1st Edition

Entanglements of Power Geographies of Domination/Resistance

    This book argues that practices of resistance cannot be separated from practices of domination, and that they are always entangled in some configuration. They are inextricably linked, such that one always bears at least a trace of the other that contaminates or subverts it.
    The team of contributors explore themes of identity, embodiment, organisation, colonialism, and political transformation, examining them from historical, contemporary and more abstract perspectives within a wide geographical and cultural spectrum. Case studies include German Reunification; Jamaican Yardies on British Television; Victorian Sexuality and Moralisation in Cremorne Gardens; Ethnicity, Gender and Nation in Ecuador; Sport as Power; the film Falling Down.
    Entanglements of Power presents an exciting and challenging account of the symbiotic relationship between domination and resistance, and contextualises this within the parameters of geography with a rich body of case-study material and a respected team of contributors.

    Chapter 1 Entanglements of Power, Joanne P. Sharp, Paul Routledge, Chris Philo, Ronan Paddison; Chapter 2 Victorian Sexuality and the Moralisation of Cremorne Gardens, Philip Howell; Chapter 3 Power as Friendship, Jennifer Robinson; Chapter 4 Nomadic Strategies and Colonial Governance, David Atkinson; Chapter 5 The Neighbourhood as Site for Contesting German Reunification, Fiona M. Smith; Chapter 6 Sport as Power, John Bale; Chapter 7 Entangling Resistance, Ethnicity, Gender and Nation in Ecuador, Sarah A. Radcliffe; Chapter 8 Jamaican Yardies on British Television, Tracey Skelton; Chapter 9 Organisational Geographies, Philip Crang; Chapter 10 Entangled Humans, Steve Hinchliffe; Chapter 11 Anti-this — Against-that, Chris Wilbert; Chapter 12 Falling Down, Tim Cresswell; Chapter 13 Entanglements of Power, Nigel Thrift; Chapter 14 Entanglements of Power, Doreen Massey;


    Joanne Sharp, Paul Routledge, Chris Philo and Ronan Paddison are all lecturers in the Department of Geography and Topographic Science, University of Glasgow.