1st Edition

Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine Using Nutrigenomics to Solve 'Unexplained' Infertility

By Jaclyn Downs Copyright 2023
    236 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    236 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve 'Unexplained' Infertility provides cutting-edge information and solutions to help support the worldwide rise of fertility challenges. It addresses common, yet not commonly known, root causes of oxidative stress that are at the heart of reproductive issues (and all chronic health issues). These solutions can help enhance the outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or support women to avoid them altogether.

    Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve 'Unexplained' Infertility will show you how to improve cell health (including egg and sperm), lower inflammation, balance nervous system functioning, and optimize genetic expression, allowing the body to return to its naturally fertile state. It details information on numerous root causes of health-derailing inflammation and oxidative stress, while the appendices discuss the genetic and biochemical pathways related to these topics.

    Each chapter also provides easy “Action Steps” that can be implemented immediately. Chapter topics include iron dysregulation; oxalates; mold/mycotoxins; phase 2 liver detoxification pathways; fat utilization; introductory information on genetics, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics; everything one needs to know about histamine intolerance; and how these factors adversely affect metabolic and reproductive functions.

    Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve 'Unexplained' Infertility is the handbook for people wanting to achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy. It highlights lesser-known causes of fertility challenges the reader can learn how to investigate. This book also serves as a reference guide for practitioners, providing them with additional tools to add to their repertoires when other protocols have not been effective. It may also provide clarity as to why other protocols did not work and will enable the practitioner to custom-tailor protocols for each patient.

    Part One. Introduction to Functional Fertility and Oxidative Stress. What is Functional Fertility? Oxidative Stress and Inflammation as a Major Cause of Reproductive Issues. Part Two: Sample 12 Week Action Plan. Sleep Quality as a Solid Foundation for Fertility. Week One: Salivary Genetic Testing. Week Two: Eat a Nourishing Diet, not a “Healthy” Diet. Week Three: Address Stress: Physical and Emotional Health can Hinder Fertility. Week Four: Mold and Mycotoxins. Week Five: Understand Iron Status. Week Six: Investigate Oxalates. Week Seven: Proper Fat Utilization for Hormonal Balance and Fetal Growth. Week Eight: Improve Egg and Sperm Health. Week Nine: Prioritize Avoiding Toxins. Week 10: Optimize Liver Detoxification Pathways and Detoxify with Precision. Week Eleven: Gut Microbiome Health. Week Twelve: Importance of Blood Sugar Levels. Summary: Put Action Plan to Use.


    Jaclyn Downs is a Functional Nutrigenomics Consultant that has a passion for fertility optimization and reproductive wellness. Through the use of functional lab testing, detailed health history, symptoms, genetics, environmental and epigenetic influences, she works with fertility practitioners and clients to give them insight and tools to better determine root causes for reproductive challenges. Jaclyn has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Drexel University and a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. In addition to being a certified health coach, she holds a certification in genetic nutrition with the NutriGenetic Research Institute, where she is also a researcher. She can be contacted through her website, JaclynDowns.com. 

    Jaclyn’s other interests, hobbies, and passions include being with her husband and 2 awesome daughters, being outside, doing yoga, learning the banjo, and any and all things involving bicycles and roller skates. 

    You can contact her at [email protected]

    If you're struggling with fertility, it's crucial to look at the bigger picture of why this is happening. There are often multiple underlying root factors, many of which often go unrecognized and unaddressed, leaving you losing precious time during childbearing years. 

    Jaclyn Down's book Solving 'Unexplained' Fertility takes a fresh and updated look at many common but lesser knows root triggers in infertility, such as important genetic variants beyond MTHFR and mold toxicity. Jaclyn draws upon her wealth of experience in this  step-by-step guidebook to help you overcome fertility and achieve a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. If you're a fertility practitioner looking for new ideas or you're struggling with fertility issues yourself and seeking answers, you'll want to check out the cutting-edge information in this book. 

    Beth O'Hara, FN | Functional Naturopath | Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Specialist

    There is no doubt about it! We are living in a toxic environment that will cause more and more illness as time goes on. Fertility is impacted big time and perhaps will be the major issue in this decade. Jaclyn Downs has written a vital book that discusses the new genetics, the environment, illness, fertility and more. She offers sophisticated and easy solutions that work. This book is highly recommended; and in simple terms, perhaps the secret remedy to assist in sustaining our civilization!

    Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, FACC

    Cardiologist and Author

    After struggling with fertility for several years, it eventually felt like a disheartening guessing game trying to discover what wasn't working. It was so refreshing to finally have a resource with a span of root issues thoroughly explained followed by solutions to establish optimal fertility and an ideal biological environment to carry a baby. It brought so much clarity, understanding, and hope! Thank you, Jaclyn, for creating this beautiful guidebook.

    Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

    Lifestyle blogger and bestselling author

    As a practitioner in the space of treating fertility challenges for 20 years, I have found that this book provides any fertility practitioner with the tools to address the most commonly overlooked root cause fertility problems so that their patients may benefit and bring home their dream baby.  This book is also a great resource for the highly motivated fertility patient who is not getting the support or answers she needs on her path to motherhood.  Functional Fertility has an abundant amount of science backed information to help both patients and their practitioners discover the underlying reason(s) for fertility challenges & hormonal imbalance.

    Aimee E. Raupp, Best-selling author, acupuncturist & fertility expert