1st Edition

End-Stage Dementia Care A Basic Guide

By C. R. Kovach Copyright 1997
    220 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    256 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    People with mid-stage dementia are served by special care units in long-term care facilities, although as these residents deteriorate, they are transferred out of the unit and into a general nursing home unit. These nursing homes are not equipped to deal with palliative needs of end-stage dementia care. The book addresses those needs. With this in mind, Part One examines the stages of dementia end-stage in particular. Other chapters in this section provide background on the hospice movement and hospice concepts; the idea of maintaining personhood; and administration of a late-stage care unit. Part Two focuses on treatment approaches for common needs in end-stage dementia - medical and physical care; a supportive environment; the fundamentals of care; psychopharmacology; and therapeutic activities. Part 3 contains chapters on family-centred care; legal and ethical issues; programme evaluation; and future opportunities.

    Part 1 Foundations and Options for Program Development; Chapter 1 Stages of Dementia, Mary Cohan; Chapter 2 Palliative Care for Late-Stage Dementia, Sarah A. Wilson; Chapter 3 Maintaining Personhood, Christine R. Kovach; Chapter 4 Administration of a Late-Stage Dementia Program in the Nursing Home Setting, Patricia E. Noonan, Sandra A. Stearns; Part 2 Treatment Approaches for Common Needs; Chapter 5 Medical Care During Late-Stage Dementia, Edmund H. Duthie; Chapter 6 Treatment Approaches to Common Physical Care Needs, Thelma J. Wells; Chapter 7 Strategies for Eating, Swallowing, and Dysphagia, Judith I. Kulpa, Roxanne DePaul; Chapter 8 A Supportive Environment for People With Late-Stage Dementia, Margaret P. Calkins; Chapter 9 Communications and Fundamentals of Care, Carly R. Hellen; Chapter 10 Behaviors Associated With Late-Stage Dementia, Christine R. Kovach; Chapter 11 Psychopharmacology and Late-Stage Dementia Behaviors, Ladislav Volicer, Ann C. Hurley, E. Mahoney; Chapter 12 Therapeutic Activities for Low Functioning Older Adults With Dementia, Jill S. Magliocco; Part 3 Special Issues in Care; Chapter 13 Working With the Family, Marilyn J. Bonjean, Ronald D. Bonjean; Chapter 14 Making Change Work, Janet Wessel Krejci; Chapter 15 Legal and Ethical Issues, Alison Barnes; Chapter 16 Program Evaluation, Marilyn J. Rantz, Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher; Chapter 17 Future Challenges and Considerations, Christine R. Kovach;


    Christine R. Kovach