Engineering Characteristics of Arid Soils  book cover
1st Edition

Engineering Characteristics of Arid Soils

ISBN 9789054103653
Published January 1, 1994 by CRC Press
450 Pages

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Book Description

Soils formed or now existing under arid climatic conditions cover more than one-third of the world's land surface. Many have unique characteristics which can pose difficult geotechnical problems. This text considers these problems and suggests ways of overcoming them.

Table of Contents

Preface -- 1 Arid environments and descriptions of arid soils -- General report: Arid environments and description of arid soils /A.Warren -- Overview of geotechnical problems in Basilicata, Italy, resulting from extensive desiccation of clay strata /E.N.Bromhead, M.Del Prete, H.M.Rendell & L.Coppola -- Keynote lecture: Salt attack on buildings and other structures in arid lands /A.S.Goudie -- Corrosiveness of the arid saline soil in China /Hong Naifeng -- Playas: New ideas on hostile environments /A.Millington -- Rivers and their deposits-Cinderella's of the arid realm /I.Reid -- Sand dunes: Highly mobile and unstable surfaces /A.Warren -- 2 Classification of arid soils -- General report: Classification of arid soils for engineering purposes /J H.Atkinson -- The FAQ /UNESCO outline soil map for Africa -A possible basis for geotechnical classification /Al Bashir Assallay & l.J.Smalley -- Geotechnical soils mapping for construction purposes in Central Saudi Arabia /J.S.Griffiths, P.G.Fookes, A.D.Hardingham & R.D.Barsby -- Technical note: Development of an engineering description of cemented arid soils and calcrete duricrusts /A.D.Hardingham -- Engineering characteristics of arid soils /Izhar-ul-Haq & Sohail Kibria -- Classification of expansive soils in arid regions: Thermogravimetric investigation of smectite content /I.Jefferson & l.J.Smalley -- Keynote lecture: Classification of arid soils for engineering purposes An engineering approach /C.D.F.Rogers, T.A.Dijkstra & l.J.Smalley -- Classification of arid soils for engineering purposes: A pedological approach /I.J.Smalley, T.A.Dijkstra & C.D.F.Rogers -- Classification of arid soils for specific purposes /I.J.Smalley, T.A.Dijkstra & C.D.F.Rogers -- Engineering soil classification of the loess of Gansu, China- Based on sedimentary properties: Relationships to geotechnical behaviour /Wang Jingtai & E.Derbyshire -- 3 Engineering behaviour and properties of arid soils General report: Engineering behaviour and properties of arid soils /S.J.Wheeler -- Keynote lecture: On the mechanical behaviour of arid soils /E.E.Alonso & A.Gens -- Deposition and the behaviour of partially saturated silt /T.Amirsoleymani -- An alternative approach to the understanding of the collapse mechanism in desert sands, loess and other collapsing soils /M.E.Barton -- Keynote lecture: The geotechnical behaviour of arid and semi-arid zone soils Southern African experience /G.E.Blight -- Collapse of soil structure /J.Feda -- Mechanical behaviour of an unsaturated loam on the oedometric path /J.M.Fleureau & S.Taibi -- Expansive soils: TRL's research strategy /C.S.Gourley, D.Newill & H.D.Schreiner -- An investigation into the use of dune sand in concrete /E.A. Kay & J.P.H.Frearson -- Keynote lecture: Some engineering behaviour and properties of arid soils /A.Komornik -- Mechanical properties of gypsum soils /V.P.Petrukhin -- A new device for the direct measurement of soil suction over a wide range /A.M.Ridley & J.R.Burland -- Soil suction measurement with the transistor psychrometer /I.A.Woodburn -- 4 Case histories of construction and.field investigation in arid soils -- General report /S.L.Houston -- Drilling expansive mudstone in an undeveloped arid area /A.W.Cook -- A foundation code for problematic arid soils /A.M.Elleboudy -- Geotechnical characteristics of some carbonate sands in the Fezzan Sahara /P.G.Fookes & J.S.Gahir -- The unique Lisan soils as engineering materials /D.J.Knight -- Field wetting tests on a collapsible soil fill /A.Kropp, S.Houston & D.McMahon -- TRL research on road construction in arid areas /D.Newill & M.J.O'Connell -- Experience of arid soils on the Great Man-made River Project in Libya /Z.M.Nyirenda & H.R.Samuel -- Expansive clay road embankments in arid areas: Moisture-suction conditions /M.J.O'Connell & C.S.Gourley -- Collapse of an aeolian sandy clay caused by seepage /R.H.G.Parry -- Technical note on the investigation of a building failure on swelling soils /A.D.Robinshaw -- The Teton Dam failure (Idaho, USA, 1970) /C.D.F.Rogers, T.A.Dijkstra & l.l.Smalley -- Wind-blown fine sand in sub-Saharan Northern Nigeria and its influence on dam design and performance /C.J.Sammons -- In-situ investigations of horizontal subsidence deformations /A.Y. Shmuelyan -- Expansive clay soils and their effects on a factory building in the Sudan /N.A.Trenter -- Problems on saline soil foundations in arid zone of China /Xu Youzai -- Author index.

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