1st Edition

Enumerative Combinatorics

By Charalambos A. Charalambides Copyright 2002
    632 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    632 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Enumerative Combinatorics presents elaborate and systematic coverage of the theory of enumeration. The first seven chapters provide the necessary background, including basic counting principles and techniques, elementary enumerative topics, and an extended presentation of generating functions and recurrence relations. The remaining seven chapters focus on more advanced topics, including, Stirling numbers, partitions of integers, partition polynomials, Eulerian numbers and Polya's counting theorem.

    Extensively classroom tested, this text was designed for introductory- and intermediate-level courses in enumerative combinatorics, but the far-reaching applications of the subject also make the book useful to those in operational research, the physical and social science, and anyone who uses combinatorial methods. Remarks, discussions, tables, and numerous examples support the text, and a wealth of exercises-with hints and answers provided in an appendix--further illustrate the subject's concepts, theorems, and applications.

    Basic Counting Principles. Permutations and Combinations. Factorials, Binomial and Multinomial Coefficients. The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion.Permutations with Fixed Points and Successions. Generating Functions. Recurrence Relations. Stirling Numbers. Distributions and Occupancy. Partitions of Integers. Partition Polynomials. Cycles of Permutations. Equivalence Classes.Runs of Permutations and Eulerian Numbers. Hints and Answers to Exercises. Bibliography. Index.


    Charalambides, Charalambos A.