Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science  book cover
3rd Edition

Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science

Edited By

P. Somasundaran

ISBN 9781466590458
Published August 27, 2015 by CRC Press
9446 Pages

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Book Description

The Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science draws together the interface-related aspects of chemistry, materials sciences and engineering, biology, physics, computer sciences, and applied mathematics.

This new edition discusses important advancements made in the last decade or so, namely, the understanding of the fundamental theories in colloid and surface science, the development of new and improved methods, and the design of particles–nanoparticles.

With an emerging impetus on topics such as health care and renewable energy, this edition also addresses many fundamental aspects, as well as applications, related to drug design and delivery and the development of highly efficient catalysts including novel ways to generate renewable energy.

Researchers who are pioneers in their respective disciplines provide the current state of knowledge from their research findings, as well as other valuable information, in the introductory sections of each book. Encompassing ten volumes, this new edition continues to provide practitioners with all the information they need to devise or modify processes both for current and new products.

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Table of Contents

Volume I: Absorption—Bubbles
Volume II: Calcite—Crude Oil
Volume III: Crystal Dissolution—Electrokinetics
Volume IV: Electromagnetic—Hysteresis
Volume V: Ice—Liquid
Volume VI: Magnetic—Microporous
Volume VII: Mineral —Phospholipid
Volume VIII: Photocatalytic—Protein
Volume IX: Proteins: Adsorption—Supercritical
Volume X: Supported Metal—Zeta-Potential

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