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Encyclopedia of Pest Management

Edited By David Pimentel, Ph.D. Copyright 2002
    952 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Auxiliaries: Deodorants, Diluents, Solvents, Stickers, Surfactants, and Synergists | Allergenic Reactions to Pesticides and Pests | Biological Control of Plant Pathogens (Fungi) | Biological Control of Plant Pathogens (Viruses) | Compatibility of Chemical and Biological Pesticides | Cosmetic Standards (Blemished Food Products and Insects in Foods) | Destruction of Natural Enemies by Pesticides | Ecological Aspects of Pest Management | Field Crop Pest Management (Insects and Mites) | Field Crop Pest Management (Plant Pathogens) |
    GIS and Gps Systems in Pest Control | Glasshouse Crop Pest Management (Insects and Mites) | Historical Epidemics (E.G., Irish Potato Famine) | History of Biological Controls | Insect Pest Management | Insect Pest Management for Lawns | Legal Aspects of Pest Management and Pesticides | Lethal Genes for Use in Insect Control | Natural Enemy Monitoring for Pest Management | Neurological Effects of Insecticides | Ornamental Crop Pest Management (Insects) | Ornamental Crop Pest Management (Plant Pathogens) | Postharvest Insect Control with Inert Dusts | Principles of Pest Management with Emphasis on Plant Pathogens | Regulating Pesticides (Laws and Regulations) | Reproductive and Developmental Effects from Occupational Pesticides Exposure | Soil Erosion and Pesticide Translocation Control | System and Management of Integrated Plant Control | Vegetable Crop Pest Management (Weeds) | Weed Management: Introduction and Mechanical and Cultural Approaches | Worker Protection Standard


    David Pimentel Ph.D

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    Mary Bomford, M.Sc., Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Canberra, Australia