1st Edition

English Social Differences

By T. H. Pear Copyright 1955

    First published in 1955, English Social Differences records and discusses numerous observations of the English social scene in the 20th century. Included are significant facts connected with manners, etiquette, speech, clothes and fashion, sports and games, and the many varieties of school and university education. The belief that some public schools train character rather than intellect is examined in detail. Different concepts of class, stratum, status, elite, gentleman and aristocrat are compared. This book will be of interest to students of history and sociology.

    Preface 1. Social Differences in English Life 2. Psychological Aspects of English Social Stratification 3. Ways of Speaking, Manners, Etiquette and Goodwill 4. Cultural and Social Differences 5. Snobs 6. The Classes 7. Clothes and Fashion 8. Eating and Drinking 9. The Training of Character in Some English Schools 10. Social Differences in English Education 11. Social Differences in Leisure Pursuits 12. Social Stratification and the English Character 13. Summary and Conclusions Bibliography Index


    T. H. Pear