1st Edition

Engineering for Patient Safety
Issues in Minimally Invasive Procedures

ISBN 9780805849059
Published November 2, 2004 by CRC Press
322 Pages

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Book Description

Engineering for Patient Safety: Issues in Minimally Invasive Procedures is a brief study of how human factors engineers have worked with medical personnel to improve patient safety and reduce medical error in the newest minimally invasive surgical procedures. In traditional surgery, surgeons had the advantages of three-dimensional vision and hands-on feedback as a result of direct contact with instruments and tissue. While the new surgical techniques have cost benefits and generally reduce patient trauma and recovery time, a whole new cast of potential problems has been introduced and there are greater risks of medical error.

This book features:
*an explanation of new technologies to improve minimally invasive procedures, starting with task analysis, problem assessment, instrument design, and evaluation of the new technologies;
*examples from laparoscopy, arthroscopy, virtual colonoscopy, and cardiovascular catheter interventions; and
*future projects and research fields.

This study is of interest to human factors researchers who focus on health care, designers and manufacturers of medical equipment, and  surgeons and technicians.

Table of Contents

Contents: Series Foreword. Preface. H.G. Stassen, C.A. Grimbergen, J. Dankelman, Introduction to Minimally Invasive Surgery. K.T. den Boer, D.J. Gouma, C.A. Grimbergen, J. DankelmanEvaluation of the Surgical Process. P. Breedveld, D.W. Meijer, J.J. Jakimowicz, T. van Lunteren, Observation and Manipulation in Laparoscopic Surgery. P. Breedveld, M. Wentink, L.P.S. Stassen, P.A. Wieringa, Eye-Hand Coordination in Laparoscopy. W. Sjoerdsma, K.T. den Boer, T. Jansen, J.L. Herder, C.A. Grimbergen, Force Transmission of Laparoscopic Graspers. E.A.M. Heijnsdijk, H. de Visser, D.J. Gouma, P.V. Pistecky, J. Dankelman, Safe Manipulation of Bowel Tissue. J.E.N. Jaspers, K.T. den Boer, B.A.J.M. de Mol, C.A. Grimbergen, Design and Evaluation of Endoscope Positioners. G.J.M. Tuijthof, C.N. van Dijk, P.V. Pistecky, Design of Arthroscopic Instruments. F.M. Vos, R.E. van Gelder, I.W.O. Serlie, J. Florie, C.Y. Nio, F.H. Post, R. Truyen, A.M. Vossepoel, J. Stoker, Virtual Colonoscopy. N.H. Bakker, D. Tanase, J.A. Reekers, P.J. French, C.A. Grimbergen, Steering of Catheters. J.F.L. Goosen, J.J. Piek, P.J. French, Sensors for Catheters and Guidewires. H.G. Stassen, H.J. Bonjer, C.A. Grimbergen, J. Dankelman, The Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Training.

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"This text is very well written and superbly referenced. As such, it is a good text for anyone facing problems relating to the development of equipment relating to minimally invasive surgery. It has some excellent sections that can be used for example in discussions in the design or instrumentation class. It is an excellent reference text for investigators in this area....the first of a Patient Safety series to be published by Erlbaum Press. The series is off to a great start!"

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