Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development  book cover
1st Edition

Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development

ISBN 9781138000537
Published December 4, 2013 by CRC Press
1200 Pages

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Book Description

Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development brings together 242 peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2013 International Conference on Frontiers of Energy and Environment Engineering, held in Xiamen, China, November 28-29, 2013.

The main objective of this proceedings set is to take the environment-energydevelopments discussion a step further. Volume 1 of the set is devoted to Energy, power and environmental engineering, and volume 2 to Control, information and applications.

Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development is intended to serve as resource material for scientists working on related topics in many disciplines, including environmental science, management science, and energy science and policy analysis, as well as for industry professionals in the wide field of energy and environmental engineering.

Table of Contents

Energy, power and environmental engineering

Health risk of Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu and Hg to the general public via food chains
X.-J. Zou, K.-Q. Zhang, Z.-X. Sun, X.-W. Zeng, E.-L. Bo & Y.-T. Tang

Study on efficiency evaluation methods of forestry construction project
Y.-S. Xiong & Z.-W. Wang

Natural gas characterization in the NO. 1 tectonic zone of Nanpu sag
Y.L. Jiang, W.Z. Gang, G. Gao, D. Chen & Y.X. Dong

Applied research of complex regenerant in regulating industrial feedwater quality
J.-M. Zhao, L. Yang, B. Yuan & Y.-H. Du

Application of BFBS in reclaimed water treatment techniques
H. Zeng, L.-L. Xu & S.-F. Zhao

The impact analysis of earthquake on the atmospheric environment—based on the California earthquakes of the year 2008
P.Y. Yi, Y.J. Zhao, S.T. Huang, P. Tong, C. Zhang & J.F. Zhang

Study on indoor pollutants removal approaches for buildings in Tianjin Eco-city
C. Chen, X.-P. Li & J.-J. Yan

Impacts of meteorological changes on reference crop evapotranspiration in Southern Kerqin Sandy Land
N. Yang, Z.-X. Sun, D.C. Chi, M.Z. Zheng, G.J. Du, L.S. Feng, K.Y. Li & W. Bai

Application of Wireless Sensor Network and control technology in the intelligent building energy-saving
Q.C. Chen, H. Wang, B. Li, J.Y. Lin & C. Liu

Study on removing COD in aquiculture wastewater by TiO2/diatomite nanophotocatalyst
X.B. Ji & Y.X. Chen

Distribution and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in sediments of the Northern Beibu Gulf
Q.-Z. Su, A.-R. Zheng & Z.-H. Zhu

Knightian uncertainty and option pricing with jump volatility
M. Pan

Preparation of ultrafine copper powder by liquid phase reduce method and study on its dispersion and heat-conducting in heat transfer oil
J.X. Guo

Effects of sewage and reclaimed water irrigation on nitrate nitrogen content of groundwater, soil and tomato fruit
W.-N. Wang, X.-H. Shao, X.-W. Zhang, L. Ren, T.-T. Chang, C.-F. Wang & Y. Chao

A study on innovation of Miao costume and tourist souvenirs in the southeast of Guizhou province
L. Peng & X.Y. Peng

Research on the Barrier-Free Design for urban old people based on the concept of “green and sustainability”
R.Y. Zhao, Y. Gao & Q.J. Yu

Effectiveness analysis of the carbon market based on Hurst index
X.H. Hai & B.C. Yang

The research on the object selection model on energy saving reconstruction of non green building
C.Y. Cheng & X.J. Liu

Half-nitrosation achieved by controlling alkalinity in a sequencing batch reactor
H.-Z. Wu, L.-F. Qiu, M.-P. Su & Y.-M. Chen

Stoichiometric characteristics of fresh leaves in several typical desert plants at the hinterland of Taklimakan desert
Z.-Z. Jin, X.-W. Xu, S.-Y. Li, X.-B. Zhong, J. Yan, G.-F. Wang & A.-Y. Yang

The subsidence history of shelf-slope-ocean basin in northern South China Sea
G.J. Zhong, D.M. Liu, L. Zhang, H. Yi, Z.Q. Wei & X.F. Liu

Study on water resources security guarantee system
M.Q. Chang, L. Liu & Y.L. Fan

Civil aviation new energies application in China
W.J. Pan & J.H. Kuang

Using polarization curve research shielded wire corrosion status of neutral salt spray test
Z.Q. Zhang, Z. Tu, X.Q. Li, W.K. Xiao, T. Yu, L. Zhu & K.Q. Mudi

The corrosion principles of the copper clad aluminum wire working in the transformer substation
Z.Q. Zhang, R. Xu, K.L. He, W.K. Xiao, T. Yu, L. Zhu & K.Q. Mudi

Characteristics of ground temperature and system performance for the intermittent operation of GSHP system
C.L. Wu, C.W. Hui, W.F. Wang, X.P. Li & W. Fu

The influence of number of slices on the factor of safety of bedding rock slope by transfer coefficient method
Z.Y. Wang, Z.H. Zhang & X.T. Liu

Biofouling and antifouling based on ultrasonic cleaning
G.-H. Zhang, S.-X. Liu & Y. Zhao

Importance of organizational safety climate of natural gas companies on work safety
C.-W. Wang & K.-W. Li

Oil-source faults and their control to oil accumulation of P oil layer in Shengxi-Xujiaweizi synclinal region
F. Qing

Comprehensive evaluation indexes of the heap leaching
Y.P. Yang

The dynamic production simulation of fracturing well in fractured tight sandstone oil reservoir
X. Chen, Y.-Q. Hu, K.-S. Zhang, Y.-P. Yan & X.-L. Wang

The comprehensive management of coal dust and dust removal system development
M.-S. Lin, Z. Li & H.-L. Zhang

CO2 storage using sodium humate and desulfurization gypsum waste
Z.G. Sun, H.Y. Xie, S.W. Chen, C.W. Ma, Y.Q. Zhou, Z.Q. Wang & S.Y. Liang

Research on the coordinated development of green economy and strong smart grid
W. Wang, Y.-C. Lao & Y.-L. Song

Scale effects of energy consumption in China’s iron and steel sector with energy-saving technologies
H.-Y. Li, L. Jiang, X.-M. Du & B. Wu

Adsorption kinetics and isotherms of 4BS dye on low-cost calcium-based adsorbent
Z.L. He, J. Yang, H.L. Li & H.Y. Song

Empirical study of influencing factors of distributed energy consumer behavior
Y.G. Sui

Outside the horizontal blinds effects on indoor light environment
X. Xue, L.-B. Ji & M. Wang

The mining technology development of China’s open-pit phosphate mine
X.-S. Li, Y.-J. Li, M.-L. Wang & S. Hu

A critical analysis on the threshold values of the energy performance for RACs in China
National Standard and EU Commission Regulation
Z.-B. Zhang, K. Du & H. Huang

Study on the macro mechanical parameters of spillway slope fractured rock mass in one hydropower station
J. Liu, H.-L. Hu, L. Xiao & T.-C. Tang

Optimization of safety structure of plate-fin heat exchanger
D.-C. Guo, M. Liu & J. Wang

Relation between variation in amount of air pollution in South Korea and precipitation decrease in North Korea
X. Li & J.-M. Liang

Study of improved thermal comfort conditions for outdoor recreation of Taiwan road garden
W.-P. Sung, J.-S. Jhang, S.-T. Hu & H.-T. Chen

Efficiency, performance, and monopoly of the Taiwanese natural gas firms by data envelopment analysis approach
X.-H. Lin, K.-T. Liu & C.-H. Lin

Research advances in anaerobic digestion of solid wastes: A review
J.-Y. Xu & J. Zhang

Research on the best degradation condition of treating berberine hydrochloride wastewater with the cooperation of microwave and activated carbon
C.-B. Xu, T. Dong, X.-P. Ma, F. Ma, Q. Zhao, L. Wang & K. Bao

Applying groundwater as heat insulation medium for energy-saving building
Y.-K. Zhao, W.-P. Sung & T.-Y. Chen

Energy consumption analysis of segment erector rotation system for shield tunneling machine
X.-B. Peng, G.-F. Gong, W.-Q. Wu, L.-T. Wang & K. Chen

Power factor impact on energy metering
H.-B. Yu, J. Liu, L. Li, S.-J. Wu & C.-Y. Wang

Analysis and application of comprehensive error on electric energy metering devices
S.-J. Wu, L. Li, W. Chen, R. Wang & H.-B. Yu

Formation conditions and evolution property of debris flow resulting from Glacier Lake Outburst Floods in Tibet
C. Dang & G.-Q. Tu

AHP-based evaluation of low-carbon technologies in buildings
W.-J. Peng, J.-X. Wu & X. Wang

Hydraulic performance evaluation on horizontal constructed wetland using tracer test
R.-H. Niu, Y.-H. Wang, X.-S. Song & W.-D. Liao

Analysis of the trend of globalization of regional Search and Rescue co-operation
S.-Y. Yan, H.-Y. Jiang & C.-P. Wan

Research on the solar radiant floor heating system applied in countryside
J. Lv & X.-F. Song

Soil heavy metals accumulation in vegetable greenhouse with different cultivation years
D.B. Qiao, Y.L. Zhang, J. Wang & X. Chen

Research on the roadway grouting reinforcement technology in Yunjialing mine
H.Y. Zhang & Z.W. Ding

Research on the role of the road ancillary facilities on the ecological environment
R. Lu & X.-N. Lu

Comparative studies of soil restoration in different reclamation years and reclamation vegetation types in Kunyang phosphate mine, Yunnan province
Y.-J. Li, Y.-J. Li & X.-S. Li

Research of revegetation techniques on Boron mud heap
J.-D. Huang, J. Qiu & D.-H. Li

A new method for solving the model of the seepage in multilayered reservoir
R.-J. Huang, S.-C. Li, J. Pu, D.-D. Gui & K.-Q. Li

The mechanism and restraining methods research of low frequency oscillation in complex power system
P.-H. Yang, Y. Zhao & L.-H. Yue

Research on production of high purity magnesium hydroxide by sodium hydroxide and dense brine
X.-D. Luan, X. Chen, X.-Y. Gao, W.-F. Zheng, H.-W. Wang & Y.-X. Qi

Analysis and evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste treatment in China
Z.-Q. Zhou, P.-L. Hu & R.-H. Gu

Project description of Dayang river ecological restoration system and its water purification capacity
F.H. Ding & S.X. Liu

Parallel factor analysis method combined with three-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy techniques to detect and analyze trace organic matter mixed oil
Z.-K. Chen, Y. Zhou, Y.-F. Zhou & F.-B. Wang

Study on water and fertilizer managements and evaluation of nitrogen and phosphorus non-point source pollution from paddy field
D.-F. Huang, W.-H. Li, L.-M. Wang, X.-J. Lin, P. Fan & X.-X. Qiu

Oxidation of chlorophenols by permanganate
F.-X. Wang, X.-L. Shao & X.-Y. Wu

Study on preparation of high purity magnesia from thermal decomposing magnesium chloride hexahydrate
X.-Y. Gao, X. Chen, X.-D. Luan, H.-W. Wang & Y.-X. Qi

Characteristics analysis of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) gas-bearing properties in northwest Zhunggar basin
X.-H. Wang, Y.-B. Wang, J.-J. Fan, X. Zhang & Z.-W. Liu

Research of adsorbing microimpurity in propylene oxide product solution
Y.C. Li, B.X. Shen, L. Wang & W.G. Xiao

Impact of mining oil shale in different methods on the environment
X. Jiang, T.-M. Chu, X.-J. Liang, C.-L. Xiao, B.-Z. Yan & Y.-N. Wang

Natural recovery of vegetation on the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake extra-large landslide
S.-J. Liu, Y.-B. Lin, C.-H. Hu, M.-L. Luo & B. Zhang

A direct control of central air conditioning load considering indoor comfort
B.-B. Lu, X.-Y. Chen, X.-H. Ding, Y.-C. Liao & K. Yu

Method research and software development of fracture prediction in low permeability oil or gas reservoir based on conventional well logging data
H.-P. Yu, X.-H. Wang & S. Jiang

Analysis of traditional dwellings to give some building energy conservation inspiration in today’s buildings
S.-P. Wang & J. Huang

The research of shear (off) formula anti sliding stability safety factor with safety margin
B. Li, X.-S. Lei, S.-Y. Li & C. Li

The water hammer protection and corrosion protection technology of long distance and large elevation difference pressure gravity flow water conveyance pipe
M.-S. Zheng, Y.-S. Shi, J.-J. He, Q.-L. Lu & N. Chen

Thermodynamics research on ammonium phosphate digestion of scheelite under the condition of low concentration of alkali
L.-S. Wan, Y. Huang, G.-Z. Xu, H.-C. Li, L.-F. Zhao & Y. Liang

Ammonium phosphate digestion of scheelite under the condition of low concentration of ammonia
L.-S. Wan, Y. Liang, L. Yang, G.-Z. Xu & L.-F. Zhao

Dynamics research on ammonium phosphate digestion of scheelite under the condition of low concentration of alkali
L.-S. Wan, R.-G. He, G.-Z. Xu, H.-C. Li, L.-F. Zhao & Y. Liang

Experimental research on percolation characteristics of emulsions of different dispersion characters
Z.-Y. Ji, D.-S. Ma, S. Li, H.-W. Yu & Y.-L. Xuan

Using cloud model to predict carbon emissions in China
X.-M. Li & M. Hu

Determination of phoxim in water sample using ionic liquid headspace microextraction followed by HPLC
B. Zhou, D.S. Huang, S.J. Xu, N. Wu, L. Shi, G.Z. Gou & W. Liu

Analysis of the typical ice disaster and ice condition review in Ningxia-Inner Mongolia (NIM) reaches over last 60 years
Z.-H. Guo, J.-X. Chang & Q. Huang

The research on desalinated water mineralization by dissolving ore
J.-Q. Gong, L. Zhang, G.-H. He, P.-G. Cheng & N. Tang

Flotation of high oxidation rate and high binding rate refractory copper ore
W. He, G.H. Ye & S. Zhang

Flotation of high combination rate refractory copper oxide ore in Jiang’an Sichuan province
S. Zhang, G.H. Ye & W. He

Research and application of energy consumption model for generator unit in coal-fired power plant
Y. Zhang & Z.-G. Fu

Analysis the influence factors of China’s household carbon intensity
L.N. Liu, J.S. Qu, J.J. Zeng, Q.H. Wang & L. Wang

Isothermal evaporation experiment at 50 °C from salt mine brine of Hunan
X.-L. Cai, C.-L. Wang, F.-J. Zhang, X. Chen, L.-J. Shen & H.-B. Hu

Study on the intelligent clean-up technology with low consumption and high efficiency and the application of its device
W.-H. Zhang, L.-S. Wei & X.-J. Zhai

Optimization of media for a strain of nitrobenzene-degrading bacterium
C.-B. Xu, S.-M. Ren, Q. Zhao, L. Wang, T. Dong, W.-Y. Wang & X.-P. Ma

Preoxidation with potassium permanganate in the coagulation-ultrafiltration process for micro-polluted water treatment
H. Zhao, L. Wang, Z.H. Zhang, B. Zhao, Y. Yao & H.W. Zhang

Xinjiang Karamay regional ecological water consumption research
Z.-S. Li, P. Wang, W. Zhao, X.-J. Guo, D.-P. Fu & T. Niu

Effects of thermal treatment on the mechanical properties of health-care knee braces
J.-H. Lin, S.-Y. Huang, J.-M. Chen & C.-W. Lou

Preparation of PVAc spheres
Z.-Y. Cheng, Y. Li, B.-G. He & W.-J. Gu

A new approach to prepare hollow silica spheres
W.-J. Gu, Y. Li, B.-G. He & X.-H. Zhang

A new energy saving thrust system design for tunnel boring machine
W.-Q. Wu, G.-F. Gong, X.-B. Peng, Q.-L. Zhang & K. Chen

Effect of fertilizer application on spring maize yield and soil nitrate accumulation in the Hebei plain
S.-Y. Sun, M.-C. Liu, G.-Y. Zhang, S.-H. Ru, B.-W. Han & L.-L. Jia

Evaluation model to predict bridge scour status based on rainfall events
C.-W. Feng, H.-Y. Huang & Y.-W. Hong

Similar experiments of the flow field in cavity construction period of underground saliferous rock horizonal petroleum gas storage
J.-P. Liu, D.-Y. Jiang, J. Chen, J.-W. Zhang, J.-P. Liu & L. Zheng

Enrichment of nicotine in fruit using partly-immersed three-phase hollow fiber liquid phase microextraction
H.-L. Lin, X.-J. Peng, M.-B. Luo & S.-J. Liu

The study of modifided activated carbon and it’s absorption behavior of rare earth ions in water
C.-H. Tang, S. Wang, J.-L. Hu, Y.-C. Xu, T. Chen, R. Ma, J. Gao & F. Bao

Research on extraction separation of cesium with t-BAMBP from Jiang Ling potassium-rich brine
A.-Y. Wei, L.-F. Chen, L.-Z. Zhang & X.-M. Tan

Pinch point technology and the application in distributed energy systems
Z.-G. Chen, Y.-W. Feng, Y.-Z. Mei & X.-Y. Deng

Simulation of charging process for micro-scale compressed air energy storage system
L. Wang, Y.C. Yang & Z.G. Qian

Biochemical and sensory aspects of quality of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) thawed by different vacuum conditions
R. Zhou, N.-W. Li, J. Xie & Y.-R. Tang

Effect of temperature on freshness and quality properties of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) during cold storage
R. Zhou, N.-W. Li, J. Xie & Y.-R. Tang

Research on immigrants’ hall and urban space of Sichuan and landscape morphology evolution
W. Chen & X.-Y. Zhang

Antifungi efficacy of the compound preparation of traditional Chinese drug combined with fluconazole against fungi
L.L. Ma, Z.C. Liu, X.Y. Wang, X.Y. Wu & Y.T. Zhong

A research on the effect of tourism industry on regional economic growth in China
L. Zhang & B.-Y. Wu

Numerical simulation of hydrate slurry flow in vertical-bend pipe
G.-Y. Jiang, X.-Y. Wang, Y.-J. Hu & P. Sun

Resistance of mass transfer, kinetic and isotherm study of ammonium removal by using a Hybrid Plug-Flow Column Reactor (HPFCR)
M.H. Khamidun, M.A. Fulazzaky, M.F.M. Din & A.R.M. Yusoff

Technology optimization study of bamboo powder phenol liquefaction by microwave heating
X.-J. Chai, J.-S. Li & L. Tao

Mobile phone user interface function and interplay design exploration basedon psychological principles
Z.-T. Wang, X.-K. Hu, M.-T. Li & S.-J. Ying

Two sides of international environmental justice: Research on China’s hydropower construction in Nanchang (Mekong) river
W. Luo

Concept development of composite heating system for villa family based on integrated solar and cavitation technology
L.-F. Yang, X.-H. Yang, F.-X. Su & E.-Z. Zhang

Simulation researches on influence of the current on the vacuum arcs
P. Sun & K. Xing

Study on ammonia nitrogen adsorption characteristics and dynamic experiment of different paddings for constructed wetland
P. Li, C.J. Zhang, B.C. Liu & T.K. Zhao

Author index

Control, information and applications

Research on recovery effect of response roles on medical service injury crisis
C. Wang, W. Li, Y. Yang & M.-C. He

Ecological gift packaging design
Z.-L. Gong

The impact of patient attribution on hospitalized intention
C. Wang, W. Li, Y. Yang & M.C. He

The stability of the Eigen-Schuster ecosystem
H.-Y. Luo, J. Liu & Y.-J. Hu

Analysis and research about the service flow model for highway communication
Y. Zhang, Y.-Z. Ye & W. Ren

Research of precision-investment casting in jewelry technology teaching
X.-Y. Zhang

Research of shoulder isokinetic power test of excellent gymnasts
J.H. Zhou, Y. Liu, L. Cheng & Y.-F. Jiang

Design of major geological disaster emergency management system based on remote sensing technology
Y.-G. Lin, Y.-D. Fan, W. Wang, S.-C. Liu & H. Huang

Optimizing pumping rate for controlling hydraulically fracture height growth in Q16 block
Y.-Q. Hu, S.-G. Jia, H. Lin, H.-T. Li, H. Lin, Z.-Y. Guo, Y. Zhang & Y.-Y. Wan

The study of integral fracturing and fracture parameters of Q16 block
T. Yuan, Y.-Q. Hu, S.-G. Jia, Q.-H. Zhang, Z.-Y. Quo, H. Lin, Y.-Y. Wan & Y. Zhang

P1 composition about photos of different concerns analysis
Z.-D. Mu, J.-F. Hu & J.-H. Yin

A Novel feature points extraction method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
F. Yang, C.-Q. Zhang, J. Sun, J.-H. Si & C. Zhang

Contrastive analysis of different slope stability calculating methods
L. Xiao & S.-W. Luo

Analysis of current situation of leisure sports of the elderly in China
W.-S. Yan

Towards a full connected dynamic NOC based on fault-tolerant wormhole routing
L.-X. Shi

The study of Chinese sports leisure tourism professionals training
Y. Li

An intelligent iPad education system for autonomic learning of data structures
H. Chen, N. Wang, S. Feng, J.-M. Zhang & Q. Hu

Optimization of electric vehicle time-of-use fast charging price based on desire model
X.-B. Tang, C.-H. Zhao & J. Zhang

Epilepsy EEG analysis and seizure prediction based on symbolic entropy
C.-Q. Hao & L.-M. Huang

Application of PSO-SVM in college teaching quality evaluation
C.-X. Wang & Z.-G. Zhang

Of new wall assembled villa
J.-B. Zhao & L.-B. Hao

An empirical study on rural residents’ willingness to pay for the ICT in China
C.-H. Yuan, Z.-W. Gong, W.-J. Chen & Y. Wan

Several interesting combinatorial identities
C.-N. Wei & X.-M. Fu

The research of immunization strategies
X.-Y. Chen, J. Jiang, G.-J. Lv & W.-J. Chen

A novel algorithm on price tag number recognition
J.-H. Li, S. Guo, Y. Song & L. Jin

Solar power forecasting for photovoltaic systems by using ADALINE Neural Networks
T. Zhang, H.-W. Shi, Y. Ye & Y. Shen

Similar Constructive Method for solving the solution of unstable seepage flow model in the spherical shaped matrix of dual-porosity reservoir
F.-R. Wang, S.-C. Li, P.-S. Zheng, D.-D. Gui & K.-Q. Li

Onset and pitch combined esitmation based on Hilbert-Huang Transform
Y.-T. Wang & H. Wang

System design and applications for the transaction method of safety options
Z.-A. Cao & Z.-W. Qi

Application and development of ultra-fine fly ash in protection engineering
L. Yao, L. Zhang & L.-L. Zhang

Research on Chinese economic development model in recent sixteen years based on gross domestic product
W. Li, H.-P. Li, H.-Z. An, R.-X. Wang & X.-D. Yu

Distribution network planning considering structural vulnerability
X.-Y. Cao, Z.-N. Wei, S. Wu, G.-Q. Sun & H.-P. Shen

Research on the driving scheme about power head of tunnel drilling rig based on fuzzy pattern recognition theory
P. Song, G.-Z. Chen, H. Huang, P.-X. Zeng, C.-L. Jiang & A. Zhang

Study on mechanism and training mode of school-enterprise cooperation—the automobile technical service and marketing major as an example
Y. Wang

Economic operation evaluation of distribution network based on improved scatter degree method
J.-Y. Huang, X.-Y. Chen, H.-J. Shi, K. Chen, Z.-Y. Li & K. Yu

Study on tuna longline hybrid scheme and economy analysis
Y.-D. Wang & F. Sha

Application and research of Furnace Safety Supervision System in Luyang 1000 MW unit
X.-D. Tian

The price alliance research on the express industry competition online shopping market under the condition of complete information
J.-T. Han

Construction site layout using Genetic Algorithms
T.-T. Chen & W.T. Chen

Higher vocational college graduates occupation development and well-being evaluation
Y.-H. Ding

The mediating-moderating effect analysis on customer satisfaction
W.-J. Chen & H.-N. Zhang

Augmented Reality in design and implementation of interactive recycling game
J.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Liu & W.-K. Wang

Effect of alkali-activators on the setting time and compressive strength for Alkali-Activated Fly Ash mortars
M.-C. Chi, Y.-C. Liu & R. Huang

Based on electrical and electronic technology course teaching research
A.-H. Peng

Study on the corona loss characteristic of the hybrid 1000 kV and 220 kV AC power transmission line
F. Huo, Q. Liu & X.J. Xie

Influence of alkali-saline on soil microbial counts in Songnen grassland
H.-M. Sun, G.-Y. Zhao, G.-H. Fan & J. Yang

From CAD design to virtual environment: Underground pipeline information system construction for smart city
X. Sun, Y.-C. Wei & W. Tu

Smart recommendation engine development based on B2B e-commerce platform
C.-P. Li

The application of SaaS cloud computing technology in Quanzhou SME informatization
Z.-D. Yang

The content management services platform based on cloud computing architecture
L.-H. Guo

The research of SEO and SMO technology in college Content Management System
Y.-Y. Wang & C.-P. Li

Development thoughts and promotion strategies of “Intelligent Quanzhou”
W.-C. Hong

Analysis and research about the security problem for sensor layer of Internet of Things
Z.-L. Peng, Z.-H. Ouyang & Y.-L. Huang

Software library functions implementation of a customized High-Level Synthesis environment
L.-Y. Dang, J.-M. Pang, J.-T. Yu & J. Yang

Study of oil-spill diffusions on marine environment
Y. Wang

The exploration of case-based teaching in “Industrial Fire Protection Engineering”
F. Qu, X. Wang & F.-L. Cui

Freeform LED lens design for uniform rectangular illumination using a new source-target mapping
J.-Y. Lai, P. Lei & P. Jin

Study on ecosystem complex carrying capacity based on immune system model—a case study in Zhengzhou city
Q.-S. Li, K. Kang, W.-B. Song, Q.-X. Meng & J.-Y. Zhao

Research on the construction modes for practice base based on the training of applied talent 885
W.-Z. Wang, J.-R. Zhang & L.-P. Chen

Comparison and reference of Sino-US college Teachers Incentive system
Z. Wang & Z.-Y. Xu

The adsorption of an organic dye by soils based on the soils’ properties
H.-X. Huang

Analysis on random response of a simply-supported beam in a magnetic field
X.-J. Li

Environmental evaluation of urban livability of Changchun using remote sensing and GIS
J.-J. Lang, Q.-G. Jiang & L.-M. Cao

Decontamination of mustard gas surrogate by corona discharge plasma
Z.-G. Li & Y.-B. Zhu

The spatial dimension of macroeconomics and the formation of multi-level centeral region
C.-G. Ma

Methods of emergency traffic organization in highway
L. Xu, Y. Wan & P.-P. Jiang

The analysis of political economics about dynasty alternation in China—a research on maintain factors and differentiation factors of social regime
C.-G. Ma

Energy flow analysis of electromechanical products for energy saving
D. Xiang, L. Gao, Y. Cui, X.Y. Pan & N.J. Wang

The impact of dust collection media on Electrostatic Oil Purification and experimental design
Y.-F. Yan, F.-D. Li, Z.-H. Song, H.-L. Song, S.-F. Zhang & G.-H. Zheng

The measure platform for circular economy based on the cloud computing and IOT
Z.-H. Ouyang & J.-Y. Ma

A refined Genetic Algorithm for the fault sections location
J.-Y. Zhong, W. Xiong & F.-Z. Dan

Numerical investigation of horizontal TCT by using PimpleDyMFoam
X.-H. Su, H.-Y. Zhang, K.-L. Zhang & W.-H. Chen

Experimental study on the treatment of Orange II solution by a novel style UV-Fenton reactor
Z.-J. Hu, J.-X. Chen, F. Feng, L.-F. He, Z.-M. Tu & L.-S. Wei

Rapid diagnostic technique of fault arc with waveform comparison method
P. Sun & M. Qin

An algorithm of dielectric loss angle measurement based on modified FFT
P. Sun & Y.-Y. Yang

Research of the cable double-ended fault location algorithm based on the voltage waveform zero-crossing point of the two ends
Y. Liu, Y.-D. Cao & S.-X. Liu

Study and realization of dielectric loss angle monitoring digital algorithm for solid-insulated RMU
S.-X. Liu, Y.-D. Cao, C.-G. Hou, C.X. Lai & X.M. Liu

Electric field characteristic analysis of basin insulator with bubble defects
Y.-D. Cao, W.-T. Luo & J. Li

Analysis of the relay magnetic circuit characteristics based on the FEM
Y.-D. Cao, C. Liu & J. Li

Whole process fault diagnosis and prognosis of complex equipments in whole life-circle
R. Guo, G.-Q. Wang, G.-Y. Lian & S.-L. Li

Analysis of transient electric field of 800 kV basin insulator under lightning impulse
Y.-H. Gao, C.-Y. Wang, F. Liu & Y.-B. Li

Real-time estimation of torsional torque history in turbo-generator shafts due to Subsynchronous Oscillation
Y.-J. Gu & D.-C. Chen

Simulation study of spatial pattern for solar radiation in Qinghai Province
Y.-E. Du, Y.-P. Hu & B.-K. Liu

Study on the arc inversion based on magnetic characteristics
X.-M. Liu, H.-Y. Pang, H.-B. Du & Z.-Q. Zhou

Optimization design of communication circuit parameters in DC VCB
X.-M. Liu, R.-F. Li & J.-Y. Zou

A review of evaluation indices and methods for electric vehicle charging station planning
Z.-Y. Xu, Z.Y. Li, M.-X. Huang & Y. Wang

Analysis into market layout of luxury e-commerce at home and abroad
L. Lu

A survey of researching on micro-blogging
L.-N. Ji, W.-J. Li, H. Deng & F. Wang

Smart car security system by using biometrics based on EEG
J.-F. Hu & Z.-D. Mu

Research of microcomputer line protection device based on DSP
Y.-D. Cao, C.D. Jiao & S.-X. Liu

Analysis of the relationship between real estate taxes and the housing price in China
R.-J. Li & Z.-B. Liu

Research on PPP financing mode of reclaimed water industry based on Shadow Tolling
H.-L. Fu & Y.-B. Sun

The exploration of Guangxi Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet in light of carrying forward our ethnic culture (II)
Y.-Q. Wei, Z.-F. Huang & Y.-L. Yang

Study of inhibitory effect of ultrasound on algae and its influencing factors
M.-K. Cai, Z. Zhang & B.-L. Li

Flocculant preparation with modified red mud and its application in advanced phosphorus removal for lake water
B.-L. Li, Y. Li, X. Ma & M.-K. Cai

Study on demand response to participate in wind power integration
G.-X. He, X.-S. Chen, Y.-H. Zhou, D. Pan, L.-M. Jiang & H. Liu

Advance research on water exchange capacity in a tidal estuary
Y.-N. Hao & J.-G. Lin

Homogeneous catalytic ozonation of o-chloronitrobenzene by metallic ions in a bubble column reactor
B.-Z. Li & J. Zhu

Analysis of the development scale for China’s coal-based Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) industry in the future
Q. Yu, W.-J. Yu, Q.-S. Chen & X.-L. Ma

The outlook of global energy demand patterns for the next 30 years
W.-J. Yu, A.-J. Wang, Q. Yan & X.-M. Du

Performance evaluation of a Water Treatment Plant: Case of Karenge Water Treatment Plant in East of Rwanda
T. Kabera, H. Nishimwe, B. Rutayisire & E. Twagirayezu

The development of steady flow model for gas hydrate slurry transportation at phase equilibrium
G.-Y. Jiang, Y.-J. Hu, P. Sun & X.-Y. Wang

Effects of warp-knit structures on the functions of elastic Bamboo Charcoal/nickel warp-knitted fabrics
J.-H. Lin, Y.-T. Huang, C.-M. Lin, Y.-C. Yang & C.-W. Lou

Far infrared release of nonwoven preparation techniques and physical assessment
J.-H. Lin, Y.-L. Hsing, W.-H. Hsing & C.-W. Lou

Physical property evaluations of polyvinyl alcohol cryogel made by different physical cross-linking cycles
J.-H. Lin, C.-T. Hsieh, J.-J. Hu & C.-W. Lou

Preparation and characteristic evaluations of Tencel® nonwoven
C.-W. Lou, M.-S. Huang, C.-Y. Chang & J.-H. Lin

Water sensitive effects of the metal types on the electrical properties of the woven fabrics
C.-W. Lou, B.-C. Shiu, Y.-J. Chang & J.-H. Lin

Vascular grafts made of tubular braids: Effects of wrap yarn twist coefficient on mechanical properties
C.-W. Lou, P.-C. Lu, J.-J. Hu, Y.-S. Chen & J.-H. Lin

Kinematic analysis of clean and jerk technique of elite male weightlifter Zhong Huang
W.-Z. Xiong, J.-H. Zhou, Y. Liu & L. Cheng

Kinematic analysis of serving technique of the world elite male tennis athletes
N. Xiong, J.H. Zhou, M.-Y. Peng & Y. Liu

Study on the rational allocation of water resources based on improved particle swarm optimization
R.-J. Song & H.-T. Li

A computer intelligent system for pathogenicity diagnosing based on K-Nearest-Neighbor resemblance distance
W.-X. Tan, H.-R. Wu, C.-J. Zhao & X.-P. Wang

The exploration of Guangxi Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet in light of carrying forward our ethnic culture (I)
Y.-Q. Wei & Z.-F. Huang

People tracking oriented to human activity recognition under family environment
J.-Q. Yin, X.-Y. Hao & L. Zhang

The construction and implementation of tag topic maps research
M. Deng, S.-Y. Guo & H.-X. Xiong

Design, preparation and properties of novel renewable vinyl ester copolymers based on Soybean Oil and Dimer Fatty Acids
X.-J. Yang, S.-H. Li, K. Huang, M. Li & J.-L. Xia

Biological toxicity test applied in monitoring the drinking water quality
C.-Y. Duan & H. Chen

Research on the strategies of urban reclaimed water
L.-F. Wang, H.-Q. Zhang, J.-N. Zhu, Q.-S. Xu & Y. Shao

Modeling research of low voltage AC arc fault based on the wavelet energy entropy
X.-M. Liu, Y. Zhao, Y.-D. Cao & C.-G. Hou

Analyses of hydraulic operating mechanism for 550 kV SF6 circuit breaker
X.-M. Liu, W.-Y. Wang & Y. Zhao

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