1st Edition

Encyclopedia of the Novel

Edited By Paul Schellinger

    The Encyclopedia of the Novel is the first reference book that focuses on the development of the novel throughout the world.
    Entries on individual writers assess the place of that writer within the development of the novel form, explaining why and in exactly what ways that writer is importnant. Similarly, an entry on an individual novel discusses the importance of that novel not only form, analyzing the particular innovations that novel has introduced and the ways in which it has influenced the subsequent course of the genre.
    A wide range of topic entries explore the history, criticism, theory, production, dissemination and reception of the novel. A very important component of the Encyclopedia of the Novel is its long surveys of development of the novel in various regions of the world.


    PaulS chellinger, Christopher Hudson, Marijke Rijsberman

    "Suitable for all libraries." -- Library Journal
    "Any way you look at it, the Encyclopedia of the Novel is impressive. It is a much needed treatment of a major literary art form that will be of use to scholars and general readers alike." -- Against the Grain
    "Encyclopedia of the Novel will help students, professors, and the avid reader to identify, evaluate, appraise, and perhaps enjoy the defining writers, novels, and themes. This work is a felicitous melding of the interests of the novel-reading multitudes and the critics who analyze the genre. Its acquisition should be a high priority for academic and large public libraries." -- Booklist/RBB
    "Will enrich the reading experience of serious students with thought provoking observation, commentary, and judgement. If only students would find such material before wallowing in the Web! Highly recommended." -- Choice
    "This must surely be the most comprehensive and cosmopolitan publication about the novel ever attempted... It is difficult to praise sufficiently this splendid encyclopedia, except to say that it will not be superseded for many years to come, and that it should be given pride of place in all the best reference libraries." -- Reference Reviews