1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Thought

Edited By

Gregory Claeys

ISBN 9780415244190
Published December 17, 2004 by Routledge
568 Pages

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Book Description

Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Thought provides essential information on, and a critical interpretation of, nineteenth-century thought and nineteenth-century thinkers. The project takes as its temporal boundary the period 1789 to 1914. Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Thought primarily covers social and political thinking, but key entries also survey science, religion, law, art, concepts of modernity, the body and health, and so on, and thereby take into account all of the key developments in the intellectual history of the period. The encyclopedia is alphabetically organized, and consists of:

* principal entries, divided into ideas (4000 words) and persons (2500 words)
* subsidiary entries of 1000 words, which are entirely biographical
* informational entries of 500 words, which are also biographical.

Table of Contents

Acton, John Emerich Dalberg; Aesthetics, Painting and Architecture; Anarchism; Anthony, Susan B.; Anti-Colonial Movements and Ideas; Arnold, Matthew; Austin, John; Babeuf, François; Bagehot, Walter; Bain, Alexander; Bakunin, Mikhail; Barrès, Maurice; Bauer, Bruno; Bax, Ernest Belfort; Bebel, Auguste; Bellamy, Edward; Bentham, Jeremy; Bergson, Henri; Bernstein, Eduard; Blanc, Louis; Blanqui, Louis; Boas, Frans; Bolivar, Simon; Bonald, Louis de; Booth, William; Bosanquet, Bernard; Bradlaugh, Charles; Bradley, F.H.; Brentano, Klemens; Brougham, Henry; Buckle, Henry; Burke, Edmund; Burkhardt, Jacob; Cabet, Etienne; Carlyle, Thomas; Carpenter, Edward; Chateaubriand, François; Chernyshevsky; Cieszkowski, August V.; Clausewitz, Karl; Cobbett, William; Cobden, Richard; Coleridge, S.T.; Combe, George; Comte, Auguste; Conservatism, Authority and Tradition; Considérant, Victor; Constant, Benjamin; Cousin, Victor; Croce, Benedetto; Culture and Popular Culture; Darwin, Charles; Darwinism and Social Darwinism; Democracy, Populism and Rights; Deroin, Jeanne; Dewey, John; Dicey, A.V.; Dilthey, Wilhelm; Disraeli, Benjamin; Durkheim, Emile; Early Socialism; Ellis, Havelock; Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Enfantin, Barthélemy; Fawcett, Millicent; Feminism and the Female Franchise Movement; Feuerbach, Ludwig; Fichte, Johann Gottlieb; Fourier, Charles; France, Antole; Freeman, Edward; Freud, Sigmund; Galton, Francis; Gandhi, Mahatma; Garibaldi, Giuseppe; Gobineau, Joseph; Godwin, William; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang v.; Gokhale, Gopal; Goldman, Emma; Gorky, Maxim; Green, T.H.; Guesde, Jules; Guizot, François; Hamilton, William; Harrison, Frederic; Hegel and Hegelianism; Heine, Heinrich; Herder, Johann-G.; Herzen, Alexander; Hess, Moses; Historiography and the Idea of Progress; Hobhouse, L.T.; Hobson, J.A.; Hugo, Victor; Humboldt, Alexander; Humboldt, Karl W. von; Huxley, T.H.; Hyndman, H.M.; Ideas of War and Peace; Imperialism and Empire; Indian Thought in the Nineteenth Century; Industrialism, Poverty and the Working Classes; Intellectuals, Elites and Meritocracy; Islamic Thought in the Nineteenth Century; Jamal al-Din Asadabadi; James, William; Japanese Thought in the Nineteenth Century; Jaurès, Jean; Jeffrey, Francis; Jevons, William; K'ang Yu-Wei; Kant, Immanuel; Kidd, Benjamin; Kierkegaard, Søren; Kingsley, Charles; Kropotkin, Pietr; Labriola, Antonio; Lamartine, Alphonse de; Lammenais, Hugues; Lange, F.A.; Lassalle, Ferdinand; Le Bon, Gustav; Lecky, W.E.H.; Lenin, V.I.; Liberalism; Liebknecht, William; Lincoln, Abraham; List, Friedrich; Lombroso, Cesare; Lotze, Hermann; Luxemburg, Rosa; Macaulay, T.B.; Main Currents in Philosophy; Main Currents in Scientific Thought; Maine, Henry; Maistre, Joseph; Mallock, W.H.; Malthus, T.R.; Marshall, Alfred; Martineau, Harriet; Marx, Marxism and Social Democracy; Maurice, F.D.; Maurras, Charles; Mazzini, Joseph; Meinecke, Friedrich; Michelet, Jules; Mickiewitz; Mill, James; Mill, John Stuart; Millar, John; Mommsen, Theodor; Montalembert, Charles; Morris, William ; Mosca, Gaetano; Muhammed Abdu; Muhammed Rashid Rida; Müller, Adam; Mythology, Classicism and Antiquarianism; Niebuhr, Barthold; Nietzsche, Friedrich; Noyes, John Humphrey; O'Connell, Daniel; Owen, Robert; Paine, Thomas; Pankhurst, Emily; Pareto, Wilfredo; Parnell, Charles Stewart; Pecquer, Constantin; Péguy, Charles; Planck, Max; Plekhanov, Georgii; Poetry, Literature, and Drama; Political Economy; Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph; Race, Anthropology and the Primitive; Ranke, Leopold v.; Ranke, Otto v.; Religion, Secularisation, and the Crisis of Faith; Renan, Ernest; Ricardo, David; Ritchie, David; Romanticism, Individualism and Ideas of the Self; Royer-Collard, Pierre; Ruge, Arnold; Ruskin, John; Russian Thought in the Nineteenth Century; Saint-Simon, Henri de; Say, Jean-Baptiste; Schelling; Schiller, Friedrich; Schlegel, Friedrich W.; Schleiermacher, Friedrich; Schmoller, Gustav v.; Schopenhauer, Arthur; science; Sexualities: Masculinities, Femininities and Gender Roles; Shaw, George Bernard; Sidgwick, Henry; Sièyes, Emmanuel Joseph ; Simmel, Georg; Sismondi, J.; Smiles, Samuel; Smith, Sydney; Sociology and Social Theory; Sorel, Georges; Southey, Robert; Spencer, Herbert; Stael, Mme de; Stahl, Friedrich; Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; Stephen, Leslie; Stewart, Dugald; Stirner, Max; Strauss, David Friedrich; Sumner, William Graham; Sun-Yat Sen; Tagore, Rabindranath; Taine, Hypolyte; The Body, Medicine, Health and Disease; The Development of Chinese Thought in the Nineteenth Century; The Emergence of Psychology; The idea of the Modern; The nation, nationalism and the national principle; Theories of Education and Character Formation; Theories of Law, Criminology and Penal Reform; Theories of the State and Society: The Science of Politics; Thiers, Louis; Thoreau, Henry David; Tocqueville, Alexis de; Tolstoi, Lev; Tönnies, Ferdinand; Tracy, Destutt de; Treitschke, Heinrich; Tucker, Benjamin; Unanumo, Miguel de; Utopianism; Veuillot, Louis; Victoria; Wallace, A.R.; Washington, Booker T.; Webb, Sidney and Beatrice; Weber, Max; Wells, H.G.; Whately, Richard; Whewell, William

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'The entries are well-written and collectively provide a good sense of 19th-century thought.' - Choice