1st Edition

English Landed Society in the Nineteenth Century

By F.M.L. Thompson Copyright 1963
    ISBN 9780415848480
    390 Pages
    Published February 28, 2013 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415412858
    390 Pages
    Published October 18, 2006 by Routledge

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    First published in 2006. This book contributes towards a more just appreciation of the relative importance of the different major social groups in the life of the country. It deals in the main with the economic history of the landed interest, and with its role as a social group and includes much agrarian and some industrial history as seen from the landowners' point of view. The first seven chapters of the book aim to present an analysis and description of the main elements in the institutions and way of life of the landed classes, suggesting their significance for society at large, and emphasizing the forces of change which were at work within an order which in many ways presented a remarkably stable appearance to the outside world. The last five chapters take up the theme of change and examine the dynamic elements in the economic social and political life of the group, in a sequence of chronological subdivisions of the century and a half with which this book is concerned.

    Chapter 1 The Nature of Landed Society; Chapter 2 Aristocratic England; Chapter 3 The Institutions of the Landed Aristocracy; Chapter 4 The Life of a Landed Aristocrat; Chapter 5 The Landed Gentry and County Society; Chapter 6 The Management of the Landed Estates; Chapter 7 Landowners and the Local Community; Chapter 8 Landed Estates in War and Peace, 1790–1835; Chapter 9 Estates in the Railway Age, 1835–79; Chapter 10 The Decline of the Landed Interest, 1830–80; Chapter 11 Indian Summer, 1880–1914; Chapter 12 Eclipse, 1914–39;


    F. M. L. Thompson

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