1st Edition

Energy or Extinction? The Case for Nuclear Energy

By Fred Hoyle Copyright 1979

    Originally published in 1977 and as second edition in 1979, this book argues that without energy sources on a vast scale our present society cannot survive. According to the author, Fred Hoyle, the technology to tap solar, wind or wave power on a large enough scale just does not exist. He considers nuclear fission to be the only source currently capable of supplying our needs. The author fills in the scientific background necessary to appreciate his arguments in his lucid, direct style, so that the book can act as an ideal introduction for those unfamiliar with the energy debate. This short book is unashamedly provocative and many of the central tenets of it remain as relevant today as when it was first published.

    Part 1: Morphology Preface 1. The Emplacement of Silicic Lava Flows and Associated Hazards Jonathan H. Fink 2. The Blocky Andesitic Lava Flows of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica Scott R. Linneman and Andrea Borgia 3. Aa Lavas of Mount Etna, Sicily Christopher R. J. Kilburn and John E. Guest 4. Extra-terrestrial Lava Flows Rosaly M. C. Lopes-Gautier Part 2: Monitoring Preface 5. Field Observation of Active Lava in Hawaii: Some Practical Considerations Robert I. Tilling & Donald W. Peterson 6. Measuring the Properties of Flowing Lavas Harry Pinkerton 7. Convection Heat Transfer Rates in Molten Lava Harry C. Hardee 8. Remote Sensing of Active Lava David A. Rothery & David C. Pieri Part 3: Modelling Preface 9. Modelling The Rheology and Cooling of Lava Flows Michele Dragoni 10. Lava Crusts, aa Flow Lengthening and the Pahoehoe-aa Transition Christopher R. J. Kilburn 11. Thermal Feedback Mechanisms and their Potential Influence on the Emplacement of Lavas Harry C. Hardee 12. Cellular Automata Methods For Modelling Lava Flows: Simulation of the 1987-1987 Eruption, Mount Etna, Sicily D. Barca, G. M. Crisci, S. Di Gregorio & F. Nicoletta 13. A Short Introduction To Continuum Mechanics Søren-Aksel Sørensen Part 4: Mediating Preface 14. Interactions Between Scientists, Civil Authorities and the Public at Hazardous Volcanoes Donald W. Peterson & Robert I. Tilling.


    Fred Hoyle was one of the 20th Century's great scientific thinkers. He was Plumian Professor at Cambridge 1957 – 1972 and founder director of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge 1967-1972.