1st Edition

English Historical Documents Set

Edited By David Douglas
    by Routledge

    English Historical Documents is the most ambitious, impressive and comprehensive collection of documents on English history ever published. An authoritative work of primary evidence, each volume presents material with exemplary scholarly accuracy. Editorial comment is directed towards making sources intelligible rather than drawing conclusions from them. Full account has been taken of modern textual criticism. A general introduction to each volume portrays the character of the period under review and critical bibliographies have been added to assist further investigation.

    Documents collected include treaties, personal letters, statutes, military dispatches, diaries, declarations, newspaper articles, government and cabinet proceedings, orders, acts, sermons, pamphlets, agricultural instructions, charters, grants, guild regulations and voting records.

    All volumes contain extra apparatus including genealogical tables, lists of officials, chronologies, diagrams, graphs and maps.

    `Perhaps the most important historical undertaking of our age ... one of the most valuable historical works ever produced.' - Times Literary Supplement

    `This mighty enterprise does high honour to the publishers and to the general editor.' - Sunday Times

    `A landmark in the field of historical endeavour ... the most admirable collection of sources on English history that exists.' - American Historical Review

    `An important landmark in historical studies in this country.' - Daily Telegraph

    `This series of immense volumes promises to be one of the most valuable contributions of modern times to historical scholarship.' - Spectator

    `The series has been widely recognized as one of the major achievements of English historical scholarship in the post-war period.' - Manchester Guardian