Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering (EMIE 2014), Xiamen, China, 16-17 October 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering (EMIE 2014), Xiamen, China, 16-17 October 2014

Edited By

A. Leung

ISBN 9781138027732
Published April 29, 2015 by CRC Press
300 Pages

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Book Description

Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering endeavors to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of recent advances in management industrial engineering. The book is divided in the sections below:

– Modeling, Simulation and Engineering Application
– Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Design
– Information Processing and Engineering
– Innovation and Business Management
– Engineering Education and Training
– E-Business and E-Commerce
– Tourism Management

The book will proof to be invaluable to professionals and academics in the above mentioned fields.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Modeling, simulation and engineering application

Construction quality control scheme for CFG pile of Wuhan–Guangzhou passenger dedicated line
Y.S. Liu & H. Gao

Determination of functions for lightning impact point location on Transmission Lines
J.A. Morales Garcia & J.C. Montesdeoca Contreras

A mesh-adaptive data exchange method for solid body field coupling based on Radial Basis Function
L. Huo & T. Yang

Data flow issues and BPMN mapping to Petri Net: Road map
A.E. Saleh Rgibi

Genetic algorithm with local optimization of sub-contractor selection in multiple subprojects
Q.R. Qiu & Y.M. Di

Research and application of multi-dimensional partial differential model in environmental improvements
Y.L. Miao, X. Ji, X. Qiang, J. Zhang & J.T. Meng

Bike-and-Rail promoting in Xi’an city
L. Yang, Y.Q. Wang, C. Li & Y.X. Li

Research on music push model based on terminal situation model
H.Y. Han, S.H. Guo & Y. Han

Design and implementation of dance model based on 3D motion capture system
J.Y. Fu, X.Z. He, F.C. Wan, L.L. Duan & Y.M. Shan

The musical instrument classification algorithm based on phase space reconstruction
X.M. Wang, D.F. Zhuo, Y.N. Guo, Q.J. Zhang & X.L. Guo

Analyzing statistical properties of enterprise information systems users’ access behavior
J.J. Ren, N.X. Wang & S.L. Ge

Integral estimation method of the accelerated performance degradation pseudo failure data
L. Ao

An improvement of the simplex method
M.X. Shen, S.W. Zhang & J. Li

A new method for solving trajectory fusion estimation model based on trust region
T.H. Zhang, W.L. Yin, J. Tao & L.H. Guo

A functional hazard analysis based on Multilevel Flow Modeling
Y. Zhao, J. Jiao & T.D. Zhao

Manufacturing systems and industrial design

Analysis of torsional vibration characteristics of Doubly Fed Induction Generators connected to grid
A.Y.C. Lou, D. Xie & B.J.Q. Feng

Development of a Wireless Indoor Electric Appliance Monitor for energy report
W. Kiatruangkrai & E. Leelarasmee

The application of Cascade Integrator Comb filter on quasi-continuous wave system
J. Bai, Y.J. Zhang, Q.H. Zhang & X.F. Zhang

Shipboard flow field simulation for helicopter-ship dynamic interface
H.R. Ma, W.S. Sun & X.X. Gao

Research on Vortex ring State boundary of helicopter tail rotor
W.S. Sun, H.R. Ma & X.X. Gao

FPGA-based image edge detection IP core design
S.H. Wang, X.F. Lu & Y.D. Wu

Algorithm SESP of Wireless Sensor Network node
X.H. Huang

Assembly system process complexity analysis from different dimensions
F. He, D.B. Li & H.P. Zhu

The research application about large deformation FEM in the pile-soil interaction mechanism of jack-up platform
Z.D. Zhang & X. Zhang

Information processing and engineering

Research on the integration solution for information platform in power enterprises
Y.J. Jiang, X.S. Yu & M. Yu

Adaptive pushover analysis for the seismic response prediction of structures
S.F. Qin & H.L. Wang

Strategies to promote corporate technological diversification ability under the network environment
L.Q. Zhang

The Android system localization of Tibetan studies
Y.G. Dai, X.Z. He, Y.M. Shan & F.C. Wan

Realistic space rendering
T. Ma, J.R. Wang, Y. Li & J. Li

Study on the regularity of perceived usefulness and user’s satisfaction affecting continued usage intention of information system: An example of mobile banking
Z.Y. Liu & C.H. Chen

Research of financial crisis mechanism information system based on middleware
W.N. Zhang

A literature review on cloud computing by using social network analysis
D.L. Hu, N.X. Wang, Y. Jia & S.L. Ge

Management technology and engineering

An experimental study of the effects of cross-cultural time orientation and corporate social responsibility on consumers’ brand evaluation
Y.R. Dong, Y.Q. Liu & N. Jiang

The influence of retailer’s sales effort in dual-channel competition supply chain
G.J. Ji & X.M. Chen

Strategic ambiguity is the biggest risk of “going out” work
Y. Zhang

Establishment and evaluation of index system for talent flow
H. Lu & L.Y. Xiao

The geographical dispersion of independent directors and the governance of the board
S.Z. Ji

The mechanism analysis of the interactive development of producer services and clothing industry of world city Beijing
H.T. Han & G.L. Chen

Profit allocation for joint development projects based on co-operative game theory
C.W. Liao, Y.H. Perng & H.S. Hsu

Family-friendly, role stress and innovation behavior: Assessing their effects on social enterprise employee base on market orientation
Z.H. Lian & B. Wang

The study of the pull effect of international air transport on entry-exit tourism
G.C. Liu & D.L. Liang

Analysis and anticipation of inbound tourism market for Jiangmen
S.Y. Luo & J.H. Xiao

Point-to-point transportation analysis for domestic travel in Malaysia
F.I. Romli & H. Rashid

Engineering education and training

Model and design of decision support system for party cadres modern distance education
L.N. Dai, J.X. Guo & J.C. Zhao

Study on Beijing residents’ learning and reading time in their free time based on the sample survey in 2011
Z.Y. Liu & Q.Y. Wang

A preliminary discussion on reforms of engineering fluid mechanics teaching
X.J. Yang

Training with ‘theory and practice together’ in ‘Excellent Engineer Plan’
C.H. Lu & H.L. Liao

Research on problems and countermeasures of railway characteristics professional degree postgraduate training
X.Z. Xu

e-business and e-commerce

Research on overseas financing legal issues of electronic payment business
Q. Ding & X. Zheng

How does WeChat marketing influence consumers’ sharing intention
X.P. Wang & X.D. Wang

An inventory problem considering multiply suppliers in an e-commerce company
C.J. Guo & B.H. Gao

How does organization structure influence CWB in the e-commerce times: From the perspective of employee psychology climate
W.B. Liu & J. Tang

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