Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials (EEGBM 2014), November 28-30, 2014, Guilin, Guangxi, China, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials (EEGBM 2014), November 28-30, 2014, Guilin, Guangxi, China, 1st Edition

Edited by Ai Sheng

CRC Press

530 pages

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The 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials (EEGBM2014) was held November 28-30, 2014, in Guilin, Guangxi. EEGBM2014 provided a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars and scientists to exchange their new ideas and application experiences face to face together, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The papers in this book are selected from more than 500 papers submitted to the 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials (EEGBM2014). The book is divided into 4 sections, covering the topics of New Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management, Building Materials and Environmental Engineering and Management. The conference will promote the development of the Energy, Environment and Green Building Materials, strengthening international academic cooperation and communications.

Table of Contents

Analysis of heavy metal pollution sources and their water environmental behavior in Guangxi Province, China

J. Cheng, W.B. Qian & C.C. Cao

Current situation of rural ecological planning in North China—the village of Baoding Shijiatong

S.Y. Zhao, S.J. Fu & Y.H. Hao

Research on domestic sewage treatment by “Activated Sludge” combined “Biofilm”

Y.P. Li, W. Hong, Y. Li, Z.B. Wang & Z. Han

DSM-based modeling framework of emergency management

P. Zhang, L.B. Zhang, B. Chen, L. Ma & X.G. Qiu

Formation mechanism and controlling factors of secondary pore in clastic rock

Y.R. Li, X.Y. Fan, R.G. Jiang, M.T. Li & X. Xiao

Thermal and mechanics research on a 15µm umbrella-like structure microbolometer

L. Zhang, C. Chen & T. Wang

Optimal control of anoxic selector based on activated sludge with different phosphorus removal ability

Z.X. Peng & Z.G. He

Fuzzy evaluation for optimal selective disassembly in recycling of end of life product

Z.Q. Zhou, P.L. Hu, Y.F. Gong & G.H. Dai

Plate pillars formed by drawing

X. Zeng, Y. Hu, Q.Xia, Y.K Cheng & Y.B. Duan

Research on relationship between compression damage and load-carrying capacity for RC columns

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, H. Qi & Y.G. Li

Practical method for fire-resistant design of steel members based on critical temperature

J. Xing

Seismic characteristics study of six-pylon cable-stayed bridge with corrugated steel webs

F.M. Wang, G.L. Deng, X.Z. Dang & W.C. Yuan

High-performance lightweight over-strength UHMWPE UD cloth preparation and its application

X.H. Meng, G. Lu & W.F. Da

Study on the rendering algorithm of spatial planar circle through coordinate transformation

J.Y. Li, G.X. Yuan, Y.M. Zhang & Z.Q. Huang

Investigation on Urban color and city image in Wuhan

L.Y. Li

Research on a novel deflection surface concentrator

C.F. Ye, Q.L. Qiu, Y. Wu, & J. Zuo

Wear resistance characterization and analysis of hard particle reinforcement in composite Fe-based alloy +WC+ Cr3C2 laser cladding

J. Xu, G.B. Li, X.Z. Du, J. Hao, W.H. Tang, H.B. Wang & H.Y. Zhao

Research on whole industry chain of housing industry modernization in big data era

X.M. Yang

Key-technology research of the image retrieval based on the feature points and invariant moments

Z.M. Wang & B.Q. He

Analysis of slope ecological protection substrate moisture evaporation characteristics

X.J. Zhang, Z.Y. Xia, W.J. Hu & L.L. Zhang

Effecting analysis of the temporary traffic regulation on the traffic flow in urban expressway

M. Wang, J.F. Wang, R.X. Xiong & X.D. Yan

Study on rural domestic sewage treatment modes of Ningbo

J. Wei, J. Yang, Y.L. Wang & D.H. Hu

Phenolic wastewater treatment by pulsed electrolysis with alternative current

X.M. Zhu, N.L. Nguyen, B. Sun, Z.R. Li & P.H. Zhan

Fundamental theory and impact factors of art city

Jie. Zhao

Study of spatial color reconciling in urban color planning—based on the thinking of urban color planning of Harbin

Z. Bian & Y.W. Zhang

Influence factors of fluorine concentration in groundwater in Gaomi area, Shandong province, China

J.G. Feng, Z.J. Gao, J.F. Duan & M.J. Shi

Study on the training of safety signs in coal mines

W. Jiang, Y.N. Liu & S.H. Shi

Constitution analysis of pollution sources in urban rivers of hangzhou

J. Yang, J. Wei, M. Yuan, Y. Lu & F.F. Chen

Thermal effects on the geometric nonlinearity of beam structures

J. Duan & Y.G. Li

Material balance calculation and application of modified step-feed process

Q. Chen, W. Wang, C.X. Wang, Y.Z. Peng, X. Zhang & C.H. Shao

Study of phase change material based on solar building

W.H. Li, CH.W. Zhang, M.Y. Zhang, H.T. Feng & Y. Liu

2D Numerical simulation of flow field around bridge piers in Bend River based on FLUENT

W.C. Pan & M.J. Liu

Research on control system of multidimensional dynamic indoor environment

F.Z. Nian & D.W. Shao

Research on the FLUENT simulation of the single aluminum pore growth

M. Zhang, C.J. Chen & X.N. Wang

Exploration for geographic information of an ancient village based on gis technique—Da Liangjiang Village in Jingxing County of hebei province as an example

C.Y. Wang, G.Q. Li & Y. Yang

Research on a sewage treatment system with low operation cost applied in rural areas

C.Y. Wang, G.Q. Li & N.Z. Wang

Numerical studies of the oxidation process of Hg by ozone injection

B. Li, J.Y. Zhao & J.F. Lv

Studies on image processing technology of chalkiness detection in early indica rice

P. Cheng, Q. Liu, Y. Su & D.S. Cheng

Properties and coke deactivation of Pt-Sn-Na/ZSM-5 catalysts for propane dehydrogenation to propylene

C.X. Wang & Z.Q. Wang

Turbidity variation in a detention pond after storing runoff

C. Tang & T.Y. Guo

Experimental study on kitchen garbage hydrolysis conditions

G.S. Cheng, Y. Zhao & C.Y. Luo

Study of uniaxial constitutive model of concrete in code and development in abaqus

H. Qi, Y.G. Li, X.M. Chen, J. Duan & J.Y. Sun

An ecosystem-level ecological risk assessment framework for lake watershed: A case study of upstream taihu lake watershed

N. Li, J.C. Qi, R.R. Han, B.H. Zhou & Y.Y. Huang

Study of preconditioning methods for flows at all speeds

L. Li, G.P. Chen, G.Q. Zhu & W. Zhang

Finite element simulation and optimization design of biodegradable seedling pot

X.D. Liu, S.J. Li, L.J. Han, Q.R. Jing, D.Y. Li & Z.Y. Qiu

Design of robust sliding mode observer for a class of linear system with uncertain time delay: a linear matrix inequality method

F.X. Xie, L. Chen & A. Zhou

Groundwater environmental impact assessment of Red Bull beverage due to mining water in Guangdong Province

L.S. Tang & H.T. Sang, Y.L. Sun & Z.G. Luo

Experimental study of Cl and F releasing of straw combustion

Y. Zhao, Y. Xiang, G.S. Cheng, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, C.Q. Dong & Z.M. Zheng & H.L. Zhang

Properties of gelatin and poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxy-valerate) blends

Y. Li, J.K. Duan, Y.J. Wang, L. Jiang, K.Q. Shi & S.X. Shao

Treatment of simulated acid mine drainage by air cathode microbial fuel cell

C.F. Cai, F.Z. Qi, J.P Xu, H.C. Zhu & L. Jiang

Biochemicals of acid mine drainage using sulfate-reducing bacteria activity on a column reactor

C.F. Cai, L. Jiang, C.F. Wu & F.Z. Qi

Intelligent monitoring system design of coal mine ventilation based on internet of things technology

W.C. Li, G.F. Hao, G.Q. Li & H.J. Wang

Public opinion propagation model based on deffaunt model

X. Zhou, B. Chen, Z.C. Song, L. Ma & X.G. Qiu

Effects of learners’ motivation in second language acquisition

J.B. He & Z.Wang

Large section roadway excavation rapidly technology

Z. F. Yao, W. B. Wei, B. Shi & Z. Wei

Structural design of cyclonic microbubble flotation column system

B.Q. Dai, J. J. Yuan, X.Y. Liu & J.X. Ge

Effects of inorganic ions on phosphorus removal with Fe/Mn oxide formed in situ by KMnO4-Fe2+ process

K. Liu, J.H. Sun & T. Zhou

Scale fingerprint clustering-based gait tracking algorithm under high-frequency gait mode switching environment

Y. Liu, S.L. Wang, L. Wang & L.L. Li

Positive scheme numerical study for gas jet in the direction pipe

J.L. Zhong & G.G. Le

Risk identification and evaluation for decision-making in integrated urban-rural water supply system constructions

Y.H. Mao, B. Yang & H.Y. Li

Research and simulation on the integration of marine SCR and exhaust muffler

Y. Chen & L. Lv

Pedestrian seamless positioning algorithm based on low-cost GPS / IMU

Z.S. Tian, H.M. Huang, Z.W. Yuan & M. Zhou

Nitrogen oxide emission comparison of biodiesel and diesel in diesel engine

Q.L. Zhang

Research on electrolysis factors of galvanizing slag’s soluble anode effect on current efficiency

X.F. He, Y.G. Li, J. Chen & Z.Y. Cai

Treatment of phenol wastewater by titanium catalyst

R. Wang, Y.X. Xiao & J.C. Gu

Study on the beneficiation process of a fine ilmenite in YunNan province

Q.R. Yang, G.F. Zhang & P. Yan

Utilization status and expectation of phosphogypsum

Q.R. Yang, P. Yan & G.F. Zhang

Life prediction of the subsea tunnel based on chloride migration model

X.H. Lv

Optimization of control parameters based on an improved detailed urea-SCR model

T. Feng & L. Lu

Research for the influence of light transmissivity of air humidity in fixed distance

Y.N. Wu, Z.J. You, J.N. Ma & L. Chen

Evaluation of rural territorial functions: A case study of Henan Province, China

C. Fu

Thermal environment simulation analysis of a new regenerated glass pumice external wall insulation building in hot summer and cold winter zone

S. Shu, Q. Gu, X. Zhou & B. Li

Analysis on the space–time difference characteristics of inbound tourism in Gansu province

J.P. Yan & X.Z. Wang

Research on multi-level water bloom decision-making method based on information entropy of vague set

Q.W. Zhu, X.Y. Wang, L. Wang, J.P. Xu & Y.T. Bai

Development and review of application of low-noise asphalt concrete in urban roads

T.F. Nian, P. Li, L. Yang, Y.L. Zhang & Z.C. Liu

Research of spatiotemporal schedule model of agents’ behavior in artificial society

L. Ma, B. Chen, L.B. Zhang, P. Zhang, X. Zhou & X.G. Qiu

Research status of magnetic plasma mass separator

H.L. Zhao, B.H. Jiang, C.S. Wang, H.C. Liu & Z.L. Zhang

Antimicrobial effect mechanism of polyphenols against campylobacter jejuni

Q. Tian, X.J. Du, R. Xue, J.J. Gen, X.F. Xie, B. Liang & J.P. Wang

Improving the mechanical properties of two aluminum alloys by thermal cycling treatment

C.Y. Chen

Exploring the relationship between buildings’ temperature and eco-environment components around them in Futian District, Shenzhen, China

X.Q. Sun & M.M. Xie

Research on damage identification of grid structures based on frequency response function

M.H. Wang, S.Y. Dong, C.M. Ji & X.T. Yang

Damage detection of cable force relaxation based on HHT

M.H. Wang, Y.S. Liu, S.S. Shi & X.T. Yang

State-feedback control for stochastic high-order nonlinear systems with time-varying delays

Z.G. Zhong

Numerical simulation on structure and anti-explosion performance of new ASA building plates

H.J. Wang, W.Z. Liao, M. Li & S.J. Shen

Analyses of the exergetic efficiency of solar energy heat pump system

Y.Q. Di, W. Zhao & H.Y. Di

Heat recovery ventilator technology development and application in the public buildings

L. Yuan

Active distribution network application practice for grid

H.G. Zhao, X.L. Yang, M. Li, M. Chen & Z. Tang

Commercial complex advantages and development in Nanning City

D.Y. Li, Y.Q. Li, Q.J. Zeng & J.C. Yu

HPLC method for determination of concentration of Oxiracetam in human plasma

X. Xie

A Domain-expert oriented modeling framework for unconventional emergency

Z.C. Fan, X.G. Qiu, L. Liu, P. Zhang & X.Y. Zhao

The influence of David Pepper’s ecological theory of socialism on China’s era

H.R. Chen

The theory of David Pepper about the blueprint of the construction of the ecological socialism theory

H.R. Chen, G.F. Liu & S.F. Chen

Application of a 3D modeling software—Cityengine in urban planning

Y.W. Luo, J. He & H.J. Liu

On the relationship between walk space form of college campus and summer thermal environment

L. Qin, J. He, Y.W. Luo, Y.Y. Yao, B. Chen, Y.J. Meng & Y.H. Wu

Analysis of outdoor thermal environments of universities in summer in hot and humid areas

Y.Y. Yao, J. He, Y.W. Luo, L. Qin, Y.J. Meng, B. Chen & Y.H. Wu

Study on biogas production of co-digestion of vegetable waste with other materials

R. Feng, J.P. Li, J.Y. Yang & D.D. Zhou

Microstructures and photocatalytic properties of metal ions doped nanocrystalline TiO2 films

H.Y. Wang & J.M. Yu

Numerical simulation of flow-field coupling with the six degree of freedom topology-changeable motion

F.B. Yang, D.W. Ma & Q.Q. Xia

Natural conditions suitability analysis of renewable energy building application: Case study of hot-humid climate Nanning

D.Y. Li, J. He & X. Xu

Leisure space of hospital building design in hot and humid areas – based on the analysis of environment-behavior

D.Y. Li, J. He, X. Xu & Y.Q. Li

Applicability of natural ventilation technology to public buildings in South China

H.J. Liu, J. He & Y.W. Luo

Architectural design strategies for bio-climatic design in hot-summer and cold-winter region

H.J. Liu, J. He & Y.W. Luo

On strategies of developing eco-tourism around Poyang Lake eco-tourism circle

J.B. He & Z. Wang

The analysis of properties of oxide scale on the surface of typical superheater material

M.C. Zheng, J.F. Xiao, S. Liu & Z.P. Zhu

Adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution by attapulgite

J. Ren, F.J. Zhang, Y.N. Li, L. Tao & Y.Z. Zhang

Numerical simulation of airflow distribution in air-conditioned room of office building based on ANSYS

R.H. Ma

A dual interfaces and high-speed solid state recorder design

S. Li, Q. Song, Y. Zhu & J.S. An

Research on urban residential pattern oriented to the aging society

Q. Liu & L.C. Fang

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