1st Edition

Environment and Development in the Straits of Malacca

By Goh Kim Chuan, Mark Cleary Copyright 2000

    This unique study is the first in depth examination of the environment and development of the Straits. Taking an integrative approach, the book argues that the region has an underlying unity which political divisions (between Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore) disguise.
    Its emphasis is on three major elements: first, a study of the historical geography of the region illustrates its role as a sea-corridor which connected the markets of India and China. Secondly, that contemporary patterns of economic development and trade have continued to increase the strategic importance of the region. Finally, the text highlights the major environmental problems, such as pollution, traffic and tourism, that now threaten the sea and coastline.

    1. Introduction: A Seaborne World Part one: The Shaping of the Environment 2. Physical structures 3. Landscapes, vegetation and soils Part two: Resources and Techniques 4. Resource use in the coastal and marine zone 5. Technology, resources and development Part three: Collective histories 6. Early maritime empires c700-1700 7. Colonial intensification and the rise of Singapore Part four: Collective opportunities 8. Economic development and political change 9. The Straits: the international dimension 10. Environmental issues and their management 11. Conclusion


    Goh Kim Chuan, Mark Cleary