1st Edition

Environmental Law and Enforcement

By Gregor I. McGregor Copyright 1994

    Amid all the laws and regulations on environmental protection and worker safety, what is the responsible business or landowner to do? What should the responsible consultant advise? Environmental Law and Enforcement provides you with a practical guide that takes the mystery out of environmental law and related land use controls.
    The author provides a synopsis of major environmental topics from A to Z and features citations to the major federal statutes in the United States Code (USC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) so you can easily find governing statutes and regulations. Special sections discuss the use of experts in case preparation and how to be an effective case witness. A checklist for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act is included. The book covers strategies to cope with landowner liability for hazardous waste, consultant liability for mistakes in hazardous waste site assessments, and guidelines for emergency managers to minimize legal liability. The section on insurance liability provides practical approaches to dealing with insurance companies on hazardous waste claims.
    The successful organization will manage for environmental protection as a corporate goal, and consequently stays ahead of new government requirements-away from lawyers and lawsuits-and ahead of the competition. Environmental Law and Enforcement gives you the tools you need to achieve this mission.

    Environmental Law Defined
    Sources of Environmental Law
    Environmental Agencies
    Regulatory Environmental Law and the Common Law
    Environmental Impact Statements
    Air Pollution Control
    Water Pollution
    Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials
    Underground Storage Tanks
    Drinking Water
    Worker Safety
    Right to Know About Chemicals
    Wetlands and Floodplains
    Coastal Zone Management
    Dredging and Filling
    Historic Sites and Structures.
    Land Use Control
    Private Restrictions
    Public Trust
    Common Law
    Enforcement of Environmental Laws
    Enforcement Mechanisms
    State, Local, and Private Enforcement
    The Sentencing Guidelines
    Corporate Liability
    Hazardous Waste Liability
    Consultant Liability for Mistakes with Hazardous Waste
    Insurance Coverage on Hazardous Waste
    Liability of Emergency Managers
    Expert Testimony in Environmental Proceedings
    Outline of the Initial Meeting
    Outline of the Expert Report
    Outline of Direct Examination
    Tips for Cross-Examination
    The Police Power and Taking Doctrine
    The Future of Environmental Law
    Glossary of Terms
    Glossary of Acronyms
    Checklist for Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act
    Checklist for Chemical Right to Know Strategy
    Checklist of Basic Documents for Recordkeeping
    Checklist for Agency Inspections
    Checklist for Responding to Violation Notices and Enforcement Orders
    Checklist for Dealing with Government Agencies


    Gregor I. McGregor