1st Edition

Energy, Economic Growth, and the Environment

By Sam H. Schurr Copyright 2011

    Authors with widely different perspectives consider two important social objectives: assuring future energy supplies and protecting the natural environment. Contributors include Kenneth Boulding, Glenn Seaborg, and Barry Commoner. Particularly useful to students and interested non-specialists. Originally published in 1972

    Part I On Economic Growth; Chapter 1 Coming to Terms with Growth and the Environment, Walter W. Heller; Chapter 2 The Environmental Cost of Economic Growth, Barry Commoner; Part II On Energy Growth and the Environment; Chapter 3 Possible Impacts of Environmental Standards on Electric Power Availability and Costs, Philip Sporn; Chapter 4 The Possible Impact of Environmental Standards on the Availability and Cost of Petroleum, Richard J. Gonzalez; Chapter 5 Energy and the Environment, Gordon J. MacDonald; Part III On Problems of Public Policy; Chapter 6 Reconciling Energy Policy Goals, Edward S. Mason; Chapter 7 The Erehwon Machine: Possibilities for Reconciling Goals by Way of New Technology, Glenn T. Seaborg; Chapter 8 New Goals for Society?, Kenneth E. Boulding;


    Schurr, Sam H.