1st Edition

Engineering for Calcareous Sediments Volume 2

By D. Andrews, R. Jewell Copyright 1988
    564 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book compiles the papers presented at the International Conference on Calcareous Sediments held in 1988. It was undertaken as part of an Investigation on the foundations of the North Rankin "A" offshore Gas Platform on the North West Shelf of western Australia.

    Rankin project background 1. North West Shelf development — The foundation engineering challenge 2. Geotechnical data used for the design of the North Rankin ‘A’ platform foundation 3. Depositional setting and regional geology of North Rankin ‘A' foundation sediments 4. Fabric of calcareous sediments at North Rankin ‘A'. North West Shelf 5. Development of geotechnical aspects of the investigation programme 6. Soil/structure interaction — North Rankin ‘A' foundation project 7. Engineering management of the foundation modification programme Evaluation of installed pile capacities 8. Evaluation of driven pile capacity - Methods and results 9. Conductor load tests 10. Bearing capacity of piles and conductors by dynamic analyses 11. The evaluation of pile load test data in calcareous soils for use in pile driving calculation Offshore testing program 12. Development and implementation of plate load tests 13. Results and evaluation of plate load test results 14. Development and implementation of grouted section tests 15. Analysis and evaluation of grouted section tests 16. Detailed engineering geological investigation of North Rankin ‘A’ platform site Laboratory testing 17. Triaxial testing of North Rankin calcarenite 18. Modelling of pore pressures and shear moduli in calcareous soils by strain-controlled cyclic triaxial testing 19. Constant normal stiffness direct shear testing of calcarenite 20. Model pile tests in calcarenite 21. Effect of mechanical deformation on the fabrics of calcareous sediments from North Rankin 'A' 22. Properties of frozen calcareous soils 23. Testing of chemically stabilised calcareous material Engineering evaluation and analyses 24. Evaluation of pile friction from conductor tests 25. Evaluation of pile friction from conductor load tests 26. Evaluation of grouted insert pile performance 27. Evaluation of grouted pile friction from grouted section tests 28. Evaluation of pile lateral load performance 29. Analysis of piles subjected to lateral loading by storm-generated waves 30. Estimation of the drained end bearing capacity of calcareous material 31. Undrained and partially drained behaviour of end bearing piles and bells founded in untreated calcarenite 32. Proposed constitutive model of calcarenite 33. Evaluation of response of chemically stabilised calcareous material 34. Feasibility of ground freezing to enhance the axial capacity of NRA piles 35. Statistical evaluation of design parameters for gravity based anchor system 36. Engineering analysis of NRA foundation response Construction of foundation modifications 37. Implementation of chemical grout (Eposand) stabilisation and associated pile tip improvement 38. Modifications to North Rankin ‘A‘ foundations


    D. Andrews, R. Jewell