1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers Volume 15 - Reporting on Parallel Software to SNOBOL

Edited By Allen Kent, James G. Williams Copyright 1994

    "The Encyclopedia of Microcomputers serves as the ideal companion reference to the popular Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Now in its 10th year of publication, this timely reference work details the broad spectrum of microcomputer technology, including microcomputer history; explains and illustrates the use of microcomputers throughout academe, business, government, and society in general; and assesses the future impact of this rapidly changing technology."

    Contributors to Volume 15

    Reporting on Parallel Software

    Richard S. Barr and Betty L. Hickman

    Research and Development in Information Retrieval

    Jean-Luc Vidick

    Risk Engineering: Analysis and Management

    Fred J. Charlwood

    Risk Management in Financial Services: Current Applications of Technology and Business Reengineering

    Marc H. Meyer

    Robot Kinematics - see Motion of Robot Mechanisms: Robot Kinematics

    Volume 11, pages 271-294

    Robot Vision - see Machine Vision: Robots

    Volume 10, pages 281-298

    Robotics, Military

    Mark L. Swinson

    The Role of Relevance in Abductive Reasoning,

    Solomon E. Simony

    Scientific Visualization

    Steven E. Follin

    Search Methods

    Roger R. Flynn

    Security and Distributed Systems

    Jonathan D. Moffett

    Seek Time Evaluation

    Yannis Manolopoulos

    Selecting Expert System Development Techniques

    Youngohc Yoon and Tor Guimaraes

    Semiconductor Memory Testing

    Rochit Rajsuman

    Semiotics and Formal Artificial Languages

    Solomon Marcus

    Similarity Searching in Databases of Three-Dimensional Molecules and Macromolecules

    Helen M. Grindley and Peter Willett

    Simulation and Modeling

    Yogendra P. Dubey

    Simulation Technology

    Lance A. Leventhal

    Simulations and Simulators--Their Role in Science and Society

    Steven A. Arndt


    Roger R. Flynn


    Allen Kent (Edited by) , James G. Williams (Edited by)