1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers Volume 8 - Geographic Information System to Hypertext

Edited By Allen Kent, James G. Williams Copyright 1991

    "The Encyclopedia of Microcomputers serves as the ideal companion reference to the popular Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Now in its 10th year of publication, this timely reference work details the broad spectrum of microcomputer technology, including microcomputer history; explains and illustrates the use of microcomputers throughout academe, business, government, and society in general; and assesses the future impact of this rapidly changing technology."

    "Geographic Information System, Jian-Kang Wu Graph Coloring, Marek Kubale Graphical Decision Aids, Robert M. Stark Graphical Decision Aids: Spreadsheets, Andrew W. Lai Graphical User Interfaces: Window Environments, Ramana Rao Graphic Developments for Microcomputers---see Computer Graphics Development, Volume 3, pages 171-179 Grid Systems Corporation, Rebecca Anderson Group Technology and Data Processing, Nancy Lea Hyer and Urban Wemmerlov Hardware/Software: Computer Viruses, Maria M. King and Terence E. Gray Hardware and Software Fault Tolerance, Ravishankar K. Iyer, Janak H. Patel, W. Kent Fuchs, Prithviraj Banerjee, and Robert Horst Hashing, Dorian P. Yeager Hewlett-Packard Company, Mary Anne Easley Hilbert and Other Space Filling Curves, A. J. Cole Holography, Peter D. Scott Honeywell Bull, Inc., Shelly Candidus Houston Instrument---see Ametek: Houston Instrument Division, Volume 1, pages 95-99 Huffman Coding, Michele Elia Human-Computer Interaction: From Programming Languages to Speech I/O and Iconic Interfaces, Joan M. Cherry Human-Computer Interaction Languages: User-Friendly Syntax, Jaak Henno Human Factors in Computer Systems, Alphonse Chapanis Humanities: Computer Applications in the Classics, Donald F. McCabe Humanities, Use of Computers, Robert S. Tannenbaum Hypertext, Jeff Conklin "


    Allen Kent (Edited by) , James G. Williams (Edited by)