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1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups

ISBN 9780789036377
Published October 30, 2008 by Routledge
352 Pages

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Book Description

What do you have to know, today, to be an effective group worker and what are the different group work approaches? With 110 articles and entries, this book provides a comprehensive overview of social work with groups from its initial development to its astounding range of diverse practice today with many populations in different places.

The articles have been written by social workers trained in the group approach from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Spain and Japan, and all involved are well known group workers, acknowledged as experts in the area. The book covers all aspects of social work with groups: including its history, values, major models, approaches and methods, education, research, journals, phases of development, working with specific populations and ages, plus many more. Each article includes references which can be a major resource for future exploration in the particular subject area.

Both editors have many years of productive work in group work practice and other areas and are board members of The Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups. The Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups will be of interest to students, practitioners, social work faculty, novice and experienced group workers.

Table of Contents

Preface  Introduction  Group Work History: Past, Present and Future  Canada - Nancy E. Sullivan, Ellen Sue Mesbur, Norma C. Lang  United States - Albert S. Alissi  Addams, Jane - Judith A. B. Lee  Coyle, Grace Longwell - David S. Crampton  AASWG - John H. Ramey  Summer Camps - Meryl Nadel, Susan Scher  Contemporary Landscape - Harriet Goodman  Struggle for Survival - Shirley R. Simon, Joyce A. Webster  Group Work Values  Humanistic and Democratic - Urania Glassman  Social Context - Maura McIntyre, Lynne Mitchell  Group Work Major Models  Cognitive-Behavioral - Randy Magen  Empowerment - Rhonda E. Hudson  Mutual Aid - Dominique Moyse Steinberg  Psychodynamic - Carol Tasone  Task-Centered - Charles D. Garvin  Group Work Approaches and Methods  Activity: History - Maxine Lynn, Dannielle Nisivoccia  Activity: Uses and Selection - Edna Comer, Kasumi Hirayama  Activity Therapy for Children - Lorraine R. Tempel  Anti-Oppressive - Izumi Sakamoto  Curricular-Based - Joan Letendre  Emergency Crisis Intervention - Ogden Rogers  Family Involvement - David S. Crampton  Intergroup Dialogue: Introduction - Nancy Rodenborg, Lois A. Bosch  Intergroup Dialogue: Overview - Adrienne Dessel  Intergroup Dialogue: Principles - Mona C. S. Schatz  Multiple Family - Geetha Gopalan, Lydia Franco  Needs Acquisition and Behaviour Change - Tom Caplan  Psychoeducational - Lynn Turner  Self-Directed - Audrey Mullender, David Ward  Sprituality - Carlean Gilbert  Systemic - Oded Manor  Group Stages of Development  Boston Model - Francis Bartolomeo  Relational Model - Linda Yael Schiller  Group Work Phases of Helping  Preliminary - Lawrence Shulman  Beginning - Lawrence Shulman  Middle - Hal Lipton  Sessional Endings - Martin L. Birnbaum, Andrew Cicchetti  Termination - Steven Rose  Group Work Education  Field Instruction - Carol S. Cohen, Julianne Wayne  Use of Literature in Teaching - Dana Grossman Leeman  Use of Technology in Teaching - Shirley R. Simon, Kathleen W. Stauber  Group Work Research  Evidence-Based - Mark J. Macgowan  Focus Groups - Lawrence C. Shulman, Michelle Shedlin  Intervention Research - Maeda Galinsky, Mark Fraser  Measurement - Mark J. Macgowan  Quantitative and Qualitative - Varsha Pandya  SYMLOG - Saul S. Kutner, Ruth D. Kirsch  Group Work Journals  Groupwork - Mark Doel  Small Group Research - Aaron Brower, Charels Garvin, Richard Kettner-Polley  Social Work with Groups - Andrew Malekoff  Group Work in Fields of Practice  Community Settings for Adolescents - Maryanne Sabatino  Corrections - Karen Green, Robert Green  Family and Children’s Services - Mary Pender Greene  Foster Care - Michael Wagner  Homeless - Sarah Stevenson  Partial Hospitalization - Gilan Miller-Gertz, Nancy L. Herron  Residential Care Settings for Adolescents - Francis Bartolomeo  Schools - Steven Rose  Group Work with Specific Populations  Adolescents with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems - Marvin Clifford  Adults with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems - Brian E. Perron, Kimberly Bender  Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - Carolyn Knight  Blind Adults - Faith Fogelman  Children with Traumatic Grief - Alison Salloum  Domestic Violence Survivors - Patricia O’Brien  Family Violence Survivors - Wendy Bunston  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals - Mitch Rosenwald  Nonresidential Fathers - Glenn Stone  Parents - Janet Seden  People with AIDS - George S. Getzel  People with Cancer - Rachel M. Schneider  People with Mental Health Problems - Kathi R. Trawver  People with Problematic Alcohol Use - Meredith Hanson  People with Problematic Alcohol Use and Their Children - Neta Peleg-Oren  People with Problematic Substance Use – Adults - Andrew Cicchetti  People with Problematic Substance Use - Older Adults - Loretta Hartley-Bangs  People with Problematic Substance Use - In Crisis - Leslie Temme, Maurice Lacey  Police Officers  - George T. Patterson, Grace A. Telesco  Police Officers and Their Spouses - Linda Openshaw  Rape Survivors - Shantih E. Clemans  Sexual Offenders - Steven Hartsock, Karen Harper-Dorton  Siblings of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders - David Strauss, Daniel Aaron  Trauma Survivors - Carolyn Knight  Women with Advanced Breast Cancer - Fiona McDermott, Christine Hill  Youth At-Risk - Sam Copeland  Street Youth - Steven Kraft  Group Work over the Life Course  Children - Carolyn Knight  Adolescent - Andrew Malekoff  Adult - Esta Glazer-Semmel  Older Adult - Ronald W. Toseland  Transgenerational - Scott P. Anstadt  End-of-Life Care - Daniel Liechty  Group Work and Community Context  Coalitions - Donna McIntosh, Margo Hirsch  Community Change - Mark Chupp  Rural Regions - Michael Kim Zapf  Social Action - Jennie Fleming  Social Capital - Paul Abels, Sonia Leib Abels  Group Work and Organizational Context  Interdisciplinary Teams - Laura Bronstein, Julie S. Abramson  Involuntary Clients (Change Processes) - Michael Chovanec  Involuntary Clients (Engagement Process) - Kay Goler Levin  Staff Vicarious Trauma - Shantih E. Clemans  Work Groups - Paul H. Ephross, Tom V. Vassil  Workplace Coaching - Gregory Tully  Group Work Leadership  Co-Leadership - Kathryn S. Collins, Marceline M. Lazzari  Co-Working - Mark Doel  Leadership - Steven Rose  Mentoring - Cheryl D. Lee, Eliette Montiel  Group Work and Technology  Online Support - Andrés Arias Astray, Ana Barrón López de Roda  Online - Brian E. Perron, Thomas J. Powell  Telephone - Ronald W. Toseland  

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Alex Gitterman is the Zachs Professor of Social Work and the Director of the Doctoral Program at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, USA.

Robert Salmon is a Professor at Hunter College School of Social Work, USA.


‘This encyclopedia will be a valuable starting point for any social worker, student, or educator with an interest in group work.’Choice