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Energy Storage

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Book Description

This new Routledge collection brings together the major works on the many types of energy-storage technologies and systems, as well as their applications.

The energy-storage topics covered include battery storage, hydrogen energy storage, flywheel energy storage, compressed gas energy storage, pumped storage, magnetic storage, chemical storage, thermal energy storage, thermochemical energy storage, organic and biological energy storage, and others.

Included are categorizations and comparisons of the main energy-storage technologies. The collection addresses both existing and potential future energy-storage technologies and systems. Existing methods and technologies for energy storage are covered to ensure a sound understanding of the technology utilized today, whereas new techniques that are in development or undergoing research are evaluated to provide a good understanding of what lies at and beyond the state of the art.

Energy storage can be utilized in a wide range of applications, and these are also addressed. The types of applications considered range from utility and other electrical power systems, conventional and renewable power generation, and renewable energy sources, through to heat pumps, building heating and cooling and district energy systems.

The ability of energy storage to facilitate the efficient, effective, and economic operation of renewable energy systems is covered throughout the collection by, for example, focusing on using energy storage to improve solar- and wind-power systems and other renewable energy applications.

The utilization of energy storage in developed, as well as emerging, economies is also covered, to provide global coverage.

Table of Contents

Volume I

Part 1: Types of Energy Storage

Electrochemical and Battery Energy Storage

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Thermal Energy Storage

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Thermochemical Energy Storage

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Flywheel Energy Storage

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Compressed Air Energy Storage

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Pumped Energy Storage

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Volume II

Magnetic Energy Storage

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Chemical and Hydrogen Energy Storage

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Part 2: Applications of Energy Storage

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Energy Utilities

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Volume III

Renewable Energy Utilization

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Buildings and Communities

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Part 3: Categorizations and Comparisons of Energy Storages

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Technical Performance

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Volume IV


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Part 4: Research on Energy Storage

New Types of Energy Storage

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Advances and Developments in Energy Storage

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