108 Pages
    by Routledge

    108 Pages
    by Routledge

    English Spelling explores the rules and conventions on which present-day English spelling is based.
    This Language Workbook:
    * Examines how speech-sounds map onto each other
    * Explores the extent to which words sound identical or look identical
    * Analyzes various kinds of spelling mistakes
    * Looks at the main differences between American and British spelling
    * Shows how and why the names of people and places may vary from expected spelling conventions
    * Deals with the punctuation of words by apostrophes, hyphens and capitalisation
    * Considers several possible approaches to spelling reform

    Chapter 1 Speaking and Writing; Chapter 2 Finding Phonemes; Chapter 3 Long and Short Vowel Pairs; Chapter 4 Marking Vowel Length; Chapter 5 Complications in Length Marking; Chapter 6 Some Consonant Spellings; Chapter 7 Some Vowel Spellings; Chapter 8 Look-Alikes and Sound-Alikes; Chapter 9 Sound-Alike Affixes; Chapter 10 The Spelling of Names; Chapter 11 Rules and Mistakes; Chapter 12 More Than Letters; Chapter 13 American and British Spelling; Chapter 14 Spelling Reform;


    Edward Carney

    `This is a desperately needed book, explaining clearly the relationship between English pronunciation and spelling and showing the underlying irregularities which are the cause of spelling mistakes. It is an invaluable resource for every student of English.' - Jamal Ardehali, Glasgow University