1st Edition

Entrepreneurship for Rural Start-ups Lessons and Guidance for New Venture Creation

    100 Pages
    by Routledge

    100 Pages
    by Routledge

    Entrepreneurs who start out with no network, no money, no market and scarce resources find a big contrast between what they read in books and the success stories from the Valley and their reality, specially first-timers. Most entrepreneurial books focus on the Business Canvas Model, simplifying the process of building a start-up. Many entrepreneurs who have no previous business experience embrace quick and lean methods without the foundations needed to build solid value proposals.

    This book stands out because it deals with entrepreneurship in environments far removed from large cities with fewer infrastructures, connections and resources but which also need companies that provide services to citizens and society. This book focuses on the basics, treating each part of the business canvas as a discipline itself that must be mastered. The book illustrates key lessons learned and offers guidance on essential topics for new venture success in mainstream markets. It expands critical lessons learned and points of guidance across several key topics for new venture creation. Noteworthy is the role of context, financial understanding, building business development skills and start-up communications.

    Entrepreneurship for Rural Start-ups will be of interest to students, academics and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship, and will be of use to individuals looking to start a local business to take advantage of the rural environment and the possibilities it offers.

    Part I. Basic Principles for Successful Rural Entrepreneurship.

    1. First Steps: understanding the start-ups ecosystem Ignacio Morales Conde, José L. Córdoba Leiva and Susan Giesecke.

    2. Where is the money? Funding and finances Félix Jiménez-Naharro, María Mar González-Zamora and Tom Horsey.

    3. How Do I sell it? Marketing and Communication Fundamentals Gloria Jiménez-Marín and Marta Domínguez de la Concha-Castañeda.

    4. Business development and day to day operations Rodrigo Elías Zambrano and Javier Domingo Morales.

    5. Assembling a tech-team Emilio Solís and Álvaro Pareja.

    6. Legal tips for newcomers Víctor López and Ricardo San Martín.

    7. Dealing (and working) with large companies Óscar Carreras and Patricia Hernanz.

    Part II. Entrepreneurship with Rural Start-ups. 

    8. Spain Coordinated by Patricia López Trabajo. 

    9. USA Coordinated by Susan Giesecke.

    10. Portugal Coordinated by Patricia Margarida Farias Coelho.

    11. Latin America (Peru and Brazil) Coordinated by Patricia M. Farias Coelho and Mónica Reyes.

    12. United Kingdom Coordinated by Irene García Medina.


    Gloria Jiménez-Marín is Professor in the Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Department at the University of Seville, Spain.

    Alejandro López Rodríguez is an Entrepreneur and CEO of 360º Heritage, Spain.

    Miguel Torres García is Director of Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship in University of Seville, Spain.

    José Guadix Martín is Professor of Business Organisation and Vice-Rector of Technology Transfer at the University of Seville, Spain.