1st Edition

Entomology Redefined Insect-Based Solutions For Agriculture

    352 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Although their significance often goes unnoticed in our day-to-day lives, insects are diverse creatures that play an indispensable role in our ecosystems.

    This book presents an in-depth discussion about the field of entomology and discusses the anatomy and physiology of insects, their unique body structures, and how they contribute to their diverse ways of life. It also details the mechanisms behind their behaviors – from intricate mating rituals to elaborate communication methods, and explores the vital roles insects play in pollination, nutrient cycling, and maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems.

    The subject matter of this book also includes stories of insect discovery, examples of research, and insights into the ongoing efforts to conserve insect diversity in the face of environmental challenges.

    Print edition not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Bhutan)


    1. Introduction to Entomology: Exploring the Fascinating World of Insects

    Poonam Kumari, Kumari Ruchika and Sunil Kumar

    2. Insect Taxonomy and Systematics: Advancements in Classification

    Jaseel, R.

    3. Insect Morphology and Physiology: Insights into Form and Function

    Deepali Bakshi, Babita Kaushal and Perminder Singh Brar

    4. Insect Behaviour and Ecology: Unravelling Interaction in Natural World

    Shraddha Tare, Jyoti Kushawah, Ritu Pandey and Deepali Vishwakarma

    5. Insect Life History Strategies: From Adaptations to Life Cycle

    D.B. Ingole, Swati P. Shinde and Pragati R. Jawake

    6. Insect Pest Management: Innovations in Integrated Pest Control Strategies

    Mukesh Anandrao Laichattiwar, Nitin Baban Ubale and Kantilal Girdharbhai Patel

    7. Insect Pathology: Biocontrol Agents for Sustainable Insect Management

    Divya P, Chaitanya G, Rani Kumar Sajane and M D Rafi

    8. Insect and Plant Interactions: Coevolution and Beyond

    Anujaa, B., Saai Vignesh, B. and hanmuga Priya, P.

    9. Insect Physiology and Biochemistry: Mechanisms and Signalling Pathways

    Praveenkumar, C, Pradeep, S and Pungavi, R

    10. Insect Communication: Chemical Signals and Pheromones

    Meenambigai C and Snigdha Samanta

    11. Insect Conservation and Biodiversity : Challenges and Conservation Strategies

    S. Vinoth Kumar, Dharshini V, Abhishek A.B and M S Akash

    12. Insect Ecological Interactions: From Trophic Cascades to Ecosystem Services

    Neethu G. Raj

    13. Insect-Microbe Interactions: Mutualism, Pathogenesis and Symbiosis

    Abhijith R. L., A. U. Akash, Ajay P. Kumar and Akhil G. L.

    14. Insect Adaptation to Changing Environments: Climate Change and Urbanization

    Kumari Ruchika, Poonam Kumari and Sunil Kumar

    15. Insecticide Resistance Management Strategies for Sustainable Insect Control

    Suresh R. Jambagi, Somashekhar Gaddanakeri, Dileep Kumar N.T. and Chaitra D. S.

    16. Insect Surveillance and Monitoring: Advances in Detection and Surveillance Techniques

    Jyoti Kushawah, Shraddha Tare and Ritu Pandey

    17. Insect Biomechanics: The Physical Principles Behind Insect Locomotion and Flight

    Divya P, Chaitanya G and Mounika A

    18. Insect Chemical Ecology: From Semiochemical to Plant - Insect Interactions

    Kartikey Singh, Nahida Afreen, Prince Sahu and Aman Pratap Singh

    19. Plant-Pollinator Interactions in the Face of Global Change

    Jharna Chaturvedani and Mamta Bhagat

    20. Effect of Climate Change on Plant-Insect Interaction

    Mamta Bhagat and Jharna Chaturvedani


    Abdul Rahaman M Nadaf

    Venukumar S

    S. Vinoth Kumar

    Thakar Pratikkumar Kamleshbhai

    Sangavi R