1st Edition

English Farming : Past and Present
New (sixth) Edition

ISBN 9781138392083
Published June 30, 2020 by Routledge
704 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1912, this volume presents the sixth edition of Lord Ernle’s study of English farming, updated by Sir A. Daniel Hall in the fifth edition, from the manorial system through the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I and the Stewarts, to large industrialised farms, the Corn Laws and the Great Depression. Lord Ernle’s volume remains the classic handbook on the subject and will be of use to students, teachers and academics of agricultural studies.

Table of Contents

1. The Manorial System of Farming. 2. The Break-up of the Manor: 1300-1485. 3. Farming for Profit: Pasture and Sheep-Grazing 1485-1558. 4. The Reign of Elizabeth. 5. From James I to the Restoration: 1603-1660. 6. The Later Stewarts and the Revolution: 1660-1700. 7. Jethro Tull and Lord Townshend: 1700-1760. 8. The Stock-Breeder’s Art and Robert Bakewell: 1725-1795. 9. Arthur Young and the Diffusion of Knowledge: 1760-1800. 10. Large Farms and Capitalist Farmer: 1780-1813. 11. Open-Field Farms and Pasture Commons: 1793-1815. 12. The English Corn Laws. 13. Highways. 14. The Rural Population: 1780-1813. 15. Agricultural Depression and the Poor Law: 1813-1837. 16. Tithes. 17. High Farming: 1837-1874. 18. The Great Depression and Recovery: 1874-1912. 19. The War and State Control: 1914-1918. 20. Agricultural Legislation Since the War. 21. Small Holdings. 22. Education and Research. 23. Technical Progress Since the War.

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