting, and auditing practices for the efficient use of energy in buildings and industrial plants. ... All the Encyclopedia articles reviewed are objective and provide a good balance between the technical and non-technical information. Most are well written and edited, with very few grammatical or other errors noted. Generally, the content covered will be understood easily by experts, and will be accessible to novices who will be able to develop a high level understanding of a topic. ... The structure of individual articles is essentially the same throughout the Encyclopedia: abstract, introduction, overview and/or detailed discussion of the topic, conclusions, and references, helping readers to know what to expect as they move from article to article. The history and development of a topic through time are usually discussed, providing context for the reader. The references can be helpful to readers providing them with additional sources on the topic. ... The Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology (Encyclopedia) 2nd ed. is recommended for research libraries in academic, industry, business, and government whose users are working on or are interested in research in energy sources as well as their efficient use and management."
—Theresa Calcagno, for ARBAonline