1st Edition

Environment Critical Essays in Human Geography

Edited By Kay Anderson, Bruce Braun Copyright 2008

    Spanning cultural and political ecology, the political economy of the environment, humanistic landscape interpretation, cultural studies of nature, and science and technology studies, this volume is the definitive guide to environmental studies in Human Geography over the past 30 years. The articles collected capture conceptual developments in the field for audiences within and beyond Geography, and illustrate the diversity and remarkable vitality of geographical research on society-environment relations.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Nature and Society: New Directions for Environmental Geography: Environmental appreciation: localities as a humane art, D. W. Meinig; Introduction: the ecology of subsistence, Bernard Nietzschmann; Population, resources and the ideology of science, David Harvey; Geography, Marx and the concept of nature, Neil Smith and Phil O'Keefe; On the poverty of theory: natural hazards research in context, Michael Watts; Prospect, perspective and the evolution of the landscape idea, Denis Cosgrove. Part II Culture/Economy/Power: Thickening the Critical Turn in Environmental Geography: The matter of nature, Margaret Fitzsimmons; Contesting terrain in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands, Donald Moore; The nature of metaphors in cultural geography and environmental history, David Demeritt; Earth honoring: Western desires and indigenous knowledges, Jane M. Jacobs; Human geography and the 'new ecology': the prospects and promise of integration, Karl S. Zimmer; The nature of produced nature: materiality and knowledge construction in Marxism, Noel Castree; Culture and nature at the Adelaide Zoo: at the frontiers of 'human' geography, Kay Anderson; Zoöpolis, Jennifer Wolch; Buried epistemologies: the politics of nature in (post)colonial British Columbia, Bruce Willems-Braun; Nature and fictitious capital: the historical geography of an agrarian question, George Henderson; Rethinking environmental racism: white privilege and urban development in Southern California, Laura Pulido. Part III Beyond Dualism: Relational Histories and Ontologies: Hybrid geographies: rethinking the 'human' in human geography, Sarah Whatmore; Privatizing water, producing scarcity: the Yorkshire drought of 1995, Karen J. Bakker; The African origins of Carolina rice culture, Judith Carney; Indeterminacy in-decisions - science, policy and politics in the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) crisis, Steve Hinchliffe; Resource curse? Governmentality, oil and power in the Niger delta, Nig


    Kay Anderson is Professor of Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney. She is a leading scholar in the field of cultural geography and is internationally recognised for her contributions to the development of the ’cultural turn’ in geography. Bruce Braun is Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota and his research interests center on the politics and ethics of environmental change,