1st Edition

Energy Dissipators IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 9

By W.H. Hager, D.L. Vischer Copyright 1995

    Energy dissipators are an important element of hydraulic structures as transition between the highly explosive high velocity flow and the sensitive tailwater. This volume examines energy dissipators mainly in connection with dam structures and provides a review of design methods. It includes topics such as hydraulic jump, stilling basins, ski jumps and plunge pools. It also introduces a general account of various methods of dissipation, as well as the governing flow mechanisms.

    1: Introduction, 2: Types of energy dissipators, 3: Almanac of energy dissipation mechanisms, 4: Hydraulic jump, 5: Stilling basins, 6: Drop structures and plunge pools, 7: Trajectory basins, 8: Cascades, drops and rough channels, 9: Vortex drops, References, Subject index, Author index


    W.H. Hager