1st Edition

Environmental Management in Practice Instruments for Environmental Management

    by Routledge

    These three comprehensive volumes contain the most up-to-date research and practical applications in the field. Spanning the main aspects of environmental management instruments compartments, sectors and ecosystems, this work contains over sixty contributions from leading specialists in each field and offers the first major source of contemporary international research and practical application of environemntal management
    Volume 1: Instruments for Environmental Management, focuses on the instruments and tools currently available to the environmental manager. September 1998: 246x189: 512pp: illus. 84 line figures Hb:0-415-14906-1: £95.00 Volume 2: Compartments, Stressors and Sectors deals with the problems that occur in the three 'compartments' of the environment: air, water and soil. February 1999: 246x189: 312: illus. 27 line figures Hb: 0-415-14907-X: £65.00 Volume 3: Managing the Ecosystem focuses on those ecosystems in which human intervention has been or continues to be predominant. Febraury 1999: 246x189: 312pp: illus 43 line illus. Hb: 0-415-19164-5: £65.00

    Part I - Analysing and Managing Environmental Problems Part II- Instruments for Environmental Management Part II.1 - Predictive and Scientific Instruments Part II.2 - Economic Instruments Part II.3 - Legal Instruments Part II.4 - Instruments for Environmental Communication and Education


    Paul Compton, Dimitri Devuyst, Luc Hens, Bhaskar Nath