1st Edition

Environmental Archaeology and the Social Order

By John G. Evans Copyright 2004
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Presenting a wide variety of case studies, ranging from the early Palaeolithic to Post-modernity, and from Europe to the Andes, West and East Africa, and the USA, Environmental Archaeology and the Social Order deals with both the theory and method of environmental archaeology.

    Including significant sections on Neanderthals, Palaeolithic mobiliary art and the origins of farming, as well as transhumance, climate as social construct, field survey and the place of documents in environmental research,  Professor Evans interprets his findings in social constructionist terms, creating an important argument against the use of traditional materialist and processualist paradigms.

    This original and controversial volume sets a new agenda for the study and understanding of environmental archaeology, and will prove an informative and useful purchase.

    Chapter 1: A brief history of environmental archaeology Chapter 2: Sociality and environment Chapter 3: textures help a person think Chapter 4: Chalkland landscapes Chapter 5: Climate chapter 6: Surverys in temperate and Mediterranean countries Chapter 7: text, monuments and land Chapter 8: Transhumance Chapter 9: Hunting and death in Neaderthal Europe Chapter 10: The origins of farming in south-west Asia Chapter 11: Conclusions


    John G. Evans

    'It is an intriguing text [and] a suprising book. It reflects the ideas and passions of an eminent environmental archaeologist ... it is a good platform for starting discussions.' - www.PalArch.nl