1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science

Edited By Alwyn Scott Copyright 2005
    1104 Pages 954 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    1104 Pages 954 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In 438 alphabetically-arranged essays, this work provides a useful overview of the core mathematical background for nonlinear science, as well as its applications to key problems in ecology and biological systems, chemical reaction-diffusion problems, geophysics, economics, electrical and mechanical oscillations in engineering systems, lasers and nonlinear optics, fluid mechanics and turbulence, and condensed matter physics, among others.

    Selected Contents: Algorithmic complexity Ball lightning Biological evolution Boundary value problems Butterfly effect Cardiac arrhythmias and electrocardiogram Cellular automata Chaos vs. turbulence Controlling chaos Determinism Dynamical systems Emergence Fluid dynamics Fractals Game of life Laboratory models of nonlinear waves Monte-Carlo methods Multidimensional solitons Neural network models Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics Nonlinear optics Nonlinear Schrödinger equations Nonlinear toys Numerical methods Order from chaos Partial differential equations, nonlinear Period doubling Perturbation theory Population dynamics Quantum chaos Random matrix theory Reaction diffusion systems Sandpile model Spatio-temporal chaos Sine--Gordon (SG) equation Stochastic analyses of neural systems Symmetry groups Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse Threshold phenomena Universality Vortex dominated flows Wave stability and instability


    Alwyn Scott is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arizona and a former professor of informatics and mathematical modelling at the Technical University of Denmark.

    "Scott's encyclopedia provides an overview of the mathematical background, as well as applications to key problems ranging from economics to engineering. The impressive roster of contributors offers more than 400 well-written, concise, well-illustrated articles that include excellent bibliographies. Related references and an excellent index add breadth and depth to the encyclopedia's usefulness. The price is justified considering the breadth and depth of coverage... Highly recommended. All libraries.." -- Choice
    "This reference will help undergraduate and graduate students in the physical and biological sciences appreciate how concepts of nonlinear science are presently understood and applied. Teachers of science and research scientists who are unfamiliar with nonlinear concepts will use this book to expand their horizons." -- SciTech Book News
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    "A truly international effort... Those consulting this work for background information on a particular topic will find themselves led in unexpected directions to unanticipated bit of knowledge... This Encyclopedia will be of interest to practicing scientists who wish to learn more about the nonlinear revolution and to philosophers and historians of science...The Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science should be on the shelf of every group working in applied science, and in the personal collections of many scientists." -- Il Nuovo Saggiatore
    "This book is timely. It brings together, and makes available to a wider audience, a better appreciation of nonlinear phenomena and the extent to which nonlinear effects reach into almost every field of study. I know of no other book which approaches it for depth of treatment and for the diverse range of topics. The editor and the editorial board are to be congratulated on the diligence with which they have brought together and presented this clever and interesting selection of topics. It is a handsome volume and would be a welcome addition to any academic library." -- Journal of Consciousness Studies
    "This Encyclopedia, to borrow an old phrase, deserves to be on the bookshelf of every applied mathematician. More importantly, you should encourage all of your graduate students to read from, or even just thumb through, the pages of this wonderful book. This volume is well-organized. A world-class list of contributors... This Encyclopedia is truly international... The essays in this ncyclopedia are meant to be read. The essays are paragons of exposition. They remind one of good short stories. This Encyclopedia does an excellent job of conveying the history of nonlinear science. The Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science is a handsome book. Go out and buy and read and absorb as much of Alwyn Scott's Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science as you can. You will not regret it." -- SIAM Review
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