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Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism

ISBN 9780415861939
Published December 23, 2014 by Routledge
1328 Pages

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Book Description

This Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive guide yet both to the nature and content of literature, and to literary criticism. In ninety essays by leading international critics and scholars, the volume covers both traditional topics such as literature and history, poetry, drama and the novel, and also newer topics such as the production and reception of literature. Current critical ideas are clearly and provocatively discussed, while the volume's arrangement reflects in a dynamic way the rich diversity of contemporary thinking about literature.
Each essay seeks to provide the reader with a clear sense of the full significance of its subject as well as guidance on further reading.
An essential work of reference, The Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism is a stimulating guide to the central preoccupations of contemporary critical thinking about literature.
Special Features
* Clearly written by scholars and critics of international standing for readers at all levels in many disciplines
* In-depth essays covering all aspects, traditional and new, of literary studies past and present
* Useful cross-references within the text, with full bibliographical references and suggestions for further reading
* Single index of authors, terms, topics

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction; Chapter 1 Literature, RogerFowler; Chapter 2 Criticism, ChristopherNorris; Part 2 Literature And History; Chapter 3 Medieval Literature And The Medieval World, DouglasGray; Chapter 4 The Renaissance, GeorgeParfitt; Chapter 5 Augustanism, DavidNokes; Chapter 6 Romanticism, DavidPunter; Chapter 7 Modernism, DavidBrooks; Chapter 8 Postmodernism, Robert B.Ray; Part 3 Poetry; Chapter 9 Genre, AlastairFowler; Chapter 10 Poetry, C.K.Stead; Chapter 11 Epic And Romance, MichaelO'Connell; Chapter 12 Lyric, DavidLindley; Chapter 13 Narrative Verse, JosephBristow; Chapter 14 Women And The Poetic Tradition: The Oppressor's Language, JanMontefiore; Chapter 15 Medieval Poetry, DerekBrewer; Chapter 16 Renaissance Poetry, AlastairFowler; Chapter 17 Augustan' Poetry, A.J.Sambrokgroup; Chapter 18 Romantic Poetry, J.H.Alexander; Chapter 19 Victorian Poetry, IsobelArmstrong; Chapter 20 The French Symbolists, CharlesChadwick; Chapter 21 Modern Poetry, JohnLucas; Chapter 22 British Poetry Since 1945: Poetry And The Historical Moment, JohnWilliams; Chapter 23 Contemporary American Poetry, ThomasGardner; Part 4 Drama; Chapter 24 Stagecraft, Leslie Du S.Read; Chapter 25 Tragedy, KennethMuir; Chapter 26 Comedy, PeterThomson; Chapter 27 Shakespeare, AndrewGurr; Chapter 28 Medieval Drama, WilliamTydeman; Chapter 29 Renaissance Drama, CatherineBelsey; Chapter 30 Restoration Theatre, DerekHughes; Chapter 31 The Origins of the Modern British Stage, JanMcdonald; Chapter 32 Theories of Modern Drama, DavidBradby; Chapter 33 The Theatre of the Absurd, ClaudeSchumacher; Chapter 34 Theatre and Politics, AlanSinfield; Chapter 35 Feminist Theatre, HeleneKeyssar; Part 5 The Novel; Chapter 36 Modes of Eighteenth-Century Fiction, MelvynNew; Chapter 37 Feminine Fictions, JaneSpencer; Chapter 38 The Historical Novel, Harry E.Shaw; Chapter 39 The Nineteenth-Century Social Novel in England, LouisJames; Chapter 40 The Realist Novel: The European Context, F.W.J.Hemmings; Chapter 41 Realism and the English Novel, Elizabeth DeedsErmarth; Chapter 42 American Romance, RobertClark; Chapter 43 Formalism and the Novel: Henry James, NicolaBradbury; Chapter 44 The Novel and Modern Criticism, Daniel R.Schwarz; Chapter 45 The Modernist Novel in the Twentieth Century, JohnOrr; Chapter 46 British Fiction Since 1930, PeterConradi; Chapter 47 Contemporary Fiction, Elizabeth DeedsErmarth; Part 6 Criticism; Chapter 48 Biblical Hermeneutics, StephenPrickett; Chapter 49 Neo-Classical Criticism, MichaelMeehan; Chapter 50 The Romantic Critical Tradition, Donald H.Reiman; Chapter 51 Great Traditions: The Logic of the Canon, GeoffreyStrickland; Chapter 52 Marxist Criticism, JohnFrow; Chapter 53 The New Criticism, RickRylance; Chapter 54 Structuralism and Post-Structuralism: From the Centre to the Margin, StevenConnor; Chapter 55 Feminist Literary Criticism: ‘New Colours And Shadows’, CoraKaplan; Chapter 56 Psychoanalytic Criticism, ElizabethWright; Chapter 57 Deconstruction, NigelMapp; Chapter 58 New Historicism, Don E.Wayne; Part 7 Production and Reception; Chapter 59 Production and Reception of the Literary Book, JohnSutherland; Chapter 60 The Printed Book, JohnFeather; Chapter 61 Literacy, DavidCressy; Chapter 62 Publishing Before 1800, JohnFeather; Chapter 63 Publishing Since 1800, SimonEliot; Chapter 64 British Periodicals and Reading Publics, JonKlancher; Chapter 65 Libraries and the Reading Public, LionelMadden; Chapter 66 Censorship, AnnabelPatterson; Chapter 67 The Bibliographic Record, LionelMadden; Chapter 68 The Institutionalization of Literature: The University, TerenceHawkes; Contexts; Chapter 69 Literature and the History of Ideas, IsabelRivers; Chapter 70 Literature and the Bible, StephenPrickett; Chapter 71 Literature and the Classics, ThomasHealy; Chapter 72 Folk Literature, David Buchan; Chapter 73 Literature and the Visual Arts, Dominic Baker-Smith; Chapter 74 Literature and Music, David Lindley; Chapter 75 Literature and Landscape, Alistair M. Duckworth; Chapter 76 The Sentimental Ethic, John Dwyer; Chapter 77 The Gothic, Robert D. Spector; Chapter 78 Aestheticism, John Stokes; Chapter 79 Literature and Science, N.Katherine Hayles; Chapter 80 Literature and Language, Mick Short; Chapter 81 Culture and Popular Culture: The Politics of Photopoetry, John Hartley; Part 9 Perspectives; Chapter 82 New English Literatures, Bruce King; Chapter 83 African Literature in English, C.L.Innes; Chapter 84 The African-American Literary Tradition, Bernard W.Bell; Chapter 85 Australian Literature And The British Tradition, HelenTiffin; Chapter 86 Canadian Literature, W. H.New; Chapter 87 Indian Literature In English, Shirley Chew; Chapter 88 New Zealand And Pacific Literature, Rod Edmond; Chapter 89 West Indian Literature, David Richards; Chapter 90 Western Literature In Modern China, Ying-Hsiung Chou, Chen Sihe; Part 10 Afterword; Chapter 91 W(H)Ither ‘English’?, PeterWiddowson;

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Martin Coyle, Peter Garside, Malcolm Kelsall, John Peck


`Censorship, aestheticism, African literature, and current developments in criticism. All this and more is in Routledge's stimulating Encyclopedia ... It is primarily an accessible review of critics' approaches to the study of literature, past and present. Essays by 90 hands discuss the many different ways of evaluating literature. This guarantees a certain amount of ferment in the reader. No sooner is one persuaded that one approach is valuable when the next essay presents an attractive alternative.' - Library Association Record

`The stimulating essays, which exhibit and criticize literature, have many powerful features.' - Review of English Studies