1st Edition

Ending Hunger Worldwide

ISBN 9781594518935
Published May 30, 2011 by Routledge
240 Pages

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Book Description

Why does hunger persist in a world of plenty? Ending Hunger Worldwide challenges the naive notion that everyone wants hunger to end, arguing that the powerful care - but not enough to make a difference. George Kent argues that the central focus in overcoming hunger should be on building stronger communities. It is these communities which can provide mutual support to ensure that people don't go hungry. Kent demonstrates that there is not a shortage of food but of what Amartya Sen terms 'opportunities', and that developing tight-knit communities will lead to more opportunities for the hungry and undernourished. Ending Hunger Worldwide challenges dominant market-led solutions, and will be essential reading for activists, NGO workers and development students looking for a fresh perspective.


“The fact that over 1 billion people face daily hunger in a world of abundant food supplies
shows that current approaches to reducing poverty and hunger are failing. In Ending Hunger
Worldwide, George Kent claims that, as long as global and national policies continue to
be driven largely by the quest for economic growth, they will be tilted in favor of those who
are already strong. This is a refreshing, thought-provoking book, essential reading for anyone
searching for ways to make our world a better home for all its people.”
—Andrew MacMillan, Former Director, Field Operations Division, Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations

“This book is important reading for a wide variety of persons—North and South—concerned
with, or able to play some role in, reducing the shockingly prevalent extent of undernutrition
in the world. We have a global responsibility to end hunger in a world that can produce enough
food for all. The author forcefully discusses human rights to adequate food and the global
obligations to achieve this. He then moves to the important issue of more local, communitybased
approaches to nutrition security, which goes beyond just food security. The writing is
clear and authoritative.”
—Michael C. Latham, Cornell University

“George Kent has produced a timely and lucid account of what will be required to truly solve
the problem of hunger, from communities up. This book places hunger within the context
of growing global inequity, trade agreements that work to the disadvantage of poor people,
increasing pressure for land and resources, and rising demands for food sovereignty. This is a
book that cuts through the rhetoric to real answers for addressing a pernicious and needless
violation of human rights.”
—Molly D. Anderson, Partridge Chair in Food & Sustainable Agriculture Systems, College
of the Atlantic

“Responding to the challenges and threats posed by the global food crisis, George Kent argues
that the best way to end world hunger is to build stronger communities—locally, nationally,
and globally. One of the world’s leading experts on the subject of food security, Kent offers a
comprehensive diagnosis of the problem that combines a cogent critique of current practices
with an uplifting discussion of possible remedies.”
—Manfred B. Steger, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology