1st Edition

Environmental Impacts of Soil Component Interactions Metals, Other Inorganics, and Microbial Activities, Volume II

By P. M. Huang Copyright 1995

    This book addresses the interactions of soil minerals with organics and microbes and their impacts on the dynamics, transformations, and toxicity of metals, metalloids, other inorganics, and xenobiotics that affect land quality and ecosystem health. It is the result of the work group on "interactions of soil minerals with organic components and microorganisms" in the International Society of Soil Science.

    Transformations of Toxic Metals and Other Inorganics as Influenced by Soil Colloids and Microorganisms
    Effect of Microorganisms on Mobility of Heavy Metals in Soils, J. Berthelin, C. Munier-Lamy, and C. Leyval
    Interactions of Copper with Soil Humic Substances, R.S. Swift, A.W. Rate, and R.G. McLaren
    Adsorption of Phosphate on Variable Charge Minerals: Competitive Effect of Organic Ligands, A. Violante and L. Gianfreda
    Cadmium Adsorption on the Hydroxyaluminum-Montmorillonite Complex as Influenced by Oxalate, K. Sakurai and P.M. Huang
    Influence of Citrate on Selenite Sorption-Desorption on Short-Range Ordered Aluminum Hydroxides, J.J. Dynes and P.M. Huang
    Role of Amorphous Fe Oxides in Controlling Retention of Heavy Metal Elements in Soils, G.X. Xing, L.Y. Xu, and W.H. Hou
    Effect of Natural Organic Matter and pH on the Bioavailability of Metal Ions in Soils, M.M. Nederlof and W.H. Van Riemsdijk
    Seasonal Changes of Organic Matter, pH, Nitrogen, and Some Metals in Forest Topsoils in Austria: A Case Study of Two Soils With and Without a Litter Layer, W.W. Wenzel, A. Branstetter, M.A.. Pollak, A. Mentler, and W.E.H. Blum
    Substitution of Rock Phosphate and Legumes for Commercial Fertilizers, M. Choudhary, T.R. Peek, L.E. Paul, and L.D. Bailey
    Effect of Single and Combined Inoculation with Azotobacter and VA Mycorrhizal Fungi on Growth and Mineral Nutrient of Maize and Wheat Plants, A.M. Elgala, Y.Z. Ishac, M. Abdel Monem, and I.A.I. El-Ghandour
    Position Paper of Part I, A.L. Page, J. Berthelin, and G. Stotzky
    Microbial Activity, Pathogenesis, and Environmental Biotechnology in Relation to Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organics and Microorganisms
    Interactions of Clays with Microorganisms and Bacterial Survival in Soils: A Physico-Chemical Perspective, B.K.G. Theng and V.A. Orchard
    Enumeration, Survival, and Beneficial Activities of Microorganisms Introduced to Soil. R.G. Burns
    Effects of Clay Minerals, Oxyhydroxides, and Humic Matter on Microbial Communities of Soil, Sediment, and Water-A Review, T.A. Jackson
    Activity, Stability, and Kinetic Properties of Enzymes Immobilized on Clay Minerals and Organo-Mineral Complexes, L. Gianfreda and A. Violante
    Influence of Site Conditions and Heavy Metals on Enzyme Activities of Forest Topsoils, W.W. Wenzel, M.A. Pollak, C. Riedler, R.R. Zischka, and W.E.H. Blum
    Aluminum Toxicity: A Major Stress for Microbes in the Environment, M. Robert
    Biological Response to Contamination with Pentachlorophenol and Mercuric Chloride in a High Organic Matter Soil, S. Visser and G.E. Nason
    Ecology of 2,4-D Degradation in Three Palouse Silty Loam Soils, A. Ogram, X. Xia, F. Farrow, and J. Bollinger
    Position Paper on Part II, G. Stotzky, R.G. Burns, L. Gianfreda, T.A. Jackson, M. Robert, and B.K.G. Theng


    P.M. Huang, J. Berthelin, J.M. Bollag, W.B. McGill, A.L. Page