2nd Edition

Entrepreneurship Venture Initiation, Management and Development

    The authors present core concepts of entrepreneurship in an easy-to-follow, logical sequence. Starting with basic definitions and an overarching conceptual framework in Part I, the book then addresses topics pertaining to Venture Initiation (Part II), Venture Management (Part III), and Venture Development (Part IV). Each chapter contains a case study in which a real-life entrepreneur, who confronts the issues of growth and competition, is followed. Venture initiation and development are key components of this book.

    Entrepreneurship has all the standard features that entrepreneurs-in-training need. The book's strength, however, lies in the clear, straightforward, and logical manner in which the various topics within this complex subject are presented. The book also includes learning objectives, outlines, terms, and review questions.


    Part I. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

    1. Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur

    2. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

    3. Feasibility Analysis and Venture Evaluation: Putting It All Together in a Business Plan

    4. Venture Success Framework: Overall Success Requirements

    Part II. Venture Initiation

    5. Venture Idea Sources and Opportunities: Can We Make a Value Concept Niche for the Customer? Why Buy?

    6. Venture Strategic Market Targeting, Management, and Planning: Can We Sell in a Demand-Driven Strategic Opportunity Target Market? Who Buys, How Many, When, How, Where?

    7. Venture Financial Analysis and Return Projections: Can We Profit?

    8. Venture Financial Needs: Personal Investment and Additional Funding Needs: Can We Commit?

    9. Venture Infrastructure: Product/Service and Marketing Considerations: Can We Plan the Product and Marketing Infrastructure?

    10. Venture Infrastructure: Organizational and Operational Considerations: Can We Plan the Organizational and Operational Infrastructure?

    11. Venture Infrastructure: Legal Considerations: Can We Plan the Legal Infrastructure?

    Part III. Venture Management

    12. Venture Ability to Execute: Organizing, Staffing, and Management Considerations: Can We Execute the Management and Leadership of People?

    13. Venture Ability to Execute: Financial Management Considerations: Can We Execute the Management and Control of Money?

    Part IV. Venture Development

    14. Venture Growth Management and Development: Can We Grow?

    15. Venture International Growth Management: Can We Grow Internationally?



    Appendix A. Definitions of International Trade Terms

    Appendix B. Financial Analysis Essentials


    George S. Vozikis Chaminade University of Honolulu and Reighard Chair of Management (ret.) California State University, Fresno Timothy S. Mescon Columbus State University Howard D. Feldman University of Portland Eric W. Liguori California State University, Fresno