Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Technology - Two Volume Set  book cover
1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Technology - Two Volume Set

ISBN 9781466560772
Published December 29, 2015 by CRC Press
1274 Pages

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Book Description

Spanning the multi-disciplinary scope of information technology, the Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Technology draws together comprehensive coverage of the inter-related aspects of information systems and technology.

The topics covered in this encyclopedia encompass internationally recognized bodies of knowledge, including those of The IT BOK, the Chartered Information Technology Professionals Program, the International IT Professional Practice Program (British Computer Society), the Core Body of Knowledge for IT Professionals (Australian Computer Society), the International Computer Driving License Foundation (European Computer Driving License Foundation), and the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge.

Using the universally recognized definitions of IT and information systems from these recognized bodies of knowledge, the encyclopedia brings together the information that students, practicing professionals, researchers, and academicians need to keep their knowledge up to date.

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Table of Contents

Topical Table of Contents:

IT Fundamentals
Decision Sciences; Sven Axsäter and Johan Marklund
Decision Support Systems; Marek J. Druzdzel and Roger R. Flynn
Information Flow; Sean M. Price
Information Management; Brian Detlor
Information Science; Tefko Saracevic
Information Systems; E. Burton Swanson
Information Theory; Paul B. Kantor

Human-Computer Interaction
Pervasive Computing; Sian Lun Lau
Social Networking: Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues; Jessica Keyes
Social Networking: Tools; Jessica Keyes

Information Assurance and Security
AES: Advanced Encryption Standard; Ben Rothke
ANSI: American National Standards Institute; Jana Zabinski
Application Security; Walter S. Kobus, Jr
Assurance: Science of; Jason W. Rupe
Availability of IS/IT; Ulrik Franke
Cryptography; Javek Ikbal
Cyberforensics; Keith Jones
Cybernetics; Christopher Brown-Syed
Hackers: Attacks and Defenses; Ed Skoudis
Hackers: Tools and Techniques; Ed Skoudis
Incident Response and Digital Forensics; Joanna F. DeFranco
Information Protection; Rebecca Herold
Information Security Controls: Types; Harold F. Tipton
Intelligence and Security Informatics; Hsinchun Chen, Zhenhua Lai, Yan Dang, and Yulei Zhang
Penetration Testing; Chuck Bianco
PKI: Public Key Infrastructure; Harry B. DeMaio
Vulnerability Management; Park Foreman
WiMAX Networks: Security Issues; Mohamad Badra and Sherali Zeadally

Information Management
Artificial Intelligence; Jianhua Chen
Artificial Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing; Hermann Moisl
Big Data: Applications; Stephan Kudyba and Matthew Kwatinetz
Big Data: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications; Bernice M. Purcell
Big Data: Structured and Unstructured Data; Arun K. Majumdar and John F. Sowa
Bioinformatics; Carrie L. Iwema and Ansuman Chattopadhyay
Business Informatics; Markus Helfert
Database Design for a Cultural Artifact Repository; Todor Todorov, Galina Bogdanova, and Nikolay Noev
EDRMS: Electronic Document and Records Management Systems; Azad Adam
Information Flow; Sean M. Price
ITIL: IT Infrastructure Library: Operational Excellence Framework; Joshua L. Kissee
Knowledge Management; Kimiz Dalkir
Knowledge Management Systems; Dick Stenmark

Integrative Programming and Technologies
Application Systems Development; Lowell Bruce McCulley
Data Analytics; Stephan Kudyba
Data Analytics: Architectures, Implementation, Methodology, and Tools; Wullianallur Raghupathi and Viju Raghupathi
Data Analytics: Mutivariate Temporal Data; Artur Dubrawski
Data Mining; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
Data Mining: Big Data; Wayne Thompson
Data Mining: Forensic Analysis; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
Data Mining: Healthcare; Katherine Marconi, Matt Dobra, and Charles Thompson
Data Mining: Knowledge; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
Data Mining: Process; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
Data Mining: Supervised Learning; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
GIS: Geographic Information Systems; Timothy F. Leslie and Nigel M. Waters
Healthcare Informatics; Stephan Kudyba and Richard Temple
Healthcare Informatics: Analytics; Jason Burke
Healthcare Informatics: Data Mining; Wullianallur Raghupathi
Healthcare Information Technology; Bernice M. Purcell
Search Engines; Randolph Hock

Mathematics and Statistics for IT
Boolean Algebras; A. R. Bednarek
Fuzzy Set Theory; Donald Kraft, Gloria Bordogna, and Gabriella Pasi
Hash Algorithms; Keith Pasley
Steganography; Mark Edmead

Ad Hoc Networks: Technologies; Marco Conti
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access Networks; Tero Ojanperä and Steven D. Gray
Cellular Systems; Lal C. Godara
Communication Protocols and Services; William Hugh Murray
Firewall Architectures; Paul A. Henry
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks; Jonathan Loo, Shafiullah Khan, and Ali Naser Al-Khwildi
Mobile Applications Development; Antonio Ghezzi
Mobile Business Models and Value Networks; Marcelo Nogueira Cortimiglia, Alejandro Germán Frank, and Antonio Ghezzi
Mobile Data Security; George G. McBride
Network Management; Jianguo Ding and Ranganai Chaparadza
Network Security; Bonnie A. Goins Pilewski and Christopher A. Pilewski
VPNs: Virtual Private Networks; James S. Tiller

Programming Fundamentals
Programming Languages; D.E. Stevenson
Software Development Lifecycles: Security Assessments; George G. McBride

Platform Technologies
IPv6: Expanding Internet Support; Gilbert Held
Portable Computing Environments; Phillip Q. Maier
SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture; Glenn Cater
VNC Systems: Virtual Network Computing Systems; Chris Hare
WLANs: Wireless Local Area Networks: Design; Suresh Singh
WLANs: Wireless Local Area Networks: IEEE 802.11; José Antonio Garcia-Macias and Leyla Toumi
WLANs: Wireless Local Area Networks: Security; Franjo Majstor

Systems Administration and Maintenance
Configuration Management; Leighton Johnson, III
Resources: Measurement and Management; Greg Schulz
Root Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting Techniques; Gary G. Jing

System Integration and Architecture
Cloud Computing; Brian J.S. Chee and Curtis Franklin, Jr
Cloud Computing: Grids and High-Performance Computers; Brian J.S. Chee and Curtis Franklin, Jr.
Cloud Computing: History and Evolution; John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome
Cloud Computing: Mobile Devices; John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome
Cloud Computing: Security; John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome
Cloud Computing: Standards; John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome
Cloud Computing: Virtualization versus; Brian J.S. Chee and Curtis Franklin, Jr.
Complexity and Self-Organization; Francis Heylighen
Enterprise Architecture: Challenges; Kirk Hausman
Enterprise Architecture: Planning; Kirk Hausman
Enterprise Architecture: Security; Kirk Hausman
Enterprise Architecture: Virtualization; Kirk Hausman
Green Computing: Data Centers; Greg Schulz
Green Computing: Devices; Floyd (Bud) E. Smith
Image Processing and Measurement; John C. Russ
Information Architecture; Andrew Dillon and Don Turnbull
Meta-Systems; G. Reza Djavanshir and M. Jafar Tarokh
Six Sigma; Christine B. Tayntor

Social and Professional Issues
Ethics; Tandy Gold
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; Ross A. Leo
ISO Standards and Certification; Scott Erkonen
ISSEP: Information Systems Security Engineering Professional; Robert B. Batie, Jr.
ITGI: IT Governance Institute; Mollie E. Krehnke
Open Standards; David O'Berry
SIM: Society for Information Management; Leon Kappelman

Web Systems and Technologies
Location-Based Services; Ben Falchuk, Dave Famolari, and Shoshana Loeb
Semantic Web: Applications; Kieron O'Hara and Wendy Hall
Semantic Web: Languages, Tools, and Standards; Valentina Janev and Sanja Vraneš
W3C: World Wide Web Consortium; Terrence Brooks
Web Retrieval and Mining; Carlos Castillo and Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Web Services; John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome
Web Services: Security; Lynda L. McGhie
XML and Other Metadata Languages; William Hugh Murray

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Phillip A. Laplante, PhD, is a professor of software engineering and a member of the graduate faculty at The Pennsylvania State University. His research, teaching, and consulting interests focus on software quality, particularly with respect to requirements, testing, and project management. Before joining Penn State he was a professor and senior academic administrator at several colleges and universities.

Dr. Laplante has consulted to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, the US DOD, and NASA. He has also served on the technology advisory boards for several companies. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Laplante spent nearly a decade as a software engineer and project manager working on avionics (including the Space Shuttle), CAD, and software test systems. He was also director of business development for a software consulting firm. He has authored or edited 29 books and more than 200 papers, articles, reviews, and editorials.

Dr. Laplante received his BS, MEng, and PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, and computer science, respectively, from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He is licensed in Pennsylvania as a professional engineer and is a Certified Software Development Professional. He is a fellow of the IEEE and SPIE and a member of numerous professional societies, program committees, and boards.