4th Edition

Engineering Law and the I.C.E. Contracts

By M.W. Abrahamson Copyright 1980

    The forms of tender, agreement, conditions and bond published by the Institution of Civil Engineers have been designed to standardise the duties of contractors, employers and engineers and to distribute fairly the risks inherent in civil engineering.

    This classic guide to the contracts provides and authoritative reference, and also a rich and practical introduction to the principles of construction law.

    Preface to the Fourth Edition
    Preface to the First Edition
    Foreword by Sir William Harris
    1 Background to the Contract Forms: General Law of Contract
    2 Tender and Agreement
    3 Conditions of Contract, cls. 1-19
    4 Liability and Insurance: Conditions, cls. 20-25
    5 Conditions, cls. 26-57
    6. Sub-Contracting: Conditionns, cls. 58 and 59
    7 Conditions, cls. 60-65
    8 Arbitration and Litigation: Conditions, cl. 66
    9 Conditions, cls. 67-72 and Price Fluctuations clause
    10 The Bond
    11 Key to 4th and 5th Editions I.C.E. Conditions
    12 Delay, Disruption and Acceleration Claims
    13 Relations of the Engineer with the Employer and the Contractor: A.C.E. Forms of Service Agreement
    14 Conduct of the Arbitrator and Engineer; Disputes
    15 Liability for Nuisance
    16 Remedies for Breach of Contract
    17 Tendermanship and Claimsmanship
    Case list


    M.W. Abrahamson Sometime Scholar in Law of Trinity College, Dublin Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland Companion of the Institution of Civil Engineers.