Environment, Energy and Applied Technology: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Frontier of Energy and Environment Engineering (ICFEEE 2014), Taiwan, December 6-7, 2014, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Environment, Energy and Applied Technology

Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Frontier of Energy and Environment Engineering (ICFEEE 2014), Taiwan, December 6-7, 2014, 1st Edition

Edited by Wen-Pei Sung, Jimmy C.M. Kao

CRC Press

1,012 pages

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This proceedings volume brings together selected peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Frontier of Energy and Environment Engineering. Topics covered include energy efficiency and energy management, energy exploration and exploitation, power generation technologies, water pollution and protection, air pollution and protection and environmental engineering and management among others. This volume will be of interest to a global audience consisting of academic researchers, industry professionals and policy-makers active in the wide field of energy and environmental engineering.

Table of Contents

Energy, environmental and geological engineering

Calculation method on resource quantity of coal-bed methane in coal mining area on gas geologic map

W. Wang, J.W. Yan & T.R. Jia

Optimization of power dispatching based on correlation analysis for wind farm group

W. Fang & X.Y. Li

China versus the U.S.: Energy policies

Y.N. Ding & L. Peng

Research on Cu uptake and tolerance of several plants

L. Liang, Y.Y. Zhang & H. Lin

Complex seawater flocculant

Y. Sh. Zhang, J. Wang, J.A. Hao, B. Yang, X.Q. Zhang, A.J. Zhang, T.X. Jiang & J. Du

Monitoring technology and application of SAGD steam chamber

H. Huang & L.Q. Yang

Daily fatigue damage estimation on runner-blade of pump-turbine

X.Y. Li & W. Fang

An improved watershed algorithm for solving the over-segmentation problem

Y.J. Liu, H.Y. Shi, H.B. Chang & J.L. Yang

Influence of surface roughness on the friction power consumption of shaft in water

J. Liu & Z.L. Liu

Adsorption of the odorant geosmin from the drinking water by organo-attapulgite

H.L. Wang, Z.L. Zhu & N.J. Yu

Risk factors for green building research

L.M. Xia & C.B. Zhang

Environmental assessment of the water exchange ability for the planning water system in Haitang Bay

S.S. Yao, C. Chen & H.B. Zhao

The difference of photosynthesis between monoculture grass and mixed sowing grass in rocky desertification area, southwest China

Y.K. Chi, K.N. Xiong, P.D. Zhao, Y.S. Wang & J.H. Zhang

Factor decomposition of energy-induced carbon emission and countermeasures in industry of Binhai New Area, China

L. Wang & X.X. Bu

Measurement of temperature and flow field in cabin on natural convection

J.M. Zhang, S.J. Dong & Y. Wu

The design of regional environmental monitoring system based on Labview

X.L. Tang & Y.P. Lu

Research on the simulation of flow field of organic heat carrier furnace based on FLUENT

X.L. Peng & X.H. Yin

Numerical simulation of cavitation characteristics on choking cavitator

F.H. Zhang, D. Zhuo, C.L. Tang, D. Hu & X. Su

Facile synthesis of AgBr-ZnO composite hollow microspheres with superior visible light photocatalytic activity

Q.S. Xie, Y.T. Ma, L.S. Wang & D.L. Peng

The application of matrix barcodes in CRM

Y. Zhang

Ore characteristics and mineralization stage in Mengxi copper

X.P. Xue, D.Q. Wang & S.J. Wang

Study on the depth of damaged floor in upper layer mining

L.Q. Shi, C. Niu, L.L. Xiao, L. Liu, X.M. Li & W.J. Li

Chinese energy politics in Central-South Asia

L. Zheng & Y. Peng

Research on marine diesel emission control technology

Y.X. Zhu

A simple colorimetric detection of silver ion based on uric acid for plasmonic silver nanoparticle

Z.X. Wang & S.N. Ding

The assessment of eco-environmental vulnerability in Yulin, China

K. Hou, J. Zhang & X.X. Li

An automobile exhaust heater and control method

B.Q. Zhou & X.Y. Huang

An implement of electric generator driven by auto semi-axle rotation

B. Liu & X.Y. Huang

Dynamic change of the ecological footprints and ecological carring capacity of Xinji city

N. Wang, G.P. Sun & L.H. Yang

Simulation modeling study of water-turbine generator integration

Y.H. Chen, H. Zhong & J.L. Ran

Analysis of kinetic energy input characteristics of sludge

L.Z. Zhang, J.H. Feng, L. Li, J.G. He, H.L. Pang, J. Zhang & X.G. Zeng

The composite system and biotic growth of microorganisms

D. Kubečková

An agent-based decision making model for water pollution control

L. Zhong & W.F. Luo

Effects of a three-stage split injection on Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions of a CNG engine during hot start in the stratified mode

J.B. Li, J.G. Liu & B.W. Zou

Experimental study on injection CNG engine start process

J.G. Liu, B.W. Zou & J.B. Li

Study on security early warning assessment of coal resources

R.J. Ding & N. Liu

The quality evaluation of energy chemical engineering project based on the matter element analysis method

W. Wei & M.S. Yang

A preliminary design method for turbomachinery blade rows using Clebsch formulation

Z.Q. Lei

Study on elemental mercury liquid-phase oxidation by wet flue gas desulfurization system

Y.Z. Jiang, C.M. Chen, J.T. An, N.Y. Xu & G.B. Wu

Ergonomic analysis applied to work activities of a packer in manufacturing plant

Z. Szabová, P. Čekan, M. Belčík, J. Drhová & K. Balog

Combustion status diagnosis of boiler based on support vector machine and rough set

Z.C. Zhou, P.H. Wang, Q. Zhang, D.P. Wang & S.C. Wei

Study on the Environmental Technology Verification program and its enlightenments for China

Y. Hu, Q. Niu & L.H. Wu

Water-saving behavior of indigenous families in southern Taiwan

F.J. Ho, Y.J. Lin, S.W. Liao, F.Y. Lee, J.W. Cao & W.L. Lai

Studying on characteristics of mixed catalyst in biomass pyrolysis

X.T. Zhang, Y. Luo & X. Zhang

Evaluation of anti-disturbance capacity based on a combination of empowerment of mine geological environment

X.Y. Liu, Y.C. Ye, Y. Chen & L. Lv

Study on biomass allocation of Lilium hansonii

L.J. Cao, F.C. Xia, L. Li & Y. Sun

Optimal design simulation of improvement of energy efficiency in the dormitory environment of college students

X.H. Kong, S.N. Liu, L. Wang, S. Yang, Z.M. Pan & W.G. Qian

Application and research of HAZOP analysis in oil and gas pipeline system

Q. Chen & L.M. Jia

Study on seepage laws of shale stone by numerical simulation

Z.H. Yang, Y.J. Li, Q. Sang, J.J. Wang & M.Z. Dong

Rapid detection of illegally additives in hair coloring agents by Thin Layer Chromatography

M.X. Lu, S.S. Chen, X. Liang, J. Ye, R. Zhang, L. Li, F. Xu & T.T. Liu

Study on the reformation and innovation of new media age public library

Y. Zhao

Research of data security technology in cloud computing environment

L.M. Wang & J.F. Li

Application of INPEFA technique in high resolution sequence stratigraphy, a case of W79 Block, Dongpu depression, China

Z.C. Li, H.H. Xue & Z.Q. Sun

Structural interpretation of the lower second submember, Shahejie formation, W79 block, Wenliu area, Dongpu depression, China

Z.C. Li, Y. Yuan, Y.Y. Wang, Y.H. Liu, Y.Y. Ma, Z.Q. Sun & T. Yu

Sequence stratigraphic characteristics of the lower second member, Shahejie formation, W79 block

D.B. Guo, J.Z. Li, Y.H. Liu, Z.C. Li & Y.Y. Ma

Carbon footprint of municipal wastewater treatment plants

C.Y. Chai, D.W. Zhang, Y.L. Yu & Y.J. Feng

The Coase dilemma: Two kinds of technologies of reducing pollution

Y.Y. Cai

Synthesis of Mn-Zn ferrite absorbing materials doped microwave-induced pyrolysis of sewage sludge

F. Liu, Z.P. Li & Y. Tian

A multi-objective optimization method for regional water ecological carrying capacity: A case study of Huzhou City, China

J.R. Zhang, Y. Zeng, W.H. Zeng & X. Xie

Generation of RZ-DPSK/FSK orthogonal modulation format optical label signal and analysis of its system performance

X.M. Hu, J.H. Yuan & C.X. Yu

Study on the degradation of vegetable tannins by the white-rot fungus

Y.C. Li, X. Xue & L.W. Zheng

Heavy metal characteristics of Kunming main city zone in the fall and winter precipitation

G. Liu, Z.T. Shi, W.D. Su, F. Yang, A.T. Dong, L. Xia, M.Y. Chen & J.J. Zeng

The co-combustion characteristic of textile dyeing sludge and coal

Q.S. Xu, L.B. Yin, S.M. Wu, Y.W. Cao, Y.F. Liao & X.Q. Ma

Study on nitrogen and phosphorus environmental capacity of Zhanjiang Bay

J. Zhang, C.L. Chen & X.L. Sun

Assessment of CO2 emissions and cost in fly ash concrete

Y.R. Zhang, M.H. Liu, H.B. Xie & Y.F. Wang

Combined heat and power economic dispatch solved using genetic algorithm for varied-coefficients model

Q. Zhang, P.H. Wang, Z.C. Zhou, S.C. Wei, D.P. Wang & Y.S. Hao

The potential of mycorrhizal inoculants and soil conditioners for the restoration of degraded ecosystems

G.J. Wang & Z.W. Xu

Applications of high frequency discharge electrodeless lamps in photolysis of air pollution prevention

J.H. Xu, Q. Zhang, C.L. Li & T. Li

Pilot scale research on low temperature and low dust of SCR

H.B. Liu, J. Gu, X.D. Chen, L. Han & W.T. Cai

Energy recovery from Antibiotic Residue via Hydrothermal Pretreatment coupled with air staging combustion at a pilot scale

G.Y. Zhang, G.W. Xu, D.C. Ma & C.X. Li

Role of building thermal inertia as a selection criterion of edifice renovation strategy and energy plan development in Latvia: Case study

G. Actina, I. Geipele & N. Zeltins

Seasonal variations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the air of Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic

B. Sykorova, M. Kucbel, H. Raclavska, J. Drozdova & K. Raclavsky

Using regression analysis for energy management in the chemical processing industry

N. Jayaseelan, F.A. Aziz, B.T.H.T. Baharudin & A.M. Radzi

Generation schedule at hybrid power plant with solar power and energy storage

F.R. Pazheri, M.F. Othman, N.H. Malik & A.A. Al-Arainy

Renewable energy effect in a building heating system

H. Tuzcu, H. Gunerhan & A. Hepbasli

The outdoor performance of different PV systems in tropical climate conditions in Thailand

S. Kittisontirak, K. Chumpolrat, S. Songtrai, N. Udomdachanut, A. Hongsingthong, J. Sritharathikhun, P. Chinnavornrungsee, K. Sriprapha & W. Titiroongruang

Investigating the effect of wick manufacturing powder filling ratio on heat transfer performance of Flat-plate Loop Heat Pipe

S.C. Wu, X.T. Jane, S.S. Yan, J.R. Chen, C.Y. Chung & S.J. Su

Study on using the humidity coefficient two-way iterative method to forecast the wind relative humidity at the end of the laneway

P. Chen & F.F. Li

The design of environmental monitoring system based on STC single chip microcomputer

C. Da, Y.P. Lu & M. Hu

Energy and product hedging: A preferred VaR method for steel factories

S.T. Wu, J.M. He & X. Sui

Research on the measurement method of indirect environmental costs and benefits

Y.L. Li

Experimental study of uranyl uptake onto walnut shell activated carbon

Z.J. Yi, J. Yao, M.J. Zhu, Z.M. Yuan & X. Liu

Case analysis and enlightenment of foreign typical water environment comprehensive improvement

L.S. Zhang, J.Q. Jiang, Y. Feng & G.H. Li

Research on the influencing factors to the gross output value of agriculture in recent ten years

H.P. Li

Research of vibration characteristic based on shafting alignment

Z.X. Wang & R.P. Zhou

Improve legal system of ecological compensation in minority area

G.F. Ding, C. Zhao & X.F. Zhai

Factors of controlling shale gas content and gas content test methods studies progressing

S.G. You, Q. Guo, Y.T. Wu & X.J. Geng

Heavy metal distribution in sediment of a river-connected lake

H. Wang, Z.Z. Zhang, Y.Y. Zhou & B.X. Gong

Comprehensive agricultural production capacity evaluation of Nanting river basin based on AHP

F. Yang, Z.T. Shi, M.J. Xiao, W.D. Su, G. Liu, L. Xia, A.T. Dong & J.J. Zeng

Design and simulation of movable liquid hydrogen tank insulation structure

W.Q. Xu, G.D. Yang, M.J. Huang & L. Dong

Rheological property investigation of Coal Water Slurry prepared with coking wastewater

N.X. Sun & Z.Q. Xu

Development of high-frequency switching power supply for DC panel

X.L. Jiang, B.B. Liu & Z.Q. Li

Smart water resource construction based on smart dependence index—taken Beijing city as case study

Y. Tian, Y.M. Zhang & Y.Z. Jiang

Study on the effect of grassland ecological culture of ecological protection on the Qinghai—Tibet Plateau

M. Liu & J.M. Han

Experimental study of separation of iron ore in Yunnan

X. Bai, S.M. Wen, S.J. Bai, C. Lv & Q.C. Feng

Research on sodium chloride and paraffin oil particles filtration performance in the loading condition

H.F. Zhang, X.Y. Jin & Y. Wang

Research on minimum distance template matching algorithm for image recognition of bi-color water level gauge

H.P. Zhang, C.S. Zhang, L. Li, J. Xia & F. Xiao

An efficient water scrubbing device with NOx reduction for marine applications

D.Y.C. Leung & G.C.K. Lam

Simultaneous detection of mercury (II) ion and biological thiols utilizing high quantum yield nitrogen- and sulfur-co-doped carbon dots

Q.L. Li & S.N. Ding

Information, industrial and management engineering

Evaluation of the provincial competitiveness of the Chinese high-tech industry using the catastrophe progression method

Z.Z. Zhu, Y.Y. Wu & Y. Ma

Safety assessment in construction site based on Principal Competent Analysis

Z.Y. Liu & Y. Li

The research of the competitiveness of JD E-commerce logistics mode

Q. Lin & J.J. Mou

Research on wireless meter reading system based on ultra-low power wireless routing algorithm

X. Liu

The governance function of government accounting

Z.Y. Liu

The research of stratigraphic division method based on Support Vector Machine

Q.H. Zhang & K.L. Shen

Research on influencing factors of supply chain financing for small and medium-sized construction enterprises

L.M. Xia & Y. Chi

Simulation for flow across three tandem cylinders with different diameter

X.J. Gao, H.Q. Zhang, H.C. Dai & G.W. Rong

Natural resources crisis, government accountability, and natural resources information system construction

J.T. Li

Forecast of small faults extending length based on support vector machine with particle swarm optimization

L.Q. Shi, M. Qiu, J. Han & C. Teng

Analysis on the customer information security of E-commerce sites based on the internet of things

J. Zhu

Grey correlation analysis of city resources carrying capacity of Liaoning province in the process of urbanization

Y.L. Zhou

Study on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of symbiosis among medium, small and micro enterprises

Y.L. Zhou & L.Y. Wang

Review of sustainable development and product service system

M. Qu & S.H. Yu

The Raman spectroscopy study of fluid inclusions in the Haoyaoerhudong gold deposit

S.J. Wang, D.Q. Wang & Z.F. Wang

Research on the effect of financial disintermediation to monetary policy transmission

Q.F. Pei, H.M. Zhang & Y.K. Yang

Observing the evolutionary process of the Jinsha River water system from the longitudinal profile morphology

Z.H. Lin, Z.T. Shi, J.L. Zhu, H.L. Mao, W.D. Su, X. Lei & J.J. Zeng

Construction general contractor in the tender stage risk analysis and countermeasures

H.L. Han & M. Li

Cyanobacterial blooms prediction based on multi-factor non-stationary time series and nonlinear error compensation X.Y. Wang, L.B. Wang, L. Wang, J.P. Xu, J.B. Yu & Y. Shi

Research on extension evaluation model of development quality of tourism industry project

L. Lei & M.S. Yang

Research on the information quantum of safety signs in coal mines

W. Jiang, S.H. Shi & Y.N. Liu

The effect research of smart grid to business users’ intelligent response behavior

J. Li

Research on application of single-phase distribution transformer in low voltage Urban Power Network

L. Cheng, X.B. Wang & X.T. Wang

Study of two reliability assessment models based on degradation data

Z.H. Wang, G.K. Zang & Y.B. Zhang

Fructus schisandrae antagonism of endophytic bacteria screening and bacteriostatic activity of study

Y. Jin, L.J. Cao & J. Gao

Degradation and toxicity change of 1-naphthol in Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis

X.L. Jin & M.M. Lv

The application of iteration in aeroengine speed correction

C.J. Xia & J.L. Cui

Analysis of electric vehicles regenerative braking comprehensive efficiency

S.G. Song & X.P. Li

Modeling and simulation of agent decision based on prospect theory

Y.H. Shao

Analysis on the correlation between energy consumption and economic growth in China—based on the static and dynamic Copula function

Q. Niu, Y. Hu & X. Sui

Distribution network reconfiguration based on Immune Clonal Selection Algorithm

F.C. Liu, W. Xu, G. Zhang, W.Z. Wang & Z.Y. Li

Radial mathematical model on hot-dissociation of natural gas hydrates considering Stefan moving boundary

M.C. Li, Y.L. Su, M.J. Lu & S.S. Fan

The study on innovative development strategies of Lang zhong tourism

L.L. Wang

Support Vector Machine based method of earthed fault location in Neutral Un-effectual Grounded Power System

D.W. Zhang, W.J. Li & S. Liu

Environmental risks in construction—case study

M. Spisakova, M. Kozlovska & P. Mesaros

The selection of developing solvents in rapid detection of illegally additives in hair coloring agent

Y. Dong, S.S. Chen, M.X. Lu, X. Liang, J. Ye, R. Zhang, L. Li, F. Xu & T.T. Liu

The reconsolidation potential division of rural residential land in rapid urbanization area

Q.M. Zhang, C.F. Yuan, X.H. Li & H.Y. Li

Research and practice about “Double Teachers” foreign language teachers construction

H.J. Chen

Numerical simulation of PEM fuel cell loading-up process

P.C. Li, G.L. Peng, P.C. Pei & H.S. Zha

Application of boiler combustion optimization control technology

X.W. Wang & X.J. Yu

The study of the relationship between economic development and grassland degradation in Northwest China

X. Yao & J.M. Han

The establishment of forest biomass remote sensing estimating model by partial least squares

J.L. Yang, X. Liang, J.W. Zhu, D. Li & X.G. Cao

Impacts of culture composition and cell density on algae-Fe(II)EDTA system

D.W. Zhang, C.Y. Chai, Y.L. Yu, C. Li & Y.J. Feng

Background of management and efficiency of internal capital markets—empirical from Chinese A-Shares listed companies

S.R. Fan & Z.B. Chen

Well pattern optimization and arrangement method of well spacing simulation

L.J. Wang & C.M. Zeng

L block injection-production system adjustment method optimization

L.J. Wang & X.F. Li

Double optimization model of UAV grid layer inspection based on multi-objective particle swarm algorithm

W.G. Zheng, Z.L. Piao & Z.Y. Wang

Pretreatment of container board automatic production line optimization design

S.M. Wang & Q.W. Yang

Efficient stereo matching using adaptive support weight and two-pass aggregation

B.L. Wang, G.X. Meng, X.J. Du, Y.F. Jiang & J.L. Huang

Feasibility analysis about sludge co-combustion with coal based on fuel characteristic experiments and thermodynamic calculation

Q.S. Xu, L.B. Yin, Y.W. Cao, Y.F. Liao & S.M. Wu

Analysis of optimization of ship economic cruising speed

M.Y. Wang & W.J. Cao

An anonymous model based on attribute importance and research of Micro-aggregation algorithm with application of rough set theory

W.Y. Duan & L.Z. Duan

Enhancing effects of cleaner additives WEC on coated white board paper

Y.Q. Zhu, L.Q. Zhang, F. Gao, W.H. Xia & Z.J. Zhang

Under the background of big data some oil company knowledge management information system planning and designs

N. Wang & J.H. Sha

Algae-lysing characteristics of two algicidal bacteria

X.M. Sun, P.Z. Zheng, L.L. Guo & J.Y. Shen

Parameter extraction for sine wave signals based on Genetic Algorithm

Z.H. Li, K. Li & P. Zhao

Small plant and efficient procedure for sewage treatment

I. Sarbu & I.A. Filip

The influential factors of energy consumption based on the analysis of material and energy flow in Coking process-step

B. Lu, W.P. Yu, D.M. Chen, G. Chen, Q.Q. Cao & S. Xu

Research on slope stability safety factor of earthdam

Y.L. Li, B. Li & X. Tu

The comprehensive security evaluation method of ship navigation in a glacial sea area

K.Q. Liu

The design of laboratory system based on VTS simulator

J.J. Liu

Analysis on frequency characteristics of self-excited oscillation pulsed nozzle

C.L. Tang, X.M. Wang & D. Hu

The utilize of virtual water trade strategy in water resources control in Minqin

Y.C. Chen & Y. Chen

Dam operation applications in the enterprise management

M. Cheng, J.L. Sun & J. Pang

Precaution and control of the financial risk in enterprises merge

S. Wang & F.F. Fu

Trajectory simulation for unguided artillery projectile

W.M. Elnaggar & C. Zhihua

Research on the influences of risk preferences on information system security technology strategy

L. Fang, W.J. Zhong & S.E. Mei

Intelligent driverless cars run design

H.L. Wu

Research on electric vehicle intelligent service platform based on cloud computing

F.J. Ju

Research on the networking technology of radioactive source monitoring and tracking system based on object

F.J. Ju

Research of the influence of density to dosing measurement accuracy

J.J. Cai, M. Feng & S.Q. Qu

Research on decision-making methods of multiple objective decision

J.L. Sun & L.Z. Zhang

Research on the application of Protothreads in SCM information push and subscription

L.J. Zhong, X.Q. Gui & J. Chen

Facial feature point location and tracking method based on improved Viola-Jones algorithm and Kalman filter prediction mechanism

Z.K. Weng, B. Wang & H. Liu

A constructing method of real-time semantic system based on the Protégé

X.J. Wang, B. Wang, H. Liu & L.P. Lu

Process-oriented data warehouse improved model and application

X.Y. Sui, Z.M. Lv & J. Zheng

Systematic recognition of targeted customer with fuzzy clustering analysis

J. Zhao, S.E. Mei & W.J. Zhong

Improving phase unwrapping based on net flow theory in InSAR

X.H. Wang

Study on partnering critical factors for construction industry in Taiwan

T.T. Chen & C.S. Lin

Influenced of threshold fluence, absorption coefficient and thermal loading in laser paint removal mechanisms

M.K.A.A. Razab, M.S. Jaafar, A.A. Rahman, S. Mamat, M.I. Ahmad & F.M. Suhaimi

Three-dimensional numerical simulation on inlet/outlet of pumped storage station

H. Cheng, F.L. Cai, Z.P. Zhang & L. He

Reservoir development and application in deformable media base on ANSYS transient thermal conduction model

M.X. Liu, J.H. Li, D.H. Liu, T. Jiang & L. Zhang

Design and analysis of security control for distribution communication network

J.F. Wen, F. Deng, G.F. Zhao & H.Y. Li

Study and application of expansion arithmetic mean segmentation algorithm in water level remote viewing

F. Xiao, C.S. Zhang, X. Jing, H.P. Zhang & T. Sun

Defects and countermeasures of digital art in environment art design

Y. Duan

Ghost in the shell — from Rossi’s “The Architecture of the City” to Koolhaas’s “Delirious New York”

J. Lu

Research on material of LED heat sink

H. Kuang, S.A. He & M.M. Guo

Analysis of Hunan provincial energy carbon emissions

Y. Shu, L.S. Tang & Y. Chen

On improvement of environmental public interest litigation

G.F. Ding & H. Wang

Measurement and analysis of acoustic environment of universities in Beijing

F. Wu & D.X. Mu

Detection of the abrupt change in runoff at Huaxian station of Wei River Basin in China

J. Zhao & Q. Huang

Municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash: A potential source for hydrogen generation

A. Nithiya, A. Saffarzadeh & T. Shimaoka

Ownership structure, dividend policy and enterprise value—the empirical data from listed companies on growth enterprise market

J.B. Xiao & S. Lv

Multimedia technology for education, training in nuclear energy

J.J. Zhang, F. Wu & J. Zhong

Research on input-output model based on island economy: An example of Hainan

J.H. Huang & P. Gong

Assessment of efficiency of local exhaust ventilation in relation to elimination of welding fumes

Z. Szabová, P. Čekan, K. Balog, J. Harangozo & M. Belčík

Interest coordination mechanism of Low-Carbon Hotels

G.F. Zhou

Research on wind energy conversion system maximum power point tracking algorithm

X.D. Wang & Y.Y. He

A novel control strategy for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Wind Energy Conversion Systems

S.J. Li, Z.F. Liao & X.D. Wang

Effect of PAC conditioning on the physicochemical properties and dewaterability of excess sludge

J.G. He, H.L. Pang, L.Z. Zhang, J. Xu, X.G. Zeng & J. Zhang

The research on equilibrium in R&D investment of firms based on foreign competitive firm and product differentiation W. Zhang, W.J. Zhong & S.E. Mei

Reliability analysis for deep slide stability of gravity dam

L.Z. Huang, S.Y. Li & Z. Si

The fine metallurgical dust agglomeration research

S. Hartmann

Dependence of dielectric loss tangent on the parameters of multilayer insulation materials cable

M.N. Dubyago, N.K. Poluyanovich, D.V. Burkov & I.A. Tibeyko

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