1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought

Edited By Christopher John Murray Copyright 2004
    748 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In this wide-ranging guide to twentieth-century French thought, leading scholars offer an authoritative multi-disciplinary analysis of one of the most distinctive and influential traditions in modern thought. Unlike any other existing work, this important work covers not only philosophy, but also all the other major disciplines, including literary theory, sociology, linguistics, political thought, theology, and more.

    Entries include:* Abed Al-Jabri, Mohammed* Aragon, Louis* Art History, Criticism, and Aesthetics* Autobiography* Bataille, Georges* Béguin, Albert* Benoist, Alain de (Fabrice Laroche)* Cacérès, Benigno* Camus, Albert* Colonial and Postcolonial Experience* Deleuze, Gilles* Derrida, Jacques* Drama* Dumézil, Georges* Durkheim, Émile* Economics* Educational Theory* Existentialism* Febvre, Lucien* Feminism* Foucault, Michel (Paul)* French Thought in the United States* German Thought, Influence of* Girard, René Noel* Guattari, Félix* Historical Survey: 1918-1939* Holocaust, The* Humanism/Anti-Humanism* Hyppolite, Jean (-Gaston)* Jewish Experience, The* Journals and Periodicals* Jouvenel, Bertrand de* Khatibi, Abdelkebir* Kojève, Alexandre* Kristeva, Julia* La Rochelle, Drieu* Lacan, Jacques* Law* Le Doeuff, Michèle* Lefort, Claude* Levinas, Emmanuel* Lévi-Strauss, Claude* Literary Theory and Criticism* Lopes, Henri* Malraux, André* Mandel, Ernest* Marcel, Gabriel Honoré* Marxism* Massis, Henri* Media* Mounier, Emmanuel* Nationalism and Identity* Nizan, Paul* Piaget, Jean* Political Movements and Debates* Poulet, Georges* Prévost, Jean* Proust, Marcel* Psychoanalytical Theory* Reason and Rationality* Ricoeur, Paul* Sartre, Jean-Paul* Saussure, Ferdinand de* Science, Philosophy of* Serrès, Michel* Sexuality* Sorel, Georges* Surrealism* Theology and Religious Thought* Touraine, Alain* Tournier, Michel* Vernant, Jean-Pierre* Weil, Simone* Wittig, Monique* And many more...


    Christopher John Murray

    "Highly recommended. For all reference collections, especially at academic institutions supporting strong French departments." -- Choice