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    Modern engineering processes and tasks are highly complex, multi- and interdisciplinary, requiring the cooperative effort of different specialists from engineering, mathematics, computer science and even social sciences. Optimization methodologies are fundamental instruments to tackle this complexity, giving the possibility to unite synergistically team members’ inputs and thus decisively contribute to solving new engineering technological challenges. With this context in mind, the main goal of Engineering Optimization 2014 is to unite engineers, applied mathematicians, computer and other applied scientists working on research, development and practical application of optimization methods applied to all engineering disciplines, in a common scientific forum to present, analyze and discuss the latest developments in this area.

    Engineering Optimization 2014 contains the edited papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Engineering Optimization (ENGOPT2014, Lisbon, Portugal, 8-11 September 2014). ENGOPT2014 is the fourth edition of the biennial “International Conference on Engineering Optimization”. The first conference took place in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, the second in Lisbon in 2010 and the third in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.□

    The contributing papers are organized around the following major themes:□
    - Numerical Optimization Techniques
    - Design Optimization and Inverse Problems
    - Effi cient Analysis and Reanalysis Techniques
    - Sensitivity Analysis
    - Industrial Applications
    - Topology Optimization For Structural Static and Dynamic Failures
    - Optimization in Oil and Gas Industries
    - New Advances in Derivative-Free Optimization Methods for Engineering Optimization
    - Optimization Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
    - Optimization of Laminated Composite Materials
    - Inverse Problems in Engineering

    Engineering Optimization 2014 will be of great interest to engineers and academics in engineering, mathematics and computer science.


    Numerical optimization techniques

    A comparative study between wavelet-adaptive multiple shooting and single shooting implemented in a MATLAB-EMSO environment
    L.S. Santos, A.R. Secchi & E.C. Biscaia Jr.

    Results comparison between SIMP and SERA for compliant mechanisms design
    C. Alonso, R. Ansola, E. Veguería & O.M. Querin

    Application of derivative-free multi-objective algorithms to reliability-based robust design optimization of a high-speed catamaran in real ocean environment
    R. Pellegrini, E.F. Campana, M. Diez, A. Serani, F. Rinaldi, G. Fasano, U. Iemma, G. Liuzzi, S. Lucidi & F. Stern

    Multi-Objective Optimization (MDO) and differential geometry controlled Pareto front solution spacing
    C. Bakker & G.T. Parks

    Solving dual hesitant fuzzy assignment problem with restrictions using similarity measure
    P. Singh

    Structural optimization of frame structures by integer programming with design code failure constrains
    A. Kuckoski & J.S.O. Fonseca

    A study on multidisciplinary design optimization method for UUV
    M.Y.Wang, Z.F.Wei, Q. Yu & S.L. Yang

    The comprehensive optimization analysis of mechanical properties of the monohull ship
    S.L. Yang, Q. Yu &Y. Chen

    Comprehensive optimization of the performance for USV and its methods
    S. Zhang, S.L. Yang, G.Y. Zhang & Y.Y.Wen

    Real-time optimization by indirect NMPC methods
    C. Schwarz, R. Callies & A. Szabo

    Interval partitioning methods for mixed integer nonlinear problems
    B. Ergüne¸s, L. Özdamar, N. Gülcan & O. Demir

    Multi-stage stochastic distribution model
    L.T. Guardia & T.G. de Torres

    A novel hybrid method for optimal control problems and its application to trajectory optimization in micro manufacturing
    E. Bauma & T. Schuster

    A one-step discrete adjoint-based approach for combined design optimization and a posteriori error estimation
    J. Miranda, S. Abraham, K. Elsayed & C. Lacor

    Application of cellular automaton to combinatorial optimization problems
    K. Ishihashi, H. Furuta, Y. Nomura, K. Nakatsu & K. Takahashi

    A surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithm for dynamic structural identification
    P. Gambarelli & L. Vincenzi

    MOGASI: A multi-objective genetic algorithm for efficiently handling constraints and diversified decision variables
    S. Costanzo, L. Castelli & A. Turco

    A metric to assist the selection of the particle swarm optimization parameters
    C.A. da Silva Jr.,W.B. Saba, N.M. Abe & A. Passaro

    Structural design optimization of lightweight structures considering material selection and sizing
    M. Schatz, E.J.Wehrle & H. Baier

    Application of the flower pollination algorithm in nonlinear algebraic systems with multiple solutions
    G.M. Platt

    Schemes in setting position and radius of RBF in convolute RBF for surrogate optimization
    M. Arakawa & S. Kitayama

    Investigation of energy dissipation over stepped spillways using a hybrid FV-ANN technique
    A. Dolatshah, H. Imani Khoshkho & M. Mashal

    Robust optimization of shunt circuits for the passive control of composite structures
    B.G.G.L. Zambolini-Vicente, V.A.C. Silva & A.M.G. de Lima

    Recent advances in the solution of large nonlinear optimisation problems withWORHP
    T. Linke, D.L.Wassel & C. Büskens

    An improved methodology for airfoil shape optimization using surrogate based design optimization
    D. Rajaram & R.S. Pant

    A new draft of resolution to the p-median problem
    J. Fernandes dos Santos & C. dos Santos Machado

    Optimization of the ready-mixed concrete delivery system using transportation algorithm
    G. Albayrak & U. Albayrak

    Design optimization and inverse problems

    PARETO and NASH fronts as the limit case of the isoperimetric inequality in multiobjective optimization theory
    V.V. Kobelev

    Design of material anisotropy constitutive matrices for structural stiffness and strength optimization
    P. Pedersen & N.L. Pedersen

    A genetic algorithm for optimization of spatial trusses considering self-weight loads
    A.C.C. Lemonge, P.H. Hallak, L.G. Fonseca & H.J.C. Barbosa

    Existence and uniqueness of the regularized solution in the problem of recovery of the non-steady emission rate of a point source: Application of the adjoint method
    D. Parra-Guevara, Y.N. Skiba & A. Reyes-Romero

    Shape optimization of interior permanent magnet motor for torque ripple reduction
    E. Kuci, P. Duysinx, C. Geuzaine & P. Dular

    Structural identification of two dimensional shear buildings using a modified adaptive harmony search algorithm
    M.M. Jahjouh & U. Nackenhorst

    Practical interest of “anti-optimal” solutions in optimal structural design
    T. Messager & M. Pyrz

    Optimization of an unitary split system air conditioner with variable refrigerant flow
    F.O.B. Brochier, M.L.S. Indrusiak & P.R.Wander

    On the use of min-max algorithms in receding horizon control laws for harbor defense
    S. Lee, E. Polak & J.Walrand

    On optimization of internal/external spur gears tooth bending strength
    N.L. Pedersen

    Application of Generalized Extremal Optimization (GEO) technique to design the orbit transfer solar sail control system
    I. Mainenti-Lopes, L.C.G. Souza & F.L. De Sousa

    Comparison between unrestricted dynamic shakedown design and a new probabilistic approach for structures under seismic loadings
    L. Palizzolo, S. Benfratello & P. Tabbuso

    Optimization and investigation of the dynamical-optical behavior of mirror systems
    J. Störkle, N.Wengert & P. Eberhard

    Numerical direct evolutionary identification of constitutive semi-crystalline polymer model parameters
    H. Abdul-Hameed, T. Messager, F. Zaïri & M. Naït-Abdelaziz

    Design of after-market wind turbine blade add-ons for noise reduction
    S.S. Rodrigues & A.C. Marta

    Optimal design of curved folded plates by optimality criteria method
    B. Balogh & J. Lógó

    Recovering the functional form of nonlinear heat transfer by means of thermal imaging
    G. Inglese

    Multidisciplinary performance based optimization of aircraft
    F. Afonso, J. Vale, F. Lau & A. Suleman

    Stochastic optimization in aircraft design
    L. Amândio, A. Marta, F. Afonso, J. Vale & A. Suleman

    Performance optimization of complex continuous mining system using stochastic simulation
    M.S. Shishvan & J. Benndorf

    Parameterization formulations for aerofoil shape optimization
    D.A. Vicente, P.V. Gamboa & M.A.R. Silvestre

    2-D shape optimization of aerostat envelopes using Kriging
    S.N. Paul, D. Patil & R.S. Pant

    Design optimization of the centrifugal clutch of the M3165 four-stroke internal combustion engine
    P. de F.V. Carvalheira

    Optimization of a car radiator fin thickness

    Simulation of polymeric membrane in Aspen Plus for CO2 post-combustion capture
    A. Pascu, A. Badea, C. Dinca & L. Stoica

    Hybrid optimization algorithm applied on multistage axial compressor performance calculations with variable geometry
    O.F.R. Silva, J.T. Tomita, C. Bringhenti & D.F. Cavalca

    On the optimization of a piezoelectric speaker for hearing aid application through multi-physical FE models
    G.C. Martins, P.R. Nunes & J.A. Cordioli

    Topology optimization for improving the performance of solar cells
    D.K. Gupta, M. Langelaar, F. van Keulen & M. Barink

    Information-maximizing adaptive design of experiments for wind tunnel testing
    H.-L. Choi, J. Ahn & D.-H. Cho

    A graphic Java interface for the calculation of double azeotropes by the inversion of functions from the plane to the plane
    G.B. Libotte, G.M. Platt & A. de L. Guedes

    Optimisation of hierarchical structures for compression bearing applications
    D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, Y. Mao & R.S. Farr

    Shape optimization for homogenized phononic materials and band gap structures
    E. Rohan, J. Vondˇrejc & J. Heczko

    Robust reliability-based aerodynamic shape optimization
    D.I. Papadimitriou & C. Papadimitriou

    Weight minimization of truss structures subjected to dynamic loading
    M.M. Hedaya, A. Elsabbagh & A.M. Hussein

    Inversion of functions from the plane to the plane to solve nonlinear algebraic systems: Calculating of double azeotrope using the modified Raoult’s Law in the mixture benzene+hexafluorobenzene
    A.L. Guedes, G.M. Platt & F.D.M. Neto

    Experimental studies of a variable water volume chiller system for energy conservation
    Y.F.Wang & Q. Chen

    The topology optimization of electronic parts mounted on micro satellite
    H. Nakamura & T. Miyashita

    Determination of peel strength based on composition of adhesives for the footwear industry using genetic algorithm
    R.M. Paiva, C.C. António & L.M. Silva

    Performance based MDO of a regional transport aircraft with a joined wing configuration
    J. Vale, F. Afonso, F. Lau & A. Suleman

    A polynomial algorithm for a special case of the one-machine scheduling problem with time-lags
    H. Ramalhinho

    Optimization of multimodal shunt circuits for the passive control of composite structures
    V.A.C. Silva, B.G.G.L. Zambolini-Vicente & A.M.G. de Lima

    Optimal pitching axis of flapping-wings for hovering flight
    Q.Wang, J.F.L. Goosen & F. van Keulen

    Modeling and parameter estimation of a biogas plant using maize silage in a two step model
    J.A. Arzate, M.N. Cruz Bournazou, M. Kirstein, P. Neubauer, S. Junne & B. Habermann

    Heat exchanger design optimization taking into account uncertainties of different correlations
    J. Lambert & L. Gosselin

    Tuning parameters using bio-inspired multiobjective optimization algorithm for topology optimization based on bacterial chemotaxis
    J.X. Leon & M.A. Guzman

    Optimization of microstructures using statistical and physical descriptors within a cellular automaton framework
    A. Emami, T.Wu &A. Tovar

    Optimization of a material with a negative stiffness provided by an inherent bistable element
    J. Heczko, Z. Dimitrovová & H.C. Rodrigues

    Application of relaxation matrix logic-structural in the allocation optimization of devices in power systems distribution
    M.M. Santos, A.R. Abaide, M. Sperandio &T.F. Milke

    Efficient analysis and reanalysis techniques

    Using model order reduction to accelerate optimization of multi-stage linear dynamical systems
    Y. Yue, S. Li, L. Feng, A. Seidel-Morgenstern & P. Benner

    Improving inversion algorithms for geosounding inversion
    H. Hidalgo-Silva & E. Gómez-Treviño

    On solution of 3D contact shape optimization problems with Coulomb friction based on domain decomposition
    P. Beremlijski & A. Markopoulos

    Efficient reliability-based optimization using a combined metamodel and FE-based strategy
    S. Shetty
    Sensitivity analysis

    A revised vertex enumeration algorithm via dual Fourier-Motzkin elimination method
    S.D. Abdullahi

    Topological derivatives for fundamental frequencies of elastic bodies
    V.V. Kobelev

    Sensitivity analysis of the model response in mechanized tunneling simulation – A case study assessment
    C. Zhao, A.A. Lavasan & T. Schanz

    Reaeration coefficient sensitivity analysis for water quality river modelling
    V.T.R. Costa, J. Lugon Jr. & P.P.W. Rodrigues

    Industrial applications

    Flow optimization of hydraulic accumulators
    H. Ortwig, U. Zimmermann & D. Hübner

    Topology optimization of a wing structure
    F.C. Sousa, F.P. Lau & A. Suleman

    The potential of support vector machines and Kriging in modelling the gas cyclone performance
    K. Elsayed, D. Vucinic & C. Lacor

    Method and system for control of flotation process based on preliminary estimates of ore grade
    V. Morozov, Z. Ganbaatar, L. Delgerbat & V. Stoliarov

    A firefly based optimization algorithm for optimal planning of voltage controlled distributed generators
    M.M. Othman,W. El-Khattam, A.Y. Abdelaziz & Y.G. Hegazy

    Optimization of the overload-protection degree
    A.V. Perelmuter & T.Y. Veriuzhska

    A model for scheduling of employees using supplier selection
    S. Holopainen

    Optimization of a silver catalyzed formaldehyde plant using artificial neural networks
    R.L. Reis, R.M. Fontes, J.K.O. Fernandes, R.A. Kalid & K.V. Pontes

    Hypersonic cryogenic tank design using mixed-variable surrogate-based optimization
    Ch. Beauthier, A. Mahajan, C. Sainvitu, P. Hendrick, S. Sharifzadeh & D. Verstraete

    Polymer electrolyte fuel cell performances enhanced by under-rib convection
    J. Ahn, J. Lee, N.D. Vihn, S. Park, H.-M. Kim & K.-S. Choi

    Robust assignment of fleet size and travel routes for transportation to a single-destiny using optimization via simulation
    E.G. Baquela & A.C. Olivera

    An optimization model for truck tyres selection
    Z. Šabartová, A.-B. Strömberg, M. Patriksson & P. Lindroth

    Optimization of storage space in port grain cereal storage silos – a case study
    M.G. Cardoso, E.P. Ferreira, M.P. Lopes & C. Lopes

    A Hybrid Harmony Search (HHS) algorithm for a Green Vehicle Routing Problem (GVRP)
    R. Kawtummachai & T. Shohdohji

    Automotive shift quality optimization based on piecewise monotone interpolation of parameter characteristics
    A.Wurm, D. Bestle & S. Kahlbau

    Temperature prediction in high speed incremental forming process by data mining techniques
    C. Ciancio, G. Ambrogio, L. Filice, F. Gagliardi & R. Musmanno

    Optimal race course design for air races
    R. Callies

    Automotive Powertrain optimization by genetic algorithm analysing transmission ratios
    G.B. Colherinhas, P.H.C. Dias, A.C.G.C. Diniz & A.P.S.P. Rodrigues

    Multi-objective optimization to simultaneously address energy hub layout, sizing and scheduling using a linear formulation
    G. Mavromatidis, R. Evins, K. Orehounig, V. Dorer & J. Carmeliet

    Optimal control in moving domains: An application to eutrophication
    L.J. Alvarez-Vázquez, A. Martínez & F.J. Fernández

    Optimum design of a dissipative link in wall-frame systems
    R. Greco & G.C. Marano

    Inverse procedure for determining transient fluid temperature based on temperature responses of the thermometer and pipeline wall
    J. Taler & M. Jaremkiewicz

    Model-linearization strategies for MPC of the air-path of a diesel engine
    R. Bapst, M. Jakob, C. Onder, L. Guzzella & J. Asprion

    Optimization of the fuel consumption of M3165 four-stroke internal combustion engine
    P. de F.V. Carvalheira & J.M.F. Nunes

    Use of genetic algorithms for spare parts distribution system
    A. Rybicková, A. Karásková & D. Mocková

    Mixture optimization and analysis of the chemical behavior of different types of ethanol for export
    M.C.O. Pedulla, J.I. Soletti & S.H.V. Carvalho

    Towards a monolithic design of large aircraft wing spoilers using numerical topology and laminate optimization
    M. Meindlhumer, M. Schagerl & M. Fleischmann

    Design optimization of equivalent mooring system on truncated depth
    F.M.G. Ferreira, E.N. Lages, S.M.B. Afonso & P.R.M. Lyra

    Achievement of metamodels for optimization of methylamines production process through computer aided design
    A.V.L. Machado, D.P. Leitoles, M.K. Lenzi, C.I. Yamamoto & L.F.L. Luz Jr.

    Optimization in biogas processes production. The importance of global sensitivity analysis, optimization procedure and uncertainty analysis
    A. Donoso-Bravo, G. Ruiz-Filippi & F. Carrera-Chapela

    Shape optimization of aircraft cabin ventilation components using adjoint CFD
    T. Köthe, S. Herzog & C.Wagner

    Optimization methods applied to nonlinear signal interference models
    M. da Silva, E.L.F. Senne & N.L. Vijaykumar

    The Combinatorial-Cyclic method of Optimization (CCOpt) in a scaled or full sized prototyping and virtual prototyping
    S. Zietarski, S. Kachel, A. Kozakiewicz & S. Wrzesien

    Shape optimization of inductors for preheating before laser welding and hardening
    D. Pánek, P. K°us, V. Kotlan, R. Hamar & I. Doležel

    Adjoint-based shape optimization of high-speed trains
    D. Jakubek, S. Herzog & C.Wagner

    Optimizing parameters of a downdraft biomass gasifier
    F.O. Centeno-González, K.A. Almeida, E.E.S. Lora & J.L. Gonçalves

    Optimal selection and operation of distributed energy resources for an urban district
    B. Morvaj, R. Evins & J. Carmeliet

    Robust shape optimization of composite structure using metamodels
    A. Janushevskis, A. Melnikovs & J. Janusevskis

    Modeling and analysis of control in one unit compression chlorine
    S.K.S. Carmo, L.G.S. Vasconcelos & M. da S.A. Emerenciano

    Minimizing the environmental impact of R-C structural elements
    M. Kripka, G.F. Medeiros, J.L.T. Fraga & P.R. Marosin

    An adaptive multiscale approximation assisted multiobjective optimization applied to compact heat exchangers
    K.H. Saleh, D. Bacellar, V. Aute & R. Radermacher

    Residual stress and distortion after ejection for injection molded part with metal-insert by the process chain analysis
    K. Jin, T. Jeong & N. Kim

    Numerical analysis and optimal design to reduce residual stresses and deformations of die casting sheets after ejection
    T. Kim, K. Jin, A. Teagen & N. Kim

    The ant colony optimization algorithm for offshore air transport in the northeast of Brazil
    L.O. Mota, K.A. Rocha, T.X.R. Souza, E. Jesus, A.M. Oliveira Jr., J.I. Soletti, S.H.V. Carvalho & D.F. Souza

    Productivity and optimization of the brew production by mash variation
    V.B. Barreto, F.D.R. Amado & K.V. Cruz

    Optimization of the DLR SpaceLiner inside the integration environment RCE
    S. Zur & A. Tröltzsch

    Optimization of corporate performance using data envelopment analysis with Maple
    J. Hrebícek, O. Trenz, Z. Chvátalová & J. Soukopová

    On the optimization and accuracy of stress-strain curve determination using hydraulic bulge test
    H. Campos, B. Martins, A.D. Santos & F. Barlat

    Thin-walled component design optimization for crashworthiness using principles of compliant mechanism synthesis and Kriging sequential approximation
    K. Liu, A. Tovar & D. Detwiler

    Reliability-based topology optimization for uncertain building systems in seismic zones
    S. Bobby, S.M.J. Spence, E. Bernardini & A. Kareem

    Quantum-inspired evolution for smart building energy management in future power networks
    R. Badawy, A. Heßler, S. Albayrak, B. Hirsch & A. Yassine

    Study of the dynamic behavior and development of the optimal procedure of startup a thermally coupled distillation column
    A.L.U. Vasconcelos, I.C. Nunes, L.G.S. Vasconcelos & R.P. Brito

    Modeling and optimization of a distillation column using advanced optimization software (ROMeo)
    C. Quito, I. Bessa & K. Pontes

    Experimental methodology for quantification analysis of methane emissions applied to the charcoal production in laboratory
    I.M.O. Maia, S.R. de Carvalho, V.L. Borges, R.L. Mota, L.D. Barbosa & E.A.P. de Lima

    Assessment of corrosion and mechanical properties of rebar used in a 50-year-old reinforced concrete industrial building
    M. Canbaz & U. Albayrak

    Examination of material properties and carbonation of concrete in a 50-year-old structure
    M. Canbaz, U. Albayrak & E. Unluoglu

    Seven-stage axial compressor optimization
    V.N. Matveev, O.V. Baturin, G.M. Popov & I.N. Egorov

    Dynamic job shop scheduling with alternative routes based on genetic algorithm
    A. Ali, P. Hackney, D. Bell & M. Birkett

    MS01 – Topology optimization for structural static and dynamic failures

    Major advances in exact structural topology optimization: Stress and displacement based multi-load design
    G.I.N. Rozvany, V. Pomezanski, T. Sokoł & E. Pintér

    Optimum structures of micropolar materials depending on elastic constants
    Y. Arimitsu, Z.Q.Wu, Y. Sogabe & T. Kimura

    Towards multi-objective topology optimization of structures subject to crash and static load cases
    N. Aulig, S. Menzel, E. Nutwell & D. Detwiler

    A robust approach to the optimization of structures made of unilateral material
    M. Bruggi & P. Duysinx

    Optimal packages: Binding regular polyhedra
    F. Kovács

    MS02 – Optimization in oil and gas industries

    A multifidelity approach to waterflooding optimization
    M. Fragoso, B. Horowitz & J. Rodrigues

    Multicriteria solutions for optimum reservoir management
    S.M.B. Afonso, L.C. Oliveira, J.W.O. Pinto, B. Horowitz & R.B.Willmersdorf

    A MILP formulation for scheduling oil tankers for offloading operations with variable travel time
    L.S. de Assis, E. Camponogara & A. Plucenio

    A modified shuffled frog-leaping algorithm to model products transport in pipeline networks
    F. Lamboia, L.V.R. de Arruda & F. Neves Jr.

    A mathematical programming formulation for robust production optimization of gas-lifted oil fields
    E. Hülse & E. Camponogara

    Optimized ballast control in load-out operations
    M.C.T. Reyes, P. Kaleff, S.G. Ramon & J.R. Sarmiento

    Helicopter routing problem applied to offshore platforms
    J.I. Soletti, S.H.V. Carvalho, C.J. Sousa &A.M. Oliveira Jr.

    MS03 – New advances in derivative-free optimization methods for engineering optimization

    Hybrid multi-criterion optimization strategies for complex technical problems
    S. Kux

    Global optimization design for expensive computational simulations in aerodynamics using a novel surrogate model approach
    L. Carro-Calvo, S. Salcedo-Sanz, E. Andrés-Pérez & M.J. Martin-Burgos

    Structural optimization of a joined wing aircraft using DMS algorithm
    T. Pires, J.F.A. Madeira &A. Suleman

    MS04 – Optimization methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering

    A pre-operational study magnification measurement and error estimation of residual tibia kinematics within below knee prosthetics
    A. Breen, M. Dupac, S. Noroozi & N. Osborne

    Optimal approach to the human motion reconstruction within the limitation of the kinematic data acquisition procedures
    C. Quental, J. Folgado, J. Ambrósio & J. Monteiro

    The callus formation in bone healing as a shape optimization problem
    F.O. Ribeiro, P.R. Fernandes, J. Folgado, M.J. Gómez-Benito & J.M. García-Aznar

    A framework for custom design and fabrication of cranio-maxillofacial prostheses using investment casting
    V. Csáky, R.J. Neto, T.P. Duarte, J. Lino Alves, M. Couto & M. Machado

    Parametric optimization of coronary stents based on finite element models
    N.S. Ribeiro, J.O. Folgado & H.C. Rodrigues

    MS05 – Optimization of laminated composite structures

    Hierarchical optimization of fiber reinforced composites for natural frequencies
    R.T.L. Ferreira, H.C. Rodrigues & J.M. Guedes

    Optimal design of composite structures subjected to fatigue loading in a fuzzy environment
    P. Ke˛dziora &A. Muc

    Reducing of the stress concentration near mounting zones of the wind turbine composite blade
    P.A. Oganesyan, I.V. Zhilyaev, V.S. Shevtsova & J.-K.Wu

    Combined topology and stacking sequence optimization of composite laminated structures for structural performance measures
    G.P. Rodrigues, J.M. Guedes & J.O. Folgado

    Viscoelastic material parameter estimation in sandwich structures
    V.J.S. Carvalho, A.L. Araújo & N.M.M. Maia

    A design optimization study of a partially damped sandwich structure
    S. Naimi, S. Assaf & M.A. Hamdi

    MS06 – Inverse problems in engineering

    Direct and optimization methods for the localization of obstacles in a porous media
    N.F.M. Martins

    Bayesian estimate of mass fraction of burned fuel in internal combustion engines using pressure measurements
    D.C. Estumano, F.C. Hamilton, M.J. Colaço, A.J.K. Leiroz, H.R.B. Orlande, R.N. Carvalho & G.S. Dulikravich

    Comparison of two inverse strategies to characterise soil profiles
    D.N.Wilke, S. Kok & G. Heymann

    Estimating the stress-strain curve of steel wire
    S. Kok & D.N.Wilke

    Meshless methods for the inverse problem related to the determination of non-Newtonian fluid properties from the volume flow experiment
    J.A. Kołodziej, M. Mierzwiczak & J.K. Grabski

    Determination of non-uniformity of unidirectional fibrous porous media as inverse problem
    J.A. Kolodziej, M. Mierzwiczak & P. Fritzkowski

    Simultaneous boundary value and material parameter estimation using imperfect compression data
    G.J. Jansen van Rensburg, S. Kok & D.N.Wilke

    On introducing restrictions for mechanism design
    I. Fernández de Bustos, V. García Marina, R. Ansola & M. Abásolo

    Using inverse mapping to directly solve inverse problems
    E. Asaadi, S. Kok & P.S. Heyns

    A new aerodynamic inverse method for the design of ducts
    J.E. Borges

    Fall detection modeling based on inverse problems
    I. Figueiredo, S. Kumar, C. Leal & L. Pinto

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