2nd Edition

Energy Psychology

By Fred P. Gallo Copyright 2005

    Energy Psychology: Explorations at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health, Second Edition introduces the exciting new paradigm of energy psychology and presents the latest research on the subject.

    This second edition begins by tracing the roots of energy psychology and contrasting them with contemporary approaches, and the

    Scientific Theaters (Or Through the Looking Glass). Highly Efficient Therapies (Or Recipes for Rapid Relief). The Energy Paradigm (Or The Electric Patterns of Life). Origins of Energy Psychology (Or Adding Muscle to Therapy). The Diamond Method to Cantillation. Thought Field Therapy. The Energy Therapist's Manual. Beginnings. Addendum: Manual Muscle Testing Uses and Abuses. Energy Psychology Glossary. Bibliography. Recommended Readings and Other Resources. Index.


    Fred P. Gallo