Energy Science and Applied Technology : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology (ESAT 2015) book cover
1st Edition

Energy Science and Applied Technology
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology (ESAT 2015)

ISBN 9781138028333
Published November 17, 2015 by CRC Press
554 Pages

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Book Description

Energy Science and Applied Technology includes contributions on a wide range of topics:
- Technologies in geology, mining, oil and gas exploration and exploitation of deposits
- Energy transfer and conversion, materials and chemical technologies
- Environmental engineering and sustainable development
- Electrical and electronic technology, power system engineering
- Mechanical, manufacturing, process engineering
- Control and automation
- Communications and applied information technologies
- Applied and computational mathematics
- Methods and algorithms optimization
- Network technology and application
- System test, diagnosis, detection and monitoring
- Recognition, video and image processing
The book will appeal to academics and engineers involved in energy and applied sciences.

Table of Contents

Technologies in geology, mining, oil and gas exploration and exploitation of deposits

Reinforcing polyamide 1212 via graphene oxide
Z. Cai, X. Meng, Y. Han, Q. Zhou & L. Cui

Analysis of horizontal seepage prevention based on three-dimensional finite element method
L. Qiu, L. Zhang, R. Zhou, Z. Shen & L. Yang

Renewable energy, bio-energy and cell technologies

New digital graphics tablet based on solar energy and cloud storage
Z. Wang

SOC estimation of lithium-ion battery using adaptive extended Kalman filter based on maximum likelihood criterion
X. Dang, K. Xu, H. Jiang, X. Zhang, X. Wu & L. Yan

SOC estimation strategy based on online feed-forward compensation for lithium-ion battery
X. Dang, Y. Mo, H. Jiang, X. Wu & X. Zhang

A kind of distributed seawater desalination generation system
L. Liu

Energy transfer and conversion, materials and chemical technologies

Separation of flavonoids from kudzu root extract using poly (vinylidene fluoride) ultrafiltration membranes
H. Xiang, H. Wang, L. Zeng, S. Wang & X. Wei

Preparation and characterization of Cr2O3–TiO2–Co2O3–ZnO green pigment
L. Chen, X.L. Weng, L.J. Deng & L. Yuan

The development of tensioner for automated fiber placement
Z. Jin, Z. Wang, H. Su, C. Yuan & Maliya

Erbium-doped Na2O-ZnO-MoO3-TeO2 glasses
J. Li, S.Q. Man, Q.R. Zhao & N. Zhang

Energy transfer of the Airy pulse during nonlinear propagation in the presence of high-order effects
N. Mei & X. Fu

Simulation and experimental validation of mass loss induced by vacuum ultraviolet irradiation on polymer materials
Y. Wang, X. Guo, X.R. Wang, S.S. Yang & X.J. Wang

Solar irradiance interval prediction based on set pair analysis theory
C. Du & Z.Q. Liu

H2O2 electrocatalytic reduction on Pd/SiC catalyst
C.P. Han, Y.R. Bao, L.M. Sun & Z.R. Liu

Investigation on characteristic of high-frequency impulse water chain formation process under surfactant systems
Y. Fan, B. Li, Z. Sun & Z. Wang

The optimization of ultrasonic-assisted extraction technology of rosmarinic acid from Prunella vulgaris L. by the response surface method
T. Long & Y. Lou

Environmental engineering and sustainable development

Research on the hydrological effects of forest litter-fall
J.H. Zhang, X. Hou & Q.S. Shu

Life cycle assessment on Battery Electric Vehicles
Y. Zhang, Y. Liao, G. Liu, S. Hu, X. Ma, R. Yang & J. He

Analysis and evaluation of the navigation risk of offshore wind project
Y.B. Guo, F.C. Jiang & H.B. Zou

A comparison research on pollution index between thermal power generation and solar power generation
J. Huang, X. Wang, X. Mao & L. Li

Electrical and electronic technology, power system engineering

ADS-based design and simulation of power divider
L. Han, J. Fan & C. Zheng

Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on hybrid strategy position estimation
C. Yu & B. Tao

Novel analysis and design of rectifier for wireless power transmission
Q. Zhang, X. Liang, Y. Xu, X. Lu & H. Tan

The sensitive mapping of memories in microprocessor
Y. Zhao, C. Yu, L. Fan, S. Yue, M. Chen & H. Zheng

Portable refrigerator design
Z.S. Wang & W.X. Xu

Development of an electromagnetic microswitch based on non-silicon microfabrication
X.D. Miao & Y. Dong

Research on two kinds of ultrasonic sensor array fixtures and design
M. Zhao, G. Tong & X. Wang

The research based on the design of the electronic control unit of uc/os II engine
G.P. Qi

Mechanical, manufacturing, process engineering

CFD simulated engineering model of biodiesel synthesis in a spinning disk reactor
Z. Wen

Numerical simulation on the stability in cutting nickel-based super alloy GH4169
J.J. Liu & G.W. Wang

Transient dynamics analysis for structure of the airborne evaporation cycle system
Y. Guo, Y. Zhang & M. Cheng

Transverse stress analyses of columns constrained by rebar under local compression
Y. Wang

Numerical simulation of grinding ball of kainite ductile iron in oil quenching and isothermal tempering
W.R. Wang, B. Qu & D.Q. Wei

Shape design and motion analysis of underwater glider
Q. Zhao, T. Yan & B. He

Analysis of internal flow field of OTS 125–500A low flow rate double-suction centrifugal pump
W. Yuan, C. Wang, K. Zhang & X. Chen

Performance analysis of the ISD suspension based on a whole vehicle model involving the steering condition
X. Yang, Y. Shen, Y. Liu & J. Yang

Study on the quantitative measurement of the tempering martensite for a carbon steel by thermal expansion
Y. Xue, K. Liu, K. Chen & H. Chen

NVH optimization study based on concept car body
Y. Zhang, Y. Cao & J. Hu

Influence of charge weight on ablation ability of combustion agent
Q. Zhang, J. Li, Z. An & X. Cui

Simulation analysis of vibration-impact invalidation of low voltage apparatus part
X.D. Miao, B. Zhang & Y. Huang

Optimization of beam structure on the baler
Z. Hong, Y. He & Z. Meng

Design of a long straight elbow pipe welding machine
C. Gong & D. Luo

Control and automation

Cooperative control for multiple coordinated mobile robots
N. Zhao, J.L. Liu & J. Yuan

Design of smart home wireless terminal control system based on ARM and ZigBee
F.L. Zhang, H. He & Z.H. Zhang

Lubricating oil automatic filter based on high gradient magnetic field
F. Wang, Y. Li & Q. Guo

A preliminary study on the soft landing trajectory design and control strategy of Chang’e 3
L. Zhang

Research on low power control technology of EM-MWD downhole instrument
C. Zhang & H. Dong

Communications and applied information technologies

Performance study of efficient modulation technique to satellite broadband communication system
Z.K. Li, Y.H. Pan & B. Shang

Performance investigation of blind equalization and frequency offset estimation scheme in optical coherent MSK system
L. Yan, J. He, M. Chen, J. Tang & L. Chen

Software-defined vehicular networks: Opportunities and challenges
M. Zhu, Z.P. Cai, M. Xu & J.N. Cao

Research on management information system: A novel approach
Y. Li

Deceptive jamming suppression method for LFM fuze based on STFRFT
P. Nian, G. Li & F. Li

Research of an envisioned smart doorbell
Y. Zhang, M. Xia & B. Yu

Intelligent Compressive Sensing with adaptive observations
J.B. Xu & S.W. Zhou

Enhancing reliable time-triggered data transmission for safety critical tasks in TTEthernet
W.J. Zha, F. Hu & H.P. Chen

The design and application of data disaster recovery based on IPSec VPN
B. Liu, W. Wang & W. Li

Applied and computational mathematics

Analysis of the numerical properties of LOD-FDTD method with arbitrary-order in space
M. Su & P. Liu

Influence of nonlinear phase on the linear propagation of partial-coherent Airy beam
Y. Meng & X. Fu

Simulation of fountain based on particle system
L.J. Dai & L.F. Miao

Studying the impact of interference on HF radar target SNR
Y. Mao, W. Xie & H. Xie

Methods and algorithms optimization

Comparison of CUDA and OpenCL performance on FDTD simulation
M. Zhang, S. Geng & J. Zhang

Estimation of the entropy of network traffic using space-saving algorithm
F. Fu, H.Q. Li, W.P. Li & Q. Xiao

Controlling the work-in-process in a tandem manufacturing system by hedging point policy
M. Zhu

Evolution of low power laser affected by the plasma with Gaussian profile
Y. Tang & X. Fu

A robust MDS algorithm for TDOA-based passive source localization by using a single calibration emitter
W. Wu, H. Yu & L. Zhang

Personalized E-commerce recommendation algorithm based on customer features and AGA
J. Zhang & P. Wu

Researching on the improvement and case of grey prediction model
Y. Huang & G. Wang

The NSPC model for predicting the spread of Ebola
J. Shen

Application of particle swarm optimization in Levy flight for OFDM system resource allocation
D. Wei & M. Fu

Motor imagery EEG signal identification based on the improved EMD algorithm
K. Zhai & J. Liu

Optimizing analysis of all-terrain vehicle articulated mechanism based on the complex roads
Z. Meng & G. Lv

Research on feature selection method in Chinese text automatic classification
Y. Hong & Z. Geng

Numerical simulation for contamination of batch transportation in reducer pipe
T. Yu, P. Du, X. Chen & W. Yuan

An ant colony optimization algorithm for the MANET based on environment analysis
S. Fan & J. Yan

Multicarrier phase-coded design based on the genetic algorithm
N.N. Cao & T.D. Pei

Improving the bubble replacement algorithm in multi-core with shared L1 instruction cache
X. Wan & M.M. Peng

The numerical simulation of variable diameter high temperature phase change thermal energy storage container
H.T. Cui, K.K. Sun, N. Li & H.L. Zhao

An intelligent medical guidance system based on multi-words TF-IDF algorithm
Y.S. Lin, L. Huang & Z.M. Wang

Numerical simulation of three different vortex shedders in power law
P. Du, X. Chen, W. Yuan, X. Feng & T. Yu

Network technology and application

A multi-layer group mobility model for mobile ad hoc networks
M. Hu, M. Lan, X. Wang & J. Zhou

Real-time performance evaluation of Linux ARM virtualization
F. Gu, F. Hu & H. Chen

Cost optimization for green internet service in Content Distribution Networks
H. Zhou, F. Hu & H. Chen

A new security scheme of trusted mobile platform based on MTM
M. Yang & H. Zhou

Threshold-based distributed key management scheme for wireless sensor networks
Y. Jiang & Z.J. Lin

Ordered tree-based routing algorithm for Power Line Communication network
H. He, T. Yao, Y. Li & J. Jia

Research and realization of the indoor positioning system
H. Guan & H. Zhang

The design and implementation of remote monitoring terminal for electric vehicle based on Linux
Y. Xu & Z. Wang

A semantic-based cache management mechanism for MP2P
Y. Jiang & F. Chen

Research on and realization of trusted boot mechanism for intelligent Set Top Box
J. Zhang, H. Zeng & Z. Zan

System test, diagnosis, detection and monitoring

Mid-long term load forecasting based on a new combined forecasting model
Y. Chao

Weighted-NMF based clustering method for the identification of cancer subtypes
J. Peng & R. Wu

Analysis of power system fault signals based on matrix pencil method
Z.Q. Xiao, Y.M. Liu, Q.H. Zhu, Y. Zhou, N. Wang & H.J. Wang

Mathematical modeling and simulation of VSC-HVDC system failure based on Matlab
J. Dong, J. Wang, X. Zhang & B. Lv

Dynamic threshold Energy Detection based on spectrum prediction for cognitive radio
Q. Zhang, J.K. Guo, Z.Y. Yu & G.B. Liu

Program fault localization based on improved program spectrum concept lattice
D. Zhang, M. Gao & B. Qiu

A novel configuration system for FPGA test based on algorithm and ping-pong operation
X. Zheng, Z. Wen, F. Zhang, L. Chen & C. Feng

Hadoop real-time monitoring system based on Ganglia, Nagios and MongoDB
Q. Zhu & L. Miao

Research on on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis of wind turbine
Q.H. Zhu, T.Y. Liu & S.G. Zhu

The design of transformer on-line monitoring system based on DSP
T. Ding, C. Yin & Y. Cao

Duplicate Address Detection process with variable-length prefix
G. Song & Z. Ji

Research on developing a miniature temperature measurement system based on uncooled infrared detector
L. Jiao, Y. Lang, D. Dong & K. Zhang

The design and implementation of mobile application security detection system
C. Wei, Q. Li & Y. Guo

Study on high reliability urban distribution network based on a multiple-looped network
Y. Xu, W. Han & Z. Gao

Information fusion framework for feature classification in machine fault diagnosis
L. Li & S. Wu

Recognition, video and image processing

2DPCA and 2DLDA algorithm on hyperspectral image classification
J. Cai & L. Ma

Design and implementation of indoor wireless video surveillance system based on ODMA-WiFi
Z.C. Wang, J.W. Cui & Z. Li

The study of the printed Data Matrix (DM) code identification
C. Yin

Research on automatic code generation technology on the basis of UML and visualization of templates
P. Liu, M. Zheng & Y. Yang

Research on digital watermarking based on colorful two-dimension code
H.Z. Lu, F.H. Lan & H.C. Li

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Dr. Zhigang Fang is a researcher and lecturer at the School of Automotive Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology. His research interests include vehicle dynamics, vehicle chassis control technology, vehicle energy-saving technology and energy conversion. In the past years he has authored multiple scientific papers within these disciplines of research.